6 Things You Need To Know About Real Cambodian Hair Reviews Today

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Cambodian hair sale itself is still the brand new thing to many people, not to mention Raw Cambodian Hair Reviews.

Nowadays thanks to Youtube, a lot of beauty bloggers can get paid doing Cambodian Hair Reviews and Cambodian Hair Company Reviews, but you can totally tell if they are telling the truth.

In order to bring the concept of 100% Raw Cambodian Hair to many more people in this planet – who equally deserve a good try of Raw Cambodian Hair Bundles, Layla Hair will show you how to recognize real and fake Cambodian Hair Reviews and Cambodian Human Hair Reviews in the writing below.

Fake Raw Cambodian hair Reviews

In order to promote Cambodian Hair Sale, it is not unusual to see a Cambodian Hair Company create Fake Raw Cambodian Hair Reviews just to draw buyer’s attention. Below are several examples:

6 Things You Need To Know About Real Cambodian Hair Reviews Today


Fake Cambodian Hair Reviews 

Some would even use same Hair Review under different clients’ names (Oops!!!)

Real Cambodian Hair Reviews

It is really easy to tell if a Cambodian Hair Review is truthful or not. There would be some points for you to look at:

  • Only trust who states out both good and bad sides of Hair bundles. Nothing in this world is perfect, even the Earth is not round.
  •  100% Raw Cambodian Hair Bundles are usually frizzy and tangle a little bit. There ARE silky Cambodian Hair Weave but very rare. If they are, they are normally not wavy or curly. Hair Salon and Hair Sellers often use a special type of Hair Gel to obtain the wet, clean and shiny look for wavy and Curly Hair Weave. If the Cambodian Hair Reviews you are reading does not match these characteristics, please think twice.
  • Cambodian Hair Reviews with pictures and videos are often more reliable. At least you know they are real human writing those Hair Reviews.
  • For wavy and curly textures, you could not expect every bundle would have the same curls and waves, even when they are 100% Raw Cambodian Virgin Hair. The maximum amount of Hair Bundles that we can collect from one girl is 2. Perfect matching  Hair bundles and closures would have a high percentage to be processed.
  • Good Cambodian Hair Weave Reviews are always from those who write the Hair Reviews after months or at least several times wearing Cambodian Hair. It is better with pictures of before and after.

6 Things You Need To Know About Real Cambodian Hair Reviews Today


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Detailed reviews for different products from Cambodian hair

The first and foremost: Cambodian virgin hair reviews

Truth to be told, it’s easy to find Cambodian virgin hair reviews on the Internet. This is because most hair vendors don’t care about sharing too much about their products.

Since they expect the customers to come and order a significant quantity, they don’t focus much on marketing. This can explain why the information on Cambodian virgin hair reviews is rare.

From time to time, you can find small articles or forum discussions pop up. However, that isn’t enough for the thirst of information.

That’s why, in this article, we would like to give you an insight into Cambodian virgin hair.

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Unlike Remy hair, virgin hair stays with their natural state. That means Cambodian virgin hair has all the inherent characteristics it is supposed to have.

What’s more, this hair type has never undergone any kinds of hair treatments, especially what involves heat and chemicals.

That explains why Cambodian virgin hair tends to be more expensive than Remy’s hair. Plus, it also depends on the number of donors you want your hair from.

For example, virgin hair from one donor will bring maximum effects, similar hair texture, resembling hair strands and characteristics. Of course, you have to pay a better price for this hair.

Usually, Cambodian hair from one donor doesn’t come with a large quantity. And it’s also hard to collect enough virgin wool from one head to make 150% or 180% wig density.

In summary, the two highlights of Cambodian virgin hair are their natural characteristics and high quality. The drawbacks are, of course, the price and scarcity.

Cambodian hair texture review

Some people mistake Cambodian hair with Indian hair. Some things these two hair types don’t have any differences. While the misconception has rooted for many years, we still want to make it clear it once and for all.

The differences in hair types depend mostly on two factors: gene and geography. Read more about these two in this article Cambodian Hair Vs Indian Hair: The Fierce Battle In The Market

Cambodian hair, which comes from the tropical zone, tends to be coarse and rough when you touch. However, the genes have differentiated Cambodian hair with Indian hair.

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The differences in hair types depend mostly on two factors: gene and geography

As for the texture, Cambodian hair is more coarse compared to the Indian one. However, the real distinction comes from the weight. Users who buy Cambodian hair can enjoy its lightweight feature.

Plus, Cambodian hair can create lots of bounce and body, certainly can bring you the hairstyles you want.
One thing that women love about Cambodian hair is that it can hold curls very well.

Find out more about this unusual feature in this article Does Cambodian Hair Hold Curls? Uncovering The Closely Guarded Secret

You can create any types of hairstyles you want, including loose wave, full curly, or straight with heat and chemicals. The hair texture is strong so that it can withstand all of the harsh hair processings without much damage.

Honest Cambodian body wave hair reviews

Body wave hair is hands-down the favorite hairstyle of celebrities on the red carpet. This classy hairstyle emphasizes the delicacy of S-curly patterns, suitable for any formal and informal occasions.

More importantly, body wave hair is suitable for most facial shapes. It allows women to hide edgy corner, excessive fat around the corner. Having curly fluffy hairstyle brings us self-confidence and attention.

Check out our body wave hair via 12 Inch Weave Body Wavy Cambodian Extensions

The unfortunate news is not every hair type can achieve this body wave hair. Vietnamese hair, for example, with its straight and silky characteristics, isn’t a suitable candidate for body wave hair.

