Is It Rare To See Nicki Minaj Natural Hair? Let’s See

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Nicki Minaj is known for many things when it comes to talent and beauty. It is undeniable that she is the feisty artist we all know and love. But in this post today, we want to focus on an interesting topic – Nicki Minaj natural hair. This famous woman wears so many wigs to change her images, all of them are styled professionally and meticulously. But in the semi-rare images, she reveals her natural locks. If you have never seen or are curious about Nicki Minaj real natural hair, don’t skip this post. 

Who is Nicki Minaj?

Before admiring the Nicki Minaj with natural hair, we give you some basic information about this female artist. Nicki Minaj was born in 1982 in Trinidad island but raised in New York City. She is well-known as a multi-talented celeb when working as a rapper, singer-songwriter, and actress. Many media outlets recognized her as the most influential female celeb and dubbed her as the «Queen of Rap.» Also, she is the best-selling female music artist all the time with 137 million records sold worldwide.  

Is It Rare To See Nicki Minaj Natural Hair? Let's See
Nicki Minaj

She first gained public recognition in 2007 when releasing her mixtape Playtime Is Over. Continue her success, she released Sucka Free and Beam Me Up Scotty in 2008 and 2009, respectively. What’s more, she was certified triple-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) with her debut studio album Pink Friday (2010). She has other famous studio albums and singles, like Super Bass, The Pinkprint, Queen, Chun-Li, Barbie Dreams, Anaconda, etc.

In 2016, Time lists the 39-year-old singer of the 100 most influential people in the world. Also, it’s not surprising that Minaj is the highest-paid female rapper of all time. There are rumors that she is paid $500,000 for a musical feature. Outside of her music career, Manaj had voice roles in the films Ice Age: Continental Drift and The Angry Birds Movie 2. Therefore, it’s no exaggeration to say she is a multi-talented artist in America. 

About Nicki Minaj natural hair

Early in her career, the “Barbie Dreams” rapper was known for her colorful costumes and beautiful hair wigs. From straight to curly, dark hair to colorful shades like bubblegum pink, and yellow, she has a large collection of wigs. But do you know that the rapper has pretty curls? 

She used to show off her natural locks on Instagram, and her fans are obsessed. She posted her selfie photo with her black curly hair and ask fans whether she should perm her tresses. In this pic, we see that the singer has densely and long curly hair with natural color. 

Well, fans loved her and her curly hair too. An account replied that «Nah! Sis !! We are NATURAL HAIR GIRLS». Another answered, «DON’T do it!!! Keep it natural!! Most of them pleaded with the singer not to touch her healthy and gorgeous head of hair. A slew of fans felt excited when seeing Nicki Minaj natural curly hair and was afraid that chemicals might damage her healthy-looking curls if she straightened them. 

Is It Rare To See Nicki Minaj Natural Hair? Let's See
Nicki’s natural hair

You are right. Nicki Minaj natural hair curly is absolutely gorgeous and healthy. It’s refreshing to watch the rapper’s hair and style in daily life. 

Does Minaj dye or bleach her curls?

Of course, to update her images, it’s common when she styles and colors her hair. She used to bleached and dyed her hair in a blonde or lighter shade. She looks so amazing and more powerful when wearing a colored mane.

Nicki Minaj’s favorite hairstyles

Worldwide audiences are no strange to Nicki Minaj’s change. She is the queen of color changes her hairstyles. She switches up her hair depending on her mood and preference. It’s her distinct style.  

We are sure that you always see the female artist with a bold look in every song.  She may love crazy colors and styles. Check out a few of our favorite Manaj hairstyles over the years. 

Neon green

We certainly won’t forget Minaj’s image with neon green hair in 2019. It’s explained that she wore this hair since it was the perfect shade for fall when leaves started changing their color. She hoped to keep her hair green hair even leaves turned orange and yellow. 

She was confident when combining this hair with a white dress and neutral gray boots. It’s perfect!

