Mistakes in washing hair and methods

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Hair extensions always the first choices of a woman because they pay special attention to appearance. But, we sure not everyone know that they always mistake in washing.  So, today we will show Mistakes in washing hair and methods. After you read our post, you will have rewarding knowledge.

Not everyone is a hair professional, you can be tricky to give your human hair extensions the right care they deserve especially when they deserve to double the care due to having extensions. The popular mistake of everyone in care hair extensions is washing. You think that: ”always washing, washing and washing your hair extensions is a perfect method for them” Our suggestion is: “No”. Mistakes in washing hair and methods

Washing hair extensions

Washing is one of those care mistakes that go unnoticed much too often and is usually the cause of Hair extension damage. Sure, there’s no exact set number of times one should wash their hair. But doing it much too often is unhealthy for extensions. Because most of the shampoos cause irritation if used a lot. You should wash your hair and scalp less frequently to preserve the style – or when you do, there are areas of the scalp (underneath braids and underneath the base of the extension) that don’t get cleaned as well due to the interference of the braid or clip-in.


We suggest you should use specialized products. If you really feel the need to over wash your hair, using good quality, brand-trusted product conditioners are the best way to ensure that all that washing doesn’t wash out the extensions too. Drying the areas near the sew-in it can take longer to dry than other areas of the hair. You have to damp braids for an extended period of time can become a breeding ground for bad bacteria and mildew.

Although the hair under clip-in hair and sew-ins can be particularly difficult to reach, you should maintain a weekly cleansing routine while they are installed. Sure that you have to add some to your shampoos and conditioners during washes to ensure a thorough cleansing of the scalp and to prevent excessive bad bacteria growth on the scalp.
It’s mistaken which we think you should avoid, and with our suggestion, you will have a healthy hair extension. Thank you so much your concern!

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