Layered Hair – The Secret To Women’s Gorgeous Hairdos

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Layered hair will undoubtedly make many of us more beautiful. This hair look is good for all as it offers an easy-looking appearance and soft layers. How many layers are enough? Should I wear long layered hair or short layered hair? It’s all up to you and your natural locks. The number of layers, for example, depends on how thick your hair is. 

Hence, the following post will help you provide you with deeper knowledge about layered hairstyles. A beautiful, simple styling and trendy haircuts every day will make up your better life. 

Layered Hair – Overview

You are in the hair world to find a new haircut. We know, a bad hair cut can make you feel unconfident, and question everything about yourself. But there is not an exact hairstyle that looks amazing on everyone. It’s time to go for a hair salon and confirm the hairstylist the style and texture you want. A good stylist will help you find the right look that suits your face shape, hair type, and lifestyle. 

So what is layered hair? This hair look offers the illusion of hair length and volume for both long and short hair. What’s more, layered hair is an easy hairstyle to manage. What does layered hair look like? The hair strands are cut and arranged into a few layers. Parts on the top are shorter than the layers on the bottom. When you blend the hair, it appears seamlessly with layers. 

Whether you choose a classic or modern look, opt for this hairstyle. Nowadays, many hairstylists create and upgrade the hair, resulting in numerous unique versions with layers. The hair color also amplifies the layering effects, offering gorgeous tresses. 

Layered Hair - The Secret To Women's Gorgeous Hairdos
what is layered hair

Hair techniques to get this look

– Sectioning and angles: You can get the layered effect by grabbing hair sections of hair vertically across your head. Then pull the hair perpendicular to your head and cut straight across.

– Sliding haircut: Part your tresses into 4 sections, start cutting with the back section at 20 deg angle. This technique creates a soft layered end, suiting for medium layered wavy textures. 

– Blended Elevation: This form of layering technique requires a shorter top section. And it blends well with softer back and side layers. However, this look is not for wavy and curly hair textures. Opt for the blended elevation technique to create layers on your straight or slightly wavy hair.

How To Trim Layered Hair

Your hair is damaged and split ends, it looks lifeless. Style your tress in layers. Think about your face shape and hair type before trimming hair. Consult the hairdresser to opt for the right look. 

You will need:

– Sharp hair shears

– A comb, any kind.

– Hair clips 

Simple steps to cut layered hair

Layered Hair - The Secret To Women's Gorgeous Hairdos
how to trim hair into layers

First, you have to prepare your mane. Make sure that your hair is tangle-free and clean before cutting. Shampoo your hair with normal product and brush to remove all tangles and knots. We recommend using a wide-toothed comb. Then use a soft towel to squeeze extra water. 

Next, part the hair into sections and use clips to secure the hair. Start trimming the 1st layer at the bottom. Drag your fingers toward the ends of hair strands, and trim the length of hair. It’s common to trim the longest layer at the bottom. 

Do the same with each section of hair, pull outwards and trim at angles. Remember that the next layer is shorter than the old one. Use the mirror to check your work and avoid cutting hair strands too short. 


Use a texturize to finish ends. When you finish trimming all layers, comb your hair and check your layered hair. Blend the hair and remove all longer hair strands. If you feel the layers are not even, trim carefully yo make them look perfect. This look is available in different length, choose short to medium layered hair, it is depending on you. 

Finally, style the hair. Create layered hair with bangs by parting a small hair section on the front top into a triangle. Trim it into U-shape and texturize to finish.  

Or add some curls if you have long layered hair. How to curl layered hair? Add heat protectant before applying curling iron to avoid damaging natural locks. And style your hair as your desired look.  

Layered Hairstyle For Gals

Layered Hair - The Secret To Women's Gorgeous Hairdos
soft layers

Soft layers

The hair looks good on everyone. You can decide the number of layers depending on your hair thickness. The asymmetrical hairstyle easily frames your face. 

Soft layers haircut is the best with low maintenance and works with natural textures. To create the layers, your hairdresser will adjust the layers to your hair density. Look at Victoria Beckham, she always looks chic with the hair. Therefore, choose this look if you want to get up without a lot of fuss in the morning.

Go for long layers if you have curly texture

For curlies, you will look like a modern girl with long layers. Hence, rock this layered hair this year and it will never be out-of-date. Keep long hair and keep your curls light and bouncy. 

Often, the layers are longer in front, you may find a little bit difficult to control your curls. Talk with your hairdresser about the hair condition about some easy layers.

Layered Hair - The Secret To Women's Gorgeous Hairdos
straight vs curly long layered hairstyles

To offset a square face, try a long straight layered hair

Stand in front of the mirror to determine your facial shape. If your facial shape is square, try to soften your hair. Straighten the hair and keep it long. Say no with short hair if you have this face shape. Try to create longer layered hairstyles.

Note: Avoid cutting bangs if you have a wide face. 

We hope that this article gives you much necessary information who are interested in hairstyles. What does layered hair mean? How to style layered hair? Layla Hair thinks that you would find our words useful and enjoy the layered hairstyles bring about. 

If you want to dig into the hair world, don’t hesitate to reach us via hotline or browse our website. It’s our pleasure to support you. 

Good day!

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