Oily Hair Remedies! 6 Easy Tricks Others Knows, But You Don’t

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Greasy hair is also known as oily hair which can develop for several reasons such as frequent shampooing leading to dry scalp, excessive use of hair care products, poor hygiene, hormonal imbalance, hot weather, regular hair brushing, stress or some illnesses. Common complications like dandruff, acne, and so on. There are some oily hair remedies that you can incorporate into your hair care plan.

Oily hair remedies: look at the cause

Before learning about oily hair remedies, we should find out the leading causes of greasy hair.

The cause of oily hair is the excess oil on your scalp. Very few people know that greasy hair people are divided into two different forms. One is that people with greasy hair with both hair and scalp are fatty. While the rest are those with oily scalp and hair roots, the human hair is dry. The causes of oily hair may be:

Oily Hair Remedies! 6 Easy Tricks Others Knows, But You Don't
greasy hair

– Excess nutrition, too much lipid, which makes your body must be excreted from the body through hair follicles, namely pores and hair roots. People who are in the habit of eating a lot of fast foods, women who are pregnant or are raising young children, are very prone to this condition. You only need to adjust your diet, focusing on vegetables, raw foods, eating fewer eggs and reducing high-fat foods.

– Due to poor circulation of the body. It is the fact that it does not absorb or absorb the minimal amount of nutrients from food and of course, it will also be excreted through the skin. However, this cause is also rare.


6 amazing home remedies for oily hair

If you know the leading causes of your greasy hair, you have to learn about home remedies for dandruff and oily hair.

Apply oily home remedies with tomato

When speaking of oily hair remedies naturally, you can not miss out tomato. Thanks to the natural acidity, tomatoes are an extremely safe and useful solution for your greasy hair. Tomatoes help balance the pH in the scalp and regulate greasy secretion.

Step-by-step guide:

 – Prepare two tomatoes.

– Squeeze tomatoes and mix with one glass of water.

– Rub the juice on evenly and dry hair.

– Incubate for 10 minutes.

– Rinse thoroughly with water.

Use beer to resolve oily hair

Do you think about oily hair remedies with beer? It is a fantastic and good idea. People often only care about beer in fun events without knowing the characteristics of beer can help women dispel worries about oily hair. Also, beer has the effect of restoring hair damage due to the direct impacts of the sun and healthy detergent products.

Oily Hair Remedies! 6 Easy Tricks Others Knows, But You Don't
use beer to treat oily hair

Step-by-step guide:

– Pour beer out for a night to eliminate carbon dioxide.

– Clean hair and dry

– Massage gently with beer from the foot to the end of the hair for about 3-5 minutes for beer to penetrate the hair roots.

– Use a warm towel to warm your hair for about 10 minutes and then rinse with water.

Vera is a great item for oily hair remedies

One of the most used hair care products is Aloe Vera extract. Aloe vera is especially helpful for your hair when it falls into a tangle and breakage.

In particular, this natural ingredient helps oily snow in the scalp to regulate the sebum secretion process and compensate for the hair from scalp to the hairline. Also, hair care products with aloe vera extract will be the optimal choice for you with scalp easily irritating and many dandruff.

However, you should remember that you should only use aloe vera gel for 20 minutes before shampooing. Regular use of aloe vera gel for hair (at least twice a week) will help hair become smoother and healthier.

Baking soda

Baking soda is one of the useful oily hair remedies. In haircare, baking soda is considered to be one of the critical ingredients to balance pH and prevent odors from appearing next to greasy hair treatment.

Oily Hair Remedies! 6 Easy Tricks Others Knows, But You Don't
baking soda

Main steps to follow:

– You need to prepare 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/2 cup of water.

– Mix well to make a paste.

– Wet your hair

– Apply the mixture evenly to the hair.

– Incubate the hair for 15 minutes and wash it thoroughly with water.

 Note: You should apply at least two times/week to achieve significant results in a short time.

Apple cider vinegar

You can not miss out apple cider vinegar in a list of oily hair remedies. The thin oily hair remedies is a smart solution for your greasy hair. In particular, apple cider vinegar helps to make the hair smoother and softer. For those with thin, tangled hair, apple cider vinegar will help your scalp feel comfortable and limit hair loss during greasy hair treatment.

How to use apple cider vinegar for oily hair remedies? Here’s how! 

– Dilute apple cider vinegar with water.

– Rub the mixture evenly on your hair like shampoo.

– Rinse thoroughly with water

Oily Hair Remedies! 6 Easy Tricks Others Knows, But You Don't
egg yolk

How to use egg yolk to treat oily hair?

The egg yolk will not disappoint you in the treatment of oily hair because it will help you recover damaged hair and make the hair shinier.

Main steps:

– Prepare two yolks and lemon juice.

– Mix the yolk with lemon juice and beat the mixture well.

– Rub on hair and incubate for 30 minutes.

– Rinse thoroughly with shampoo and water.

 Note: You should not incubate the hair for too long because the mixture of egg yolk and lemon will make the scalp more oily.

Above are some great ideas to treat greasy hair at home. Hope that after the post, you will know more about useful and necessary oily hair remedies. If you need more helpful information about hair or hair extension, don’t forget to visit our website to get more. Don’t hesitate to like and share the post!

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