Untold Stories About The Former Duchess – Meghan Markle Natural Hair

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Ever since engaging with Prince Harry, the name Meghan Markle has been pretty everywhere. We understand that people around the world are curious about the girl turned a member of the British royal family. And everything relating to Meghan Markle, from her appearance, fashion, and hairstyles has been concerned and analyzed. Her appearance even influenced certain surgery trends. Of course, it’s nos surprise when people wonder about Meghan Markle natural hair. Is it straight, wavy, or curly? Are her curls beautiful and shiny or does she have streamlined waves? In fact, Meghan Markle natural hair photo is going viral on social media these days. Curious about her curls, scrolling down to see Meghan Markle with natural hair.

What do you know about Meghan Markle?

Meghan was an American actress before engaging with Prince Harry. She was born in August 1981, in Los Angeles, California. She is biracial because her father is Caucasian while her mother is African American. Meghan is well-known for her role in the American legal drama for 7 seasons, from 2011 to 2017, and her lifestyle blog named after The Tig. Additionally, she was also recognized for designing and releasing two clothing lines.

Untold Stories About The Former Duchess - Meghan Markle Natural Hair
Meghan Markle

In 2017, the actress engaged to Prince Harry and got married in 2018. She became a member of the royal family and was named Duchess of Sussex. The Duke and Duchess have a cute son – Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, who was born in 2019. However, the couple announced to step down as senior members of the British royal family the following year and now move to Duchess’s native.  

Meghan continues working to support some charitable organizations relating to the arts, education, and women’s welfare. Also, she launched the Archewell Inc. organization that supports non-profit activities and creative media ventures. 

About Meghan Markle natural hair

When can we see Meghan Markle natural hair? A Twitter user uncovered and showed Meghan Markle natural hair pics. Specifically, in 2018, this person posted two photos of the Duchess when she was at her high school in Los Angeles. She rocked her densely curly hair, just like most all the black girls out there. Wondering what does Meghan Markle look like with her natural hair? The girl looked gorgeous with a full head of naturally curly hair. Some described that she had stunning curls.  

But now, thanks to styling tools and hair treatments, her mane seems to be full, gorgeous, and perpetually straight. To get this sleek and luster hair, she has to use keratin treatments to straighten her curls. But we think that she looks beautiful with both curly and straight hair. 

Meghan natural hair LAYLA

Has the Dutchess’s hair always been brunette?

Yes, we often see Meghan with a warm brunette and dark hair shades. The Duchess has tried wearing her hair with different shades and tones over years, but rarely to see her with light blonde curls.

Voluminous Meghan’s hairstyles

Besides Meghan Markle hair natural, her outfits and hairstyles are of course in the spotlight. She teams up with her hairstylists and makeup artists to create more polished and signature styles. Here, look back at her most beautiful and memorable hairstyles: 

Meghan sleek hair

What goes better with her than shiny and sleek black hair? This is known as the iconic signature hair look of the Duchess. This style gives her a sleek edge and allows her face to take center stage. You can get this cut and long hair if you are planning to go to a formal event or occasion.

Untold Stories About The Former Duchess - Meghan Markle Natural Hair

Chic low bun

She used to get this style on a 10-day royal trip to South Africa in 2019. We are sure that a low bun is nothing new to Prince Harry’s wife, but the difference is that it’s braided. She had a small braided section and wrapped around the bun. This is her signature look and it is casual yet classy.  

Side-banged updo

Please forget Meghan Markle natural hair pics. When she was an actress, she used sported a heavy side-banged updo in the premiere of the film. This cut gives her a chic look but not stuffy. We think it was her goal. 


The Duchess of Sussex created a hair trend when she first rocked a topknot in a visit. All hair strands are pulled back and tie tightly to create a high bun on the top of her head. This style makes for her a polished yet effortless look. 

Middle part with layered light waves

After the royal engagement with Prince Harry, Meghan often appeared with this hairstyle. She went with layered light waves and part the hair in the middle, and this gives a fuller and thicker hair look. It didn’t let curious people down.

