Pressure Sensitive Clips — Do You Really Need It?

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We all know that wigs cannot themselves stay on our heads without any product for holding. You may see many methods employed to install a wig by using adhesive like glue or wig tape. But these methods need help from the hairstylist so if you want to attach the wig on your own, using pressure sensitive clips can be a wise choice. Moreover, many people prefer using wig clips since it will cause less embarrassing situations.

What are pressure sensitive clips?

Pressure-sensitive clips or wig clips are small combs that are made to attract wig, weave, hair topper or toupee to your natural hair. As we mentioned, with pressure-sensitive hair clips you can install wigs by yourself so if you looking for a convenient method that you can freely put on or remove your wigs, opt for wig clip.

Wig pressure sensitive clips, normally, can be used alone or used with glue or tape to secure a wig. Some wigs are also sewn with an extension clip at the perimeter of the wigs’ lining. Sometimes, wigs and hair extensions do not go with any clips but you can sew them to your clip in hair extensions but a needle and thread.

Pressure Sensitive Clips - Do You Really Need It?
what is pressure-sensitive clip

Types of pressure-sensitive wig clips

Wig clip is categorized in different types. Hence, if you know the types of extension clips, you can choose the best product for your wig or hairpiece.

What size do pressure sensitive clips have?

There are 3 major sizes in which wig, toupee, or topper clip come. Namely, the large size, medium size, and small size, which respectively present 3.2 cm, 2.8 cm and 2.2 cm in width. Each extension clip is made with a flexible metal and a piece of silicon at the back. It helps to secure the wig firmly to your natural hair with a comfortable feeling.

Next, how do you can opt for the right size of wig clips for your extension? Choosing proper clips with the right size depending on the amount of hair that your wig goes with. Normally, for the best security and comfort, most users choose the medium size wig clips. You can attract, move and adjust the clips to the place you want to install your wigs into your pre-existing hair and then snap it. Using extension clip-ins allows you to determine the amount of hair it will secure, where it will be installed into place and the level of tightness of attachment.

Pressure Sensitive Clips - Do You Really Need It?
clips of different sizes

What color of pressure-sensitive hair clips are used?

Wig clips often carry the color of black, brown, and light beige. The color you should select must match the hue of your wig hair. For example, if your hair is blond and you are going to install a wig whose hair is brown, in this case, brown wig clips should be used.

Why use pressure-sensitive clips?

— Clips will hold your wig firmly to your hair without causing any irritation or itchy

— It is easy to apply and remove

— They are great for use in both long term and short term

— Clips require no messy glues. tapes or other kinds of adhesives

— They are durable and reusable for your next hair extensions, hair toupee or topper

— This method is inexpensive and affordable

Pressure Sensitive Clips - Do You Really Need It?
pressure-sensitive clips help secure the wig

How to use wig pressure-sensitive hair clips?

Choose the right clips

Select the wig clips with the right size. As mentioned above, there are 3 major sizes of pressure-sensitive clips, small, medium and large. It’s great if you can find the ones which can give you a firm hold. Because the pressure-sensitive wig clips with the wrong size make the wig easy to pull off from your hair or sometimes cause annoying.


Wear the pressure-sensitive clips on

Pressure-sensitive clips can be used alone or in combination with wigs tape, mentioned above. You can choose one of the two ways as long as you feel comfortable the most. Since no one wants to install extra stuff to their head.

Some wigs will go with pressure-sensitive clips already so you can opt for that kind of hair extensions if you do not want to buy a wig or a weave and wig clips separately. And one more time, just choose the method which comforts you since both are the same. And try to practice using clips to install your wig before you do it for real since it might hurt your skin.

Pressure Sensitive Clips - Do You Really Need It?
how to wear a wig with clips

In case you prefer using wig clips alone, we advise you to place them at the sides and the back with 1 or 2 wig clips attracted at the crown of your head to gain a natural-looking appearance. You can attract these wig clips to your hair due to is comb-like structures, hence, make sure that your hair and the clips match well and creates a firm hold.

We recommend you to use wig clips combining with an adhesive if your hair density is low, or you suffer from thinning hair. It’s because only extension clip-ins can stress your hair down and might not hold them well also.

Once you determine where to locate the pressure-sensitive clips, you can use needle and thread to sew it you your wig, which makes the wig easy to attach and remove later. In case you own a lace wig, you can use the seams to help you sew the clips much easier.


You should watch some tutorials about how to use wig clips and how to fix them well. There can be many ways with different tips on doing that, just choose the one is the easiest for you. Don’t forget to care about your natural hair when applying or taking off the wigs clip to protect your hair from breakage.

Our conclusion

The pressure-sensitive clips are great products for installing wigs. If you want to use them to apply your extensions to your head, hopefully, this article will help you have a deeper insight into this subject.

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