How To Use Full Lace Wig Density Chart For Newbies?

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How To Use Full Lace Wig Density Chart For Newbies?
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Full lace wig density chart is a handy preference for women who first encounter this product. Wigs, like any other hair accessories, are varied in size and density.

How To Use Full Lace Wig Density Chart For Newbies?

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To know which one is more suitable for your hair, you need first to decide your desired density first.

In this article, we will guide you through the necessary step of wig density and show you how to choose a suitable full lace wig

What is lace front wig density chart

Lace front wig density chart is a standard in which sellers and buyers can rely on when they produce or buy wigs. The table is based on the definition of wig density. So what is precisely wig density?

Just like your natural hair, wigs also have their density. Depending on customers’ preference, hair vendors will make wigs with hair density accordingly. The standard thickness is 120%, which is medium thick.

Natural hair comes with a density percent of 100 to 120%. And also, due to different hair growth cycle, the influence of chemicals and diets, the existing density could change beyond your control.

When you use a wig, the density is fixed. If you demand a 120% density wig, your hair vendor will provide the same thickness. Hi-quality hair wig will encounter less tangling and shedding, therefore, the density stays durable.

In summary, density chart will tell you how many levels of density your hair vendor can offer you. Based on that information, you can quickly decide on your desired item.

How to use lace front wig density chart

The use of wig density chart is super easy. All you need to know is how many levels of thickness are available.

How To Use Full Lace Wig Density Chart For Newbies?

Here are the deals:

Extra light

This density is quite hard to find. If your hair vendor doesn’t have its factory, chances are you can’t buy wigs with 80%- 90% density there. What’s more, this density is entirely below the average.

It is only advised for women who love thin and beautiful hair. The wig could also encounter some shedding, especially when users don’t know how to handle it so that the density could diminish.

Since it is already thin, you may not want it to get any thinner.


Light density is around 100% to 110%, which resembles human hair natural density. This thickness is suitable for those who want to copy the exact mass of natural hair. However, the drawback is that the scalp will look a bit bald since not so many hairs is up there.


Stock density falls around 120% to 130%. This is the desired density of many women. It doesn’t look too much of hair. Stock density is very natural and realistic.


If you opt for something more than just the average, medium density is what suits you perfectly. This density is ideal for those who want to work on different hairstyles, such as curly or wavy.

Hair with 150% density should go with hairstyles with bounce and flow.


Heavy density offers hair thickness of 180%. Most hair vendors will stop by this standard. Heavy thickness looks great that we can’t deny. However, the total weight will put pressure on your head.

Wearing wigs with 180% hair density is quite uncomfortable for sure.

Extra heavy

The last level of hair density is 200%. We must warn you that this density is extra hefty. This density is not very popular to average women since it is only favored by those who work for theatre or shows.

How to buy suitable lace front wigs?

Here comes the most exciting part.

How on earth can I choose a suitable lace front wig for myself?

My friends, we are here to help. There are a few things you need to learn to find a perfect item for your daily wear.

Consult lace front wig density chart

Alright, the first thing we would want you to think of is not the hair color or the style, but the density. Color and style can come later, but hair density is so critical that you can’t ignore. The hair density determines how the much the wig looks good on you.

So yes, before thinking of anything else, consult our density chart first. Consider which density is suitable for you. If you are new to the area, asking different hair vendors or whoever has experienced will help.

We would recommend you to choose the density of between stock and heavy. These levels are the most common ones, and often they look good on most users.

Decide the hair length

One thing that helps you to decide on your item is the hair length. Now, you may not know this, but hair length and density are closely related. For example, you will expect to see the difference between 14 inches with 120% density with 24 inches with 120% density.

How To Use Full Lace Wig Density Chart For Newbies?

Each hair length should go with a rage of hair density. Otherwise, your hair wig looks out of place.

Our suggestions are:

For ladies who love hair length of between 12” to 16”, the density you should go for is 120% to 150%. The longer your hair is, the higher the density should be. 18” to 22” inch hair should have 150% to 180% hair density.

Hey, don’t take it too seriously! It is just recommendations. You can alter and decide whichever length and density you want.

Decide your wanted quality

Last but not least, the quality is the utmost importance. You don’t want to waste hundreds of dollars for a product that lasts only a few months, do you? Then you should be keen on hi-quality products.

Choose human virgin hair or Remy hair over non-Remy or synthetic fibers. Choose straight hair over chemically processed hair. You can always change the style later. If you don’t want to, ask your hair vendors about their styling process.

You should work with those who take good care of their products.

The bottom line

Full lace wig density chart is undoubtedly an excellent companion for ladies who want to shop for qualified hair wigs.

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