5 Pre-plucked full Lace Wigs Hairstyles You Need To Know Now

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We bet that every girl here gets troubles with parting hairline. Especially, when we wear wigs, it’s not easy at all to pick a natural line coming out from a bunch of hair.

Don’t worry! We have got a solution here!

Pre plucked full lace wigs appear perfect options for girls who need flawless hairline and baby hair after application. Besides, the range for options is as wide as other full lace wigs.

Let’s see what we have in stores.

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What are pre plucked full lace wigs?

You know about full lace wigs yet? That wig with a lace base becomes the best selling in any store because of the breathable base and invisible joint.  Pre plucked full lace wigs belong to the collection.

However, wearing a wig, even on a lace cap, usually bothers us somehow.

5 Pre-plucked full Lace Wigs Hairstyles You Need To Know Now


Not comfortable feeling? Maybe. But people come for fake hair due to a new look. And funny, we all shake our head if the new look is obviously bulky and fake.

So how to make it natural even when we are wearing full bulky lace wigs? Some features like hairline and baby hair are solutions.

Pre-plucked lace wigs are all made with the hairline and natural baby hair. If you are not good at chores after application, you should go for this type of lace wigs.


We all can see the first advantage in using pre plucked full lace wigs. It’s is time-saving.

Putting on full lace wig is easy and instant. But getting hair done with a good hairline and baby hair asks you a lot of time.

You should be experienced, or you mess it up.

But here’s the best part!

With pre plucked wigs, the result looks like a hair coming out of the salon. How can we say no?


Because it’s instant lace wig, we cannot avoid certain disadvantages.

First. It lacks flexibility. We cannot create the second hairline on the same wig. Or the new hairline cannot compare to the original.

Seconds, you might spend more time on choosing a suitable hairline for your face.

However, many people have their own style in their head. Picking full lace wig pre plucked will not take them ages.



Products with pre-plucked full lace wigs


Depending on the expected volume you need, you select from available options.

We have pre-plucked with different density. The density decides how bulky it looks on your head.

Usually, people have a maximum density of 120% because the hair won’t look too thick.

100% density full lace wig appear as natural hair.

With perfect hairline and baby hair, the pre-plucked wigs look amazing.


Different hairstyles will bring different looks. Thus, make sure that you study your face and the situation before making your order.

Let’s see what we can advise


With full lace wigs pre plucked, you can find almost all of the hair’s length.

You can have a long bob or short bobs with the available hairline and baby hair.

Or, you might find interested in long wavy full lace wigs with the plucked hairline. Everything you needs is in the store.


Usually, pre-plucked hair wigs turn up in a variety of colors. Primary colors which we can find everywhere are black and brown.

However, with white and light grey full lace wigs, you must be careful with the materials.

Basic hair colors can fit multiple skins. However, light shades such as silver, white or grey only look good at pale or white faces.

Besides, light colors can become picky when you choose your outfits.

In Layla Hair, we have all of full lace wigs pre plucked made of human Remy hair. It’s the best material because the hair looks completely natural and gorgeous no matter how.

Perfect hairstyles with full lace wigs pre plucked

Curly side-swept

Side-swept with light waves appear an elegant look for working styles. It matches with most of the outfits.

Side-swept gives a younger look that many girls are running for.

5 Pre-plucked full Lace Wigs Hairstyles You Need To Know Now

For individual cases, you can modify casual wavy hair with a little bun or braids.

Which face shapes should we wear this?

We recommend side swept for round faces and oval face. The parted hair will cover up the rounded edges then make a thinner look.

Straight side-swept

With straight hair, you might look simplest. Thus, this hairstyle comes along with gorgeous outfits that show off complexity.

Straight hair with side swept still looks young and suitable for workplaces. Even more, in comparison with wavy hair, straight hair brings an astute appearance.

5 Pre-plucked full Lace Wigs Hairstyles You Need To Know Now

Straight hair appears a bit picky to face shape.

Basically, it can cover up round and oval face. However, straight strand makes a face look more prominent. Be careful if you do not have a small face.


Middle parted and straight hair

This look acclaims attic. Sometimes, this hairstyle makes you look a bit older. However, to tone up your other sexiness, a simple hairstyle will help.

5 Pre-plucked full Lace Wigs Hairstyles You Need To Know Now

It’s the perfect choice for rounded or square faces because the middle parted hair helps your face look much thinner and balanced.

Middle parted wavy hair

Opposite to straight hair, undulating strands with middle parted can hide your real age. This appearance will save you several years because it’s trendy to teenager girls at the moment.

5 Pre-plucked full Lace Wigs Hairstyles You Need To Know Now

Besides, middle-parted hair can come along with multiple outfits.

By a little time with curlers, you can change your appearance completely.

Deep curly hair

Usually, this style goes with side-swept. Rooted curly hair always appears rock and chick that fits girls at teenage years than officers.

5 Pre-plucked full Lace Wigs Hairstyles You Need To Know Now

Opposite to straight hair, deep curly can helps with narrow the faces. If you lose your confidence with a big face, let’s make your way to deep curly.

Final sayings,

Pre plucked full lace wigs proves that it’s the best options if you are not so good at application. This wig promises a salon hairstyle with the flawless hairline and natural baby hair.

If you just started with wearing wigs, parting hair and baby hair are two most difficult parts which ask you skills and patience.

There’s no means that pre plucked full lace wigs can slow us down in the way seeking new look. It’s like an instant solution.

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