The Wisest Purple Hair Ideas For Different Skin Tones

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You have seen many new hair color trends surfacing recently, including pastel colors, half and half hair color, etc. Of course, there are other trends, such as purple hair, still maintained their popularity for years. From light purple hue such as lavender to dark ones like indigo, you could see tons of purple hair versions daily. Celebrities, singers, and artists also rock this hair, such as Katy Perry, Nicole Richie, Rita Ora, and so on. Just like other unnatural colors, the purple shade is customized to complement each skin tone. Below, we share some best purple hair ideas for skin tones, so you can take in this hair color trend. 

Determine Your Skin Tone Before Buying Hair Dyes

As we referred above, you should take your skin tone into consideration to choose the right shade of purple hue. It means that you have to know what your skin tone is. To identify your complexion, look at the top of your hands or wrists. If you see purple or blue veins, you have cool undertones. If the veins are greenish-looking, your skin tone is warm. But you see both, your veins are the mix of green and blue, you have medium or neutral skin tones. 

Once you have determined the type of your skin, you can more easily pick the right shade of hair color for your natural locks. We have some best purple hair ideas here that may work best on your skin.

Lavender Hair for fair skin

Lavender Hair For Those with Fair Skin Tone

If you are looking for the best shade of purple color for your fair complexion, try this lavender hair color. You are fear that you will come out looking like a grape, please think again. On the contrary, this hair hue will help you look more gorgeous and switch up your boring hair. Also, your fair skin tone is a plus point if you want to rock this look. This purple shade is generally cooler, so they work best to balance your warm or yellow undertones. So, the lavender hair shade will make you look attractive. 

You can incorporate the purple hair with a pale pink or blue hair dye to achieve a graceful and romantic look. The cool shades boost the cool of your skin tone. 

Metallic Purple Hair For Pale/Light Skin

The Wisest Purple Hair Ideas For Different Skin Tones
Metallic Purple Hair For Pale/Light Skin

Stated in simple language, girls with light skin have a slightly deeper tone than those with fair complexion. The purple hair pale skin will stand out the cool shades in your skin and the warm undertones in your curls. If you have light skin, you can experiment with a metallic purple shade or the cool shade of ice violet. Style your locks with bobs or ombre in order to make it more perfect. You can keep your hair roots in dark color, and paint the purple hair dye along with the length of hair. They blend in a soft way thanks to the shimmer of both hues. 

Indigo Purple Blue Hair For Medium Skin

Often, medium or neutral-skinned women have a naturally tan skin tone. Those with yellow skin also belongs to this type of skin tone. Hence, it may pair effectively with a more vibrant and vivid shade of purple hair, such as electric lilac or indigo. 

Indigo purple-blue hair color will enhance the warmth of your skin, creating a striking appearance. This purple hair on tan skin can liven up your hair by combining with other lively shades of magenta hair color. This purple hair yellow skin is sure to stand out and vibrant. The roots appear with vivid indigo, while the rest are dyed a blush or lilac hair color. Style it by braiding or creating topknot bun. Perfect! A casual hairstyle but not lessen unique.

The Wisest Purple Hair Ideas For Different Skin Tones
Indigo Purple Blue Hair For Medium Skin

Stunning Unicorn Purple Shade of Purple Hair on Brown Skin

Do you want to surprise your relatives and friends? Try this bold hair color. The purple hue is gorgeously proven to be good for deep skin tones. Do you know Justine Skye? She loves this hair purple tone so much and it has become a part of her hair brand. Combine the hair color with nude makeup, you look so elegant and lustrous. 


The beautiful thing about unicorn purple hair color is how refreshing and flowery it is. The mixture of colors creates a fantastical effect. It is more perfect if you have long hair and add some waved or curled ends. Because this dyeing process is complex, you should visit a hair salon and hair colorist will help you get your desired look. They know how to dye your hair properly while still protecting your healthy locks. 

The Wisest Purple Hair Ideas For Different Skin Tones
Unicorn Purple Shade of Purple Hair on Brown Skin

Plum Purple Hair Color On Dark Skin Tone

Women with dark skin tones have plenty of purple hair ideas. You can dye your hair with a light shade of purple hair for a cute and lovely look. Or you can go for a deep purple hue for romantic and alluring images. Hence, pick plum purple hairstyle or rich eggplant, they can play well with the deep and dark tones of your skin. Don’t try cool tone color as it will create a dulling effect on your skin tone. Wear this purple hair on dark skin tone, you will be the most compelling at the night party or when standing under the sunlight. 

Truly want to get purple hair on black girl, you should try playing with mulberry or jewel-tone wine colors. The wavy texture will make you look like a baby doll come to real life. It feels fresh and uniques while endowing you with a breezy level of confidence.

The Wisest Purple Hair Ideas For Different Skin Tones
Plum Purple Hair Color On Dark Skin

Our Conclusion

Since there are too many shades of purple hair ideas for skin tones, you may find a little bit overwhelmed. These top options for purple hair may help you to some point on your search for the best fit. You are looking for purple hair black girl or white, there will be the greatest shade of purple color for you out there.

If you have any other items on your mind, do not hesitate to share it with Layla Hair in the comment section below. Or feel free to reach us by clicking the WhatsApp button at the bottom right of your website. 

Thanks a lot! 

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