Untold Stories About The Former Duchess - Meghan Markle Natural Hair

Natural wave

Meghan seems to like wearing simple and gentle hairstyles. In 2018, she let her loose and slightly wavy hair and wear her delicate white hat and dress. Her tresses look natural and side-swept, just enough to conceal natural hair texture.

Side-swept waterfall curls

Sometimes, Meghan refreshes her look with beautiful curls. Side-swept and dramatic curls make her look so glam and chic. It accentuates her gorgeous face as well as gives her crazy amounts of hair volume.

Voluminous shoulder-length curls

We really love how she combined her haircut with the costume. The Duchess wore her elegant and medium curly hair and a sophisticated hat. Iconic!

Half-up chignon

We are sure that the members of the royal family always refresh and transform their appearance every time appearing in the crowd. Of course, Meghan also follows this rule when she always updates her hair and costume at different events and occasions. 

In a visit to girls high school in Sydney, she chose to wear half-up chignon style. A wavy half-up half-down style with loose tendrils gives her an extra classic and flawless look. 

Sleek low ponytail

The Duchess of Sussex’s elegant and long sleek low ponytail could draw all attention. This haircut has arrived in the early of 2020 and still takes over now. With Meghan’s version, her hair looks shiny and dramatic. 

To create this look, you slick your hair strands back and tightly secure a ponytail at the nape of your neck. This makes your curls look polished and glamorous. Also, it is customized according to your preference. For example, you can add some waves or wear your long sleek hair in a braid, all of them are on-trend. 

Other interesting posts:

Voluminous Blowout

This hairstyle became the rage in 2013, and the star could not ignore it. She went with a voluminous blowout at a Hollywood event, and it was just perfect. And we love her brunette hair. 

To create this hair, the trick is to use a texturing spray to hold the hair and give it a little bounce. 

Has the celeb ever worn short hair? 

We’ve yet to see Meghan with her shorter hair during her childhood teen years. In fact, she prefers to stick to her sleek and straight locks, or sometimes wavy. Her shortest hair length is one or two inches below her shoulders. 

Untold Stories About The Former Duchess - Meghan Markle Natural Hair

How Meghan gets her straight tresses 

You are wondering how the Duchess gets her locks so straight. Exactly, to transform Meghan Markle natural curly hair, she had to get help from keratin treatments. 

According to a famous hairstylist in London, she used to work with Meghan to straighten Meghan’s locks before the royal wedding. The stylist shared that the old Hollywood actress came to see her at least twice to do keratin hair treatments. It is recommended for those with densely curly hair as it helps deal with frizziness and tangles. Plus, it makes the hair become more manageable. 

If you were born with curly hair that looks like real Meghan Markle natural hair, you should opt for this treatment. Although this method is expensive and time-consuming, it will make a real difference in your head. Are you ready to mimic Meghan’s signature look?

About her hair care routine

Besides, Meghan has also spoken numerous times about her hair care routine and favorite products to maintain her sleek hair. She uses deep-in conditioners, masks, hairsprays, and more to keep the Duchess’ hair camera ready. Celebrity makeup artists and hairdressers have spilled secrets about hair care products they use on Meghan’s hair. For example, they utilize an anti-frizz shampoo with high shine formula and dry texturizing spray to prepare the royal’s locks. Plus, they make Meghan’s hair straight, shiny and protect it from heat damage. 

To maintain Meghan’s shiny hair, a balanced diet is very important. Not for healthy hair, this helps to skin. The star always starts her new day with green juice from apple, kale, and other ingredients. Consuming food rich in vitamin E and protein, like avocado, salad, etc. that protects and strengthens your hair, stimulating natural hair growth. 

To sum up, Meghan Markle, or as she is known The Duchess of Sussex, is an influencer now. Before becoming a member of the royal family, she also rocked the Hollywood carpet at several events. Meghan Markle natural hair, as well as her hairstyles over the years, are what worldwide women dream of. 

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