6 Things You Need To Know About Real Cambodian Hair Reviews Today
Body wave hair is hands-down the favorite hairstyle of celebrities on the red carpet

The use of heat and chemicals will eventually alter their natural texture and characteristics. The worst thing that could happen is that your hairpieces will fall into pieces after a few times of use.

On the other hand, Cambodian hair is perfect for wavy body hair.

Cambodian hair with its rough texture requires less heat and chemicals to achieve a particular hairstyle. Additionally, this hair type is quite resilient, which allows users to alter hairstyles once in a while without much concern about damages.

If you are looking for inspiration on a hairstyle for your upcoming party, consider Cambodian body wave hair.
Cambodian hair extensions review

One great source for hair extensions’ material is no doubt Cambodian hair. This hair type is perfect for making different kinds of extensions, from clip-in, tape-in to pre-bonded.

You don’t have to worry much about the durability. Since Cambodian hair offers a vibrant and robust texture, it will likely survive different hair processing ( only if you don’t do it too frequently).

Cambodian Hair Company Reviews

If you are looking for a Cambodian Hair Company as your wholesale vendor, my recommendation is not to depend on those Cambodian Hair Company Reviews on Youtube, especially those doing “Best Cambodian Hair Company Reviews”, “Best Cambodian Hair Companies”, “Best Cambodian Hair Bundles” with a GIVEAWAY.

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So by which way can, you tell that a Cambodian Hair Sale Company is credible? Easy!

1. Visit their factory

If you have enough time and money to spend on a business trip, this is the best choice and best Cambodian Hair Company Review ever.

You can not only see and test the hairs yourself but can also keep it as your own business secret, with that not being shared everywhere on public social media.

By visiting the factory, you are able to take pictures and videos of the making process, which builds up the credibility of your business and makes your Human  Hair Sales go more smoothly.

Also, Southeast Asia Area is full of Real Human Hair Options, you can take time to compare tons of companies that locate near each other. It does not cost much once you arrive there.

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2. Video chat

This is the second best Cambodian Hair Reviews. With this option, you are able to see the Cambodian Hair Bundles and Layla Hair Factory.

6 Things You Need To Know About Real Cambodian Hair Reviews Today
Layla Hair Factory

A note for you is that not every Sale would work on their factory. You might have to start a conversation first and set up a time when will the Sales would be available at the Factory. The best part is it does not cost any penny at all.

3. Testing Cambodian Hair Bundles yourself by placing samples

Honestly this would cost a lot with trial and error, but it is good for your Cambodian Hair Sale. You can only know their actual delivery time and their customer service when you buy from afar.

How much are the raw Cambodian hair prices?

If you only want to buy several bundles to make a wig, chances are you don’t need to dig deep into this question.  The price of raw Cambodian bundles will change very little if you order in a small amount.

What’s more, a few factors can influence the total price.

The source

The hair source is the top factor that makes a bundle costly or cheap. Raw Cambodian hair means that the hair quality is at the best quality, without any heat or chemical treatments.

However, the price can be different if it is collected from one or various source.

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The hair from the same source will have the same quality, while hair from different source needs to be checked carefully before handing it to customers. What’s more, in some places, hair is collected so cheaply that the donors get almost nothing.

If you want to start your hair business, the finding of the hair source should be your priority.


Transportation could inflate the actual price of hair. For example, if you buy hair from a vendor in China that offers India hair, chances are the hair price is higher because it added transportation fee.

To lower your cost, we advise you to choose hair vendors that supply the local hair. Layla Hair, for example, uses only Vietnamese and Cambodian hair.

6 Things You Need To Know About Real Cambodian Hair Reviews Today
To lower your cost, we advise you to choose hair vendors that supply the local hair.

We reckon that Cambodian hair is the best hair source to make wigs and bundles because of its coarse texture.


How hair is handle can also inflate the price. Bulks are the cheapest hair pieces because it requires no extra processing. Other than that, if you want to buy bundles with the weft, the price will be a bit higher.

For those who want to buy raw Cambodian hair bundle deals, you should buy with a large quantity. That way, your order will be significantly cheaper.

What are the differences between raw Indian and Cambodian hair

Though Cambodia and India share the same continent, quite similar cultures; however, the hair texture and characteristics are entirely different. Understand their distinction will help you make a better choice, especially when it comes to hair businesses.


The environment, surprisingly, has a significant effect on how hair grows. The food we eat, the weather and how we care for hair could directly turn our hair into evil or good. In a hot and humid climate like Cambodia and India, hair tends to develop thick cuticles.

The strands will full layer of cuticles will protect hair from the harsh environment. Under the influence of heat and humidity, the human scalp tends to produce more sebum to nurture the strands. However, it isn’t enough to shield hair from the sun.

Indian hair offers thick hair strands with heavy texture due to the weather. Cambodia, located in a different zone, provides hair with a lightweight texture


Though maintenance relies on different factors, the origin of hair could also affect how you should care for your products. Cambodian hair, with a coarse and dense texture, requires less maintenance compared to Indian hair with thick strands and dense texture.

6 Things You Need To Know About Real Cambodian Hair Reviews Today
Though maintenance relies on different factors, the origin of hair could also affect how you should care for your products.

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How hard is it to find the real raw Cambodian hair distributor? From Layla Hair’s experience

When we first started the company, we were like any other small start-ups lost in the vast market of hair. We want to find the best raw Cambodian hair possible with of course affordable price without compromising our business ethics.

In order to buy raw Cambodian hair, we worked with many Cambodian hair sellers. Many of them offered comb waste hair with excellent texture and low price at first. However, we soon found out that this hair type did more harm than good.

The quest to find suitable hair manufacturers isn’t fun and sometimes could be exhausting as well.

The bottom line

We hope that this article had given you adequate information on Cambodian hair reviews. If you find this article helpful, SHARE it with your friends!

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