How To Lighten Hair With Lemon Juice? Advice From Experts

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We all know that lemon juice is delicious and fresh. But not only a type of juice, it is also widely used for various purposes, like freshen breath, improve digestion, etc. Alternatively, many use this juice to brighten hair color without going to a hair salon. So how to lighten hair with lemon juice? The secret to lightening natural locks might be in your house. Keep reading to learn everything about bleaching hair with lemon juice. 

How can lemon juice bleach hair? 

Have you ever thought about brightening your hair strands by using fruit? Some people believe that bleaching is necessary to get a vibrant hair color, which professionals should do. But lemon juice an excellent DIY solution for lightening the hair. 

Lemon juice is rich in citric acid that is known as a natural bleaching agent. It can be used to white teeth, fabrics, and lighten dark spots on the skin. Hence, it is effective and useful to lighten your hair with lemon juice. 

For this work, you should combine the solution with sun exposure to shorten the lightening hair process and get better results. You may see that your hair color change when you spend a lot of time in the sun. Why? The sun changes the melanin in the hair, which decides your natural hair hue. Hence, when you combine with lemon juice, the citric acid will enhance color change by opening up all hair follicles.

How To Lighten Hair With Lemon Juice? Advice From Experts
lemon juice

Who can naturally lighten hair with lemon juice? Everyone, but the results will vary from person to person. Please let the lemon juice sit on the hair longer for the slightest change for those with a dark hair base. 

How to lighten hair with lemon?

You want to test your skill at bleaching hair with lemon juice. The solution is safe and simple, and you can do it at home. Here’s what you will need:

— A few lemons

— Warm water

— A spray bottle

Here’s how to lighten hair dyed too dark with lemon juice:

— Squeeze the juice: Firstly, you roll and squeeze the juice from lemons into the spray bottle. 

— Add water: You should mix the fresh juice with water, and then shake it well. You need to mix the juice with water in a ratio of 1:2. Instead of warm water, you can replace it with a cup of chamomile tea. The tea is also utilized to lighten natural hair hue. 

— Spray the liquid: You should wet your mane, then covering the lemon juice mixture evenly on your head or the hair sections you want to lighten. 

— Wait: Once you’ve finished, leave the mix for about 1-2 hours. Sit in the sun to brighten hair color. Instead of sitting in the sun, you can use a blow dryer for 30 minutes as a way on how to lighten hair with lemon juice without sun. 

— Rinse: Wash your hair to remove all lemon juice. Condition your mane to add moisture and prevent dry hair. 

Because this method can’t give results immediately, you have to repeat it until you notice results. 

Additionally, many mix honey with lemon juice for maximum outcome. So wonder how to lighten hair with lemon juice and honey? Add some drops of honey to the mixture of lemon juice and water, and stir them. Apply the liquid to your mane, wait, and rinse it away. Leave it overnight if you desire bright hair colors.

How To Lighten Hair With Lemon Juice? Advice From Experts
how to lighten hair with lemon juice

How long do the lightened effects of lemon juice last? 

Lemon juice works to open up your hair follicles, breaking up pigments in natural hair. It can alter your hair color, making hair look lighter and brighter. However, just like other dye-treated hair, it will fade and dull over time. In fact, it gets brassier as time goes on. 

Is it OK to use lemon juice as a lightener? 

This way is cost-effective. It offers a safe solution to bleach natural hair hue. Even though the juice is gentle than hair bleaches, it still has acid properties. If your hair strands are coarse and weak, it can cause dry and frizzy hair, even scalp irritation. 

During the lightening hair process, spend a 3- to 4-week break between the session. It switches up your hair color without losing natural hair shine and causing damage. 


Be cautious…

Everything has two sides, pros and cons. As we mentioned, lightening hair with lemon juice will break down hair cuticles. Don’t misuse the liquid as it can make your strands feel and look dry and brittle. Besides, lemon juice makes your natural locks look duller. 

After applying the mix, you should wash the lemon juice out of your mane as soon as it is dry. Deep-conditioning your wet hair to minimize the amount of breakage and hair damage. 

Other benefits of lemon juice

Lemon juice is applied for a variety of purposes. It’s good for your natural locks in different ways, including: 

Reduce itching and flaking scalp

The solution contains acid, so it can work to balance the pH level on the scalp. As long as you use lemon juice in moderation, it will reduce the itchiness and flaking on your scalp. 

How To Lighten Hair With Lemon Juice? Advice From Experts
lightening hair with lemon juice before and after

Treat seborrheic dermatitis effectively

The fruit juice has antifungal properties, it helps address seborrheic dermatitis and prevent lice. 

Reduce excessive oil

What’s more, applying and drinking lemon juice make your hair look less oily and greasy by reducing excessive oil secretion. Also, lemon juice is a good source of vitamin C, strengthening hair growth. 

When spraying the solution to your mane, massage it over your hair. This helps boost blood flow to your natural locks and scalp. Rinse and condition your locks as you would normally do. 

In a nutshell

Lemon juice can absolutely change your natural hair hue. It works more effectively when paired with other ingredients, such as honey, chamomile tea, or cinnamon. 

In conclusion, after reading the article on how to lighten hair with lemon juice, we do hope you can achieve your dreamed color at home. If you are unsure, leave your mane in a well-trained colorist’s hands. 

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