Cambodian Hair Vs Indian Hair: The Fierce Battle In The Market

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If you are new to the hair extensions and wigs market, we know if you feel overwhelmed by all the information surrounding the topic. And it’s not always easy to recommend anything because there is no “one size fits all” in this case.

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From hair origins, texture, color to styles, it’s different for everyone’s needs and preferences. But we hope this article can help you a little by breaking down in details the difference between two of the most popular hair types nowadays: Cambodian hair vs. Indian hair.

Cambodian hair vs. Indian hair: Why are they different?

Cambodian and Indian hair, as suggested in the names, refer to their origins, where the hair is harvested from donors. Typically, when it comes to hair, we only see it classified by texture (strong, shiny, frizzy, weak), styles (straight, braided, wavy, curly) or color (brunette, blonde, redhead) but never by origins.

So it raises a question: why hair is classified by origins in the world of hair extensions? Well, let us explain.


Genes are the number 1 factor in deciding the texture to your hair. Believe it or not, no matter what you do to the hair, it’s hard to change the state of the hair in which you were born with. Whether you were born with straight, curly, or fine hair, you still have to deal with it when you grow up. Styling and nourishing products only help you tame the situation.

Cambodian Hair Vs Indian Hair: The  Fierce Battle In The Market

Strands in the same area or region share specific characteristics.

That’s why the origins of the hair are essential. Research has shown that strands in the same area or region share specific characteristics. These characteristics are transferred from generation to generation, with little alteration.

In general, both Cambodian and Indian hair is Asian hair, so they share quite the same features. The individual hair strands are thick and coarse, mostly due to the two genes, EDAR, and FGFR2. The cuticles are also larger and broader, which is more resistant to breaking compared to Western hair.

Besides, Asian hair is more pigment concentrations so that it’s darker, glossier and shiner. It is less likely to turn white than the hair of Western women. Another exciting fact determined by genes is that Asian hair is less dense with fewer hair strands per square centimeter of scalps.


While genes give us similar features within regions, the background is the factor that differentiates Cambodian and Indian hair. The way we live, what we eat, how we react to the surrounding things all help define our hair features. And this also passes on from generation to generation.


Cambodian hair vs. Indian hair: How are they different

Have you ever wondered how and why Cambodian hair has been gaining attention lately, especially among African-American women in the US? Well, we’ve got the answer for you.

Full volume

One distinctive characteristic of Cambodian hair is that it’s coarse in texture. That’s why African American women love it because it blends well with their hair. The thick and rough surface is perfect for styling, as it can hold the curls very well and for a very long time. It can even stand bleaching and dying without much damage as long as you take good care of it

Lightweight texture

So many people refuse to wear lace closure or extensions because it’s heavy. Imagine you have to walk around all day with weights on your head. No one wants that. That’s inconvenient and annoying to keep an eye on your wig all day. No thanks, we all need to enjoy life instead

Cambodian Hair Vs Indian Hair: The  Fierce Battle In The Market

Cambodian hair

We understand your concern deeply. That’s why we decided to distribute Cambodian hair. Though the texture is full and voluminous, it’s very lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Low maintenance

With raw or virgin hair, all you need to do is to treat it like your real hair. That’s the fundamental principle. You can style or dye however you want, and it still looks flawless. But if you do that, remember to put back the nourishment to the hair, both to your hair and your extensions.

All in all, if you are looking for something that looks great, feels great and easy to take care of, Cambodian hair is the perfect choice for you.

Cambodian hair vs. Indian hair: the rising star vs. the cult favorite

In contrast to Cambodian hair, which is an increasing star lately, Indian hair has been around for ages. Better yet, it is still popular and becoming a safe choice till this days. And there must be a reason or two to make them stay for so long


This is perhaps the unique feature when we talk about Indian hair. Because Indian people are multiracial, their hair types vary from individual to individual. Whether you have thick, coarse hair or thin, fine one, you can always find something that blends out with your natural hair here.

However, even with the variation in texture and styles, Indian hair does share some same features. It is very soft with high luster, which instantly makes the wearer look healthy and lively when they put that on.

Light texture

Another reason for Indian hair winning the market demand for so long is because of its light, airy, and bouncy texture. Whether you buy Indian hair with straight or wavy style, it all looks very natural.

Cambodian Hair Vs Indian Hair: The  Fierce Battle In The Market

Indian hair

The only downside of Indian hair texture is that it can swell or turn frizzy in hot and humid weather. Because the hair strand is beautiful, it allows the moisture to pass through and expand the strands. So an anti-frizz product is recommended if you want to use Indian hair

In the bottom line

Final result – Cambodian hair vs. Indian hair: 1 – 1

Both Cambodian and Indian hair has its advantages and disadvantages. The fundamental principle when choosing hair types is all about suitability and preferences. We hope this article helps you find the kind of hair you like.

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