Skin Weft Tape Extensions vs Tape Extensions — What’s The Difference?

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Skin weft tape extensions are the latest innovation in the hair extension market. They are designed to mimic hair growing from your own scalp. 

The tape hair extensions are easy to wear, and affordable while helping you achieving longer hair without damaging to your hair. In this article today, we will show you more about skin weft tape extensions and how to distinguish them with tape extensions.

Skin Weft Tape Extensions

The skin weft is a type of tape extensions, sometimes referred to as an invisi tape hair extensions. It is made with wide and long sections that are attached to the natural hair in the upper region. 

This type of tape-in extensions easily matches your bio hair. Even it can be challenging to notice the difference between natural hair and extensions. 

Skin Weft Tape Extensions vs Tape Extensions - What's The Difference?
skin weft tape extensions

Skin weft hair extension tape is designed to imitate hair growing from your scalp. With proper installation and color matching, the extension structure makes is literally inconspicuous for others to see.

You can install and reapply skin weft hair extensions tape at home. However, we highly recommend getting a professional because they are equipped with the right skills and appropriate tools to perform processes.

This type of extensions is super suitable for thin hair. Because there is no shiny tape showing through or other attachments being visible, it helps create beautiful and natural volume and length.

Of course, if you have thick hair, a skin weft is still the best choice.

Difference Between Skin Weft And Tape Hair Extensions

As mentioned above, skin weft is a type of tape-in hair extensions. Both of them are easy to use and hassle-free to put in your natural hair. 

You can use skin wefts and tape hair extensions to make beauty your hair and update your look. In Layla, they are made of 100% Remy hair.

Here are some differences between skin weft and tape hair extensions:

Skin Weft Tape Extensions

Skin weft is also known as a method that uses custom cut sections of hair that are sandwiched into 2 sections, then attached to your scalp with tapes or glues. 

When you look at a skin weft, you can notice there is no shiny panel across the top. In other words, skin wefts look more naturally than tape extensions. Only human hairs are running all the way to the top then threaded through a hidden section. After installing, the extensions look like natural hair growing straight from the scalp. 

Skin Weft Tape Extensions vs Tape Extensions - What's The Difference?
skin weft extensions vs tape in extensions

Wearers can tie skin weft extensions in a ponytail and even no one would ever know that you are wearing extensions. This type of tape-in extensions is particularly useful for those with finer hair.

In case your roots are a deeper color than the end, you can color the extension to match and create a seamless, perfect blend. 

Tape-in Extensions

In contrast, traditional tape extensions cannot be colored in this top section because of the glue panel. Besides, no heat or tools required for an application.

Using tape-in hair extensions is pretty simple, but you have to remove your tape frequently whenever new growth appears. The action of removing and replacing them over and over again can damage your tape-ins and your own hair. It means that the faster your hair grows, the more frequently you have to move tape-ins up, and the more damage you have to suffer.

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How To Make Your Own Skin Weft Tape Extensions

To make skin weft, you need:

— Bulk hair

— Liquid glue

— Scissors

— Tape

— Flat iron

— Hard paintbrush

— Cotton wool

After preparing the necessary objects, you start to make your own tape extension.

First, you cut a piece of tape, the length depends on the length of your extension you want. We recommend pinning it to the table to make it easier. Then take your liquid glue and apply it generously on the bottom part of your tape.

Skin Weft Tape Extensions vs Tape Extensions - What's The Difference?
skin wefts look undetectable on your real hair

Now, you take your bulk hair and start placing it on the glue. Try not to have much hair high above the glue. You can use a brush handle to flatten the hair into position.

Keep adding your hair until you are satisfied with the length and the thickness of a skin weft. You can also add hair in different colors to create highlights if you want. 

Next, prepare another piece of tape, longer than the first one and apply glue it on it. Sandwich both together and press. 

When you have the thickness of skin weft, it’s time to cut it into shape. Remember to cut the extra sides and top to make it neat. 

Finally, you use a flat iron to warm up the glue and keep pressing. Now, you’ll end up with nice and flat skin weft. 

Determine Your Purposes Of Using Skin Weft Tape Extensions

Determining the exact purpose of using extension is the key to help you choose and buy the right product. Synthetic hair does not work well for daily use. Even they will melt or deform when high-volume styled.

Skin Weft Tape Extensions vs Tape Extensions - What's The Difference?
Remy skin weft human hair extensions

If you look for a high-quality one, skin weft that made of premium grade 100% Remy human hair will be best. They bring about the natural look as being made from human hair. In addition, all the strands are kept in the same direction, thus being much smoother and no tangle.

You can clearly see the difference in skin weft extensions before and after. When the skin weft is installed, your hair will be more beautiful to style. 

To Sum Up

Skin weft tape extensions are really wonderful, and it would definitely worth investing. With this magical method, you can easily get a shiny, thick and voluminous hairstyle without pain and damaging your natural hair.

If you are thinking about buying some, contact Layla Hair to get the best advice and high-quality products. In addition to skin weft, we also have many types of tape-in, clip-in, wig, and other products to meet all of your demands. Let visit our website to know more information about products.

Or you can drop us a line via (+84) 989 633 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp/Viber/SnapChat). We are always happy to be in service!

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