This Year 2020 Will Be The Year Of Raw Vietnamese Hair Extensions. And Here Is Why!

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It’s common that most of our natural hair has been through chemical and heat treatments. So what is the best solution to stop damaging the hair? The answer is raw Vietnamese hair extensions. Raw Vietnamese hair is famous for the strength and luster, making it a perfect material for hair extensions.

Let’s discover why everyone loves raw Vietnamese hair extensions!

4 Reasons why  raw Vietnamese hair is the perfect material for hair extensions

Natural flow and fullness

Vietnamese hair is lightweight and easy to store. They own natural flow and fullness of raw Vietnamese hair and are very durable compared to other hair materials from different countries.

Vietnamese hair is inherently straight, and this makes it an ideal object to curls and waves. Besides, it is easier to manage our entire series of hair extensions from one source.

Vietnamese hair is lightweight and easy to store.

If girls are receiving raw Vietnamese hair extensions, there is no need to look elsewhere. But although raw Vietnamese hair extensions are facing a high demand, there is still a lack of supply.

This is why they often come at higher prices than other hair materials. Besides, raw Vietnamese hair extensions can reach the lengths up to 30”, which can hardly be found in hair from other countries.

No tangle

Many hair extensions are easy to get tangling and matting at later stages, but Vietnamese ones tend to maintain the natural beauty and offer the tangle-free feature.

After all, we don’t want to spend half of the time untangling our hair after investing a right amount of money on hair extensions and hours for installation.

Unlimited styling options

We can enjoy a wide variety of styling options with Vietnamese hair extensions. Impressive durability and easy maintenance of raw Vietnamese hair make it become a popular favorite of many customers all around the world.

Even though the number of options for raw Vietnamese hair extensions has increased over the years, it all comes down to our purposes of usage so keep in mind that when shopping for hair extensions.

A significant number of cheap imitations

It’s outstanding quality and high demand for raw  Vietnamese hair extensions that many suppliers want to mimic them and make money out of those imitations.

Thus, watch out for these cheap and poor-quality products and don’t let them fool you. An experienced hair extensions user will feel the differences between Vietnamese hair and other sources.

It’s very light, and we feel little of the pull on our hair. This feature is significant in the long term because we don’t want our hair to fall off because of pulling on the hair strands.


Different types of raw Vietnamese hair extensions


What is it?

Tape-in Vietnamese hair extensions are parts of hair clamped together using medical grade tape over the natural hair.

This Year 2019 Will Be The Year Of Raw Vietnamese Hair Extensions. And Here Is Why!
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  • Lay flat against the scalp, making them undetectable
  • Take only 45 minutes to install
  • Able to reuse


  • Need more maintenance
  • Require re-application after every 6-7 week

Who should use it?

Tape-in extensions are a great companion for those who have fine strands and are looking for adding more volume, thickness, and length to their natural hair.

Beauty tips

Avoid using oils anywhere near the tape areas because this will cause the tape to slip.


What is it?

A track of hair sewn into a row of micro rings or a braid.


  • Provide good volume and length


  • Invisible with fine hair
  • Become bulky and weigh the mane down

Who should use it?

Vietnamese hair weave is a powerful “assistant” in providing extreme volume and thickness with a low maintenance approach.

Beauty tips

Often clean and condition the hair and restrict the use of heated styling tools.


What is it?

One or many hair strands with different widths that users can clip in or out in a few minutes.

This Year 2019 Will Be The Year Of Raw Vietnamese Hair Extensions. And Here Is Why!
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  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Play around with different lengths and shapes


  • Heavy and easy to break

Who should use it?

This is the best solution for changing from short to long hair in a blink of an eye. Also, clip-in hair extensions allow experiencing lots of hairstyles such as a ponytail, fringes, or headbands.

Beauty tips

  • Don’t sleep with these extensions on the head
  • Comb them when they are wet and moisturize the hair
  • Need special attention because they’re already color dyed


What is it?

Also known as “fusion” extensions, pre-bonded refers to hair strands bonded to the natural hair by adhesives.

This Year 2019 Will Be The Year Of Raw Vietnamese Hair Extensions. And Here Is Why!
Vietnamese Flat tip straight blond hair 24 inches


  • Natural looking and comfortable
  • Last for 6 months
  • Easy to maintain and treat like natural hair
  • Made from high-quality human hair
  • Low maintenance


  • A 4-hour and somehow painful installation because extensions are very close to the scalp, causing unwanted damages

Who should use it?

Pre-bonded hair extensions are of great help to fine hair or compromised hair that is unable to bear the weight of micro rings or other installation methods.

Beauty tips

  • Avoid washing the hair for 2-3 days after the installation
  • Require maintenance every few months
  • Don’t tie the hair up for the first 2 weeks

 Raw Vietnamese hair extensions wholesale vendors with the mission to empower local women

A considerable number of Vietnamese women living in the countryside has ended up doing seasonal jobs with a small amount of money.

The “birth” of Vietnamese hair extensions wholesale vendors has changed the life of these women when they hire local women, provide them with a constant workload, and pay worthy salaries.

This Year 2019 Will Be The Year Of Raw Vietnamese Hair Extensions. And Here Is Why!

That’s why these wholesale vendors have gone beyond their purpose of making their own profits but also empower local women to grab the chances of a better life.

Many Vietnamese hair extensions companies, including Layla Hair, aim at creating social values, empowering local women, and bringing nothing but the best products to customers.


Raw Vietnamese hair extensions have rarely failed to please even the most demanding customers.

Want to verify its quality? Check our website Layla Hair right away and get ready to be amazing with Vietnamese hair extensions.

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