Bright red

As mentioned, it’s semi-rarely to see Nicki Minaj with her natural hair appearing in front of cameras. She always rocks her wigs with colorful shades and does not want to disappoint audiences. 

With these bright red locks, the rapper decided to wear a red dress to match together. The combination drew all attention when she appeared. The woman with red hair looked so incredible, impressed, and stunning. And we can not deny that this style is an important part of what makes Minaj’s success.

Is It Rare To See Nicki Minaj Natural Hair? Let's See

Sunshine yellow hair

She loves funky and fancy styles, so she loves wearing this hair color. That’s why we have seen Minaj with bright yellow hair many times. We love the singer with yellow-colored hair extensions as she looks so cute. Minaj posted her photos with sunshine yellow hair on her Instagram and her fans are so excited. She even had this style when she was pregnant. 

Ombre purple

Hey girl, try to temporarily forget Nicki Minaj black natural hair. The famous singer always wears her tresses in one color but this ombre style was a great choice for her. The purple combining with the ombre technique looks to heaven. 

Although the purple color is not for everyone, you may be inspired to go with an ombre hairstyle. Instead of dyeing a bold color, you should choose natural shades to enhance your stylistic expression. 

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Orange hair color

Nicki Minaj appeared with orange hair and we’re sure that it is going to inspire you to the next hairstyle. In the pictures and videos posted on Instagram, she debuted her orange hair in a high-half ponytail. This look makes her face like a Barbie. She styled her long tresses in crimped waves that were vibrant and made a bold statement. Under the light, you can see how beautiful and stunning her curls are. 

Minaj’s Beehive hairstyle

This style is very unique. And we think that only artists who love crazy things like Nicki Minaj try this look. In 2011, the 39-year-old rapper made everyone surprised when wearing her beehive with cheetah-print getup on her head. She definitely made her style statement with a blonde beehive and a black streak wig.  

In other events, she also rocked this style with a blonde beehive pink or half-pink half-black wig. We believe that Minaj really had head-turning with this style.  

Is It Rare To See Nicki Minaj Natural Hair? Let's See

Long and black hair

We love to see Nicki Minaj natural hair color. This is one of the most natural looks when the rapper wore her hair in a dark shade. It looks like her natural hair color and offers a sense of elegance and class. She had super-long and black hair, and this makes her look so enticing. Many might envy this color and style. 

Ombre fanatic

In 2010, the star wore a long blonde wig and mixing perfectly with pink, purple, and blue hues. Her hairstylist created full curved bangs to make her look elegant yet trendy. Many say that this rainbow ombre is a wacky hairstyle, but it really steals our attention.

Nicki Minaj with blonde hair

You are impressed by Nicki Minaj natural hair pictures. We think that you will also love the rapper with blonde hair as she always rocks this look. This lady knows what she is doing when switching up her hair shade. She bleached her blondes and fun in the New Year 2016. It’s sleek and straight with bangs across for her forehead. Also with blonde, she adds some big bouncy curls to achieve a gorgeous and romantic look.

Is It Rare To See Nicki Minaj Natural Hair? Let's See

Updo queen

Worldwide audiences don’t often see Minaj in updo hairstyles, but when she does, she looks powerful and like a queen. At an event in 2016, she let her long and smooth black hair in a high braided bun, and in our opinion, she looked incredible. This neat updo style contributes to highlighting her facial features. She might use a hair spray to tame her flyaways, hold the hair in place, as well as add shine to her locks.

With the natural hair color, the rapper also wears her mane with demure styles, such as slick-back, deep side-swept, or long and sleek glossy dark hair, etc. These hairstyles add more hair volume and texture and offer healthy-looking tresses. 

The bottom line

Not only a talented female rapper in the world, Nicki Minaj is also an influencer to the public. What she has achieved in her career makes people admire and look up to her. Everything relating to the rapper, like lifestyles, hairstyles, outfits, or even Nicki Minaj natural hair, becomes the talk of the town.

If you love the singer, don’t skip this post. And if you like this post and want to find more interesting writings like this, follow Layla’s blog right now!

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