Exceptionally Thin Skin Hair Toupee Would Be Your Best Bet!

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In the following post, we only focus on the skin hair toupee — a common type of hair enhancer on the market today. The amazing hairpiece works best to hide your hair loss and baldness. Whether you have hair loss due to genetics or illness, this hair system can help you. With it, get your dream hair is a piece of cake. Unlike a full wig, skin toupee for men covers an exact area, not your entire head. Dive into our words to find out what skin hair toupee is, how to use it, and more. Let’s get started!

What Is Skin Hair Toupee?

Similar to other normal toupees, the skin hair system for men is used to cover the baldness. Instead of selecting synthetic hairpieces, many customers purchase human hair as it can be styled according to their desires. It also comes in with different colors and textures for wearers choosing. Compared to surgical methods, this non-surgical hair replacement is safe and gives results during minutes. It is a cheap and quick method to remedy and conceal hair defects. Know clearly how to attach a skin toupee, it only takes about 5 minutes to get a fuller and realistic hair look.  

Ultra-thin poly skin base is among the most common materials that hair manufacturers use to design hair systems. Along with skin material, people also use lace, silk, and monofilament mesh. Experts evaluate that the skin base toupee gives users an undetectable hairline and natural look since it can mimic the scalp skin well. Also, the base construction is lightweight, bringing comfortable to wear. The knotless technique creates the illusion that hair strands are growing directly from the real scalp. 

Exceptionally Thin Skin Hair Toupee Would Be Your Best Bet!
what is skin hair toupee


Because the skin is the thinnest material, you should be careful when installing it. It can last up to 3 months if you wear and store it properly. 

More or less, skin hair toupee is safe to use. There is no hurt and harm to your scalp and tresses. You even dye or curl the hair in any way you want without affecting your bio hair. 

Skin Base Toupee Pros And Cons

Let’s find out the benefits and drawbacks of the toupee.



The hairpiece looks like your real skin. The knotless makes others not to detect the fact that you are wearing a toupee. Often, wearers use tape and glue to attach the hair, so it lies flat on your head, no bulky. Real toupees provide you a natural look as well as helps boost your confidence.

Offer a fuller hair look

The skin toupee for men is created to hide hair loss and baldness. There are about 30-50% of men at mid-age are victims of male pattern baldness. This hair problem even occurs in young men. Hence, baldness is a common enemy for all men around the world. Skin base hair toupee is the best. Nowadays, this hairpiece is one of the must-have items for men.  

Exceptionally Thin Skin Hair Toupee Would Be Your Best Bet!
skin hair system looks realistic

Easy to attach

As we said earlier, applying toupee is not difficult. Shave your head and wear the hairpiece with adhesive. The base material is very thin, you have to treat it gently. We highly recommend using human hair toupee as it eliminates tangling problems and divisible. It is the best choice for those looking for a long term hairpiece-wearing. 

Save your time and money

Hair transplant cost is expensive and takes your time. It also does not give the result instantly. But this wiglet can meet all. The price is affordable and you don’t have to spend hours in a hair salon. All you need to do is wearing skin hair toupee and have new hair. 


The skin base is thinnest but stifling. If you are living in a tropical country, you should consider carefully before purchasing it. Besides, it needs high maintenance. Let’s treat the wiglet as you would do with your existing hair. Go down on the Internet to learn how to care for the hairpiece so that you can upkeep it. We think that these drawbacks are not too big problems to get fuller hair.


How To Wear A Skin Base Toupee

There are various ways to attach a toupee. Here, Layla shows you the most popular method — using tape. 

Step 1: Shave your head and clean the scalp with a wet towel. Make sure that the scalp is clear and oil-free. Or you can wash your head and let it dry completely. 

Exceptionally Thin Skin Hair Toupee Would Be Your Best Bet!
how to wear a skin hair toupee with tape

Step 2: Before wearing the wiglet, you should apply a thin layer of waterproof sealant. This step helps keeps the hair longer. If your skin is sensitive, it would be better if you have a layer of scalp protector. Then, leave the layer dry.

Step 3: Take your hair toupee and gently turn the inside out. Stick the tape adhesive to the skin base toupee. Remember, place the tape pieces close to the outer edge of the hair system. Never let the adhesive stick to the hair. Keep doing until you have full tape on the wiglet. 

Step 4: Take out the protective paper of tapes and put the toupee onto your head. Adjust and stick it down your scalp. Press lightly to make the tape stick firmly. Finished!

In The Bottom Line

You are finding a trusted hair vendor, come to Layla hair company. We engage to provide 100% human hair toupee and on-top customer services. When you buy a skin toupee for men here, our sales teams are willing to help you. They give you advice and help you choose the best suitable item for you. The hair will work impressively to satisfy wearers. Do not worry! If you want to get your own hair toupee, let us know your head sizes, hair textures, colors you want. We will design and customize it for you. 

By now, you have known a hairpiece to get a more natural-looking look. Skin hair toupee is increasing in popularity and Layla is here and ready to help you get the best hair. So, if you are interested in discussing hair toupees, wig base materials or anything else, please contact us today.

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