How I Improved My Navy Blue Ombre Hair In One Easy Lesson

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You only wear black hair for many years. It’s time to change up your hair color and yourself. Which color do you want to rock? Have you ever imagined how you would look in navy blue ombre hair? This hue makes you more beautiful or unique? Read out the article to know more about this subtle navy blue ombre color.

What is navy blue hair ombre?

With the references to fantasy creatures like mermaids, navy blue ombre becomes more prevalent in with the young these days. The hair color is a head-turning mix of bluish tint and your natural hair color. The combination creates an amazing haircut and color that helps you get the best look. You love the hue of the sea, this hair color is just for you. Try wearing this navy blue hair color to show your free-spirited personality.

How I Improved My Navy Blue Ombre Hair In One Easy Lesson
navy blue ombre hair

More critical, navy blue ombre hair pair well with any skin tone. You may know that girls with cool and warm complexions can color the hair with many shades of blue hue. It is never too late to change yourself. Because navy blue is a dark shade, it suits most wearers. Not too stunning, but not lessen chic and subtle. When wearing this hair, you can let your natural locks straight or add some textures, such as waves or curls. Opt for the prettiest way to style your hair. Also, it would help if you had an excellent colorist so that he/she enables you to achieve this look. You may try ombre navy blue-dyed hair at home, but be aware and careful with the coloring process. Follow these safety tips to avoid messy and unexpected results. However, we recommend going to a hair salon so that the colorist do it for you. 

Best versions of navy blue ombre hair 

Here are some navy blue ombre ideas you should consider to rock. This most refreshing color has never been out of date!

Black to navy blue ombre hair

This is one of the most attractive and popular blue ombre hair versions now. Your natural dark hair color blends well with the navy blue. The dark roots offer a smooth transition for the cool and stylish look. If you have naturally black hair, you should definitely keep this hair idea in mind. It offers you a fashionable hairstyle and requires less maintenance.

How I Improved My Navy Blue Ombre Hair In One Easy Lesson
Black to navy blue ombre hair

Navy blue ombre short hair

Imagine you have a red and navy blue dye hair ombre with short haircuts. You can get this hair hue although you have super short hair. For example, you can color your pixie haircut with this shade of blue ombre. Let the blue on top and light tints like red in the shorter part. It will lighten up your face. If you are bold and not afraid to show it, this hair is just for you. 

Navy blue ombre with long hair

Even though you can get navy blue black ombre short hair, it also looks gorgeous on long hair. Some say that this hair color arguably looks best on long and wavy hair texture. The extended length makes wearers reach a mysterious and romantic navy blue ombre hue. If you want to become the queen at the night party, think about going for these dark tones. Navy blue ombre can look amazing, especially when you pair it with your black tresses. Don’t hesitate to rock this chic hair and it will not let you down.

How I Improved My Navy Blue Ombre Hair In One Easy Lesson
Navy blue ombre hair with braids

Navy blue ombre braids

You have got a navy blue and light blue ombre. This hair look makes you shine at dates, parties, and festivals. You want to make your colored hair pop up, think about creating ombre braids. Get loose or tight braids, it is all up to you. But we are sure that this styling technique helps accentuate the blue and other light colors in your curls. 


Purple to navy blue ombre

You still have not found the right blue ombre hair you have been longing for. This is another hair idea for you. Combine two dark colors. Hair colorists say that purple and blue tints are obviously made for each other. You can color your hair roots with a vibrant purple base and the rest part with the navy blue. Two colors blend in an extraordinary way, creating a classy hair look.

How I Improved My Navy Blue Ombre Hair In One Easy Lesson
Afro navy blue ombre

Afro navy blue ombre

Last but not least, opt for afro-textured hair if you have a black or dark skin tone. Black girl with ombre hair looks more active and lively.  

Our Conclusion

Last of all, navy blue ombre hair will help you and your tresses stick out in the best possible way. Not only being a daring hair hue, but it also offers you a classy and gorgeous look. Laylahair is sure that this ombre hair idea will have you loving your new appearance.

You have dyed your curls many times, so the strands are weaker and thinner. But you still want to achieve navy blue ombre, what should you do? Opt for a hair extension and color it. This is the fastest and easiest way to get your desired look without causing any damage. All you need is just purchase a hair product and then put it on your head. You can buy a navy blue & black ombre straight hair weave as an example. The extension is perfect for adding color effect and length in an instant. Anyone, regardless of age and skin tone, can rock this good navy blue ombre extension set. Furthermore, this item can change your hair color effortlessly if you style and cut it naturally. 

One more important thing is the hair vendor. You have to ensure that the seller gives you the best hair extensions. Here at Layla Hair, we commit to selling high-quality hair products. Our navy blue ombre extensions and wigs are produced under strict quality control. Don’t waste your time and money with poor-quality hair. Visit Layla’s website or contact us directly if you want to get the best hair look. Tell us, do you like navy blue ombre hair? Have you had a great experience wearing it? Feel free to share your opinion with us by leaving your comments.

Thanks a lot!

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