How To Rock Red Hair Extensions Real Hair The Right Way?

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Red hair extensions are a great way to achieve a beautiful redhead without applying hair dye. Whether you’re looking to add more length or volume, hair extensions are an ideal option to go. You can get red hair extensions clip in, tape-ins, etc. that you prefer. All of them are lightweight and easy to apply. And just remove the hair when you’re sick of it. 

About red extensions human hair

Red hair is so astounding and eye-catching. Whether you were born with a redhead or you wear natural red extensions to add more volume, you’re beautiful. 

The hair business has developed recently; thus, manufacturers have to release various hair types and colors to attract their customers. Similarly, red hair systems are available in different models that let users get fiery tresses. You can find this hair for bangs, a partial head, or a full head. And all of them are working to turn your head and appearance, as well.  

How To Rock Red Hair Extensions Real Hair The Right Way?
red extension human hair

At Layla, we have red hair in clip-in forms, wefts, tape-ins, weaves, wigs, and more. Plus, it is available in various shades, from bright to dark red hair. All of them are made of 100% Remy human hair which is durable and flexible. If you want to rock bright red hair, select the natural strawberry hair color. Else, you can get multi-tones extensions which are the perfect blend of subtly lighter and darker shades.  

Different shades of red Remy hair extensions

– Strawberry-blonde: It is a subtle shade of red extensions. It is a fun blend of red and blonde. Some may mistake this red hair or orange color. It is sure to turn heads as sweet as possible.

– Ginger: At the first look, you can notice that it is somewhere between classic red and strawberry-blonde. It is an ideal option for women who want to sport a light shade of red hair extensions. 

– Light auburn: In the red family, this tone is catchy. These red tape in hair extensions are great for women with a natural redhead. 

– Classic red: Most wearers imagine this hair tone when referring to red extensions. Vibrant and easily grab others’ attention, it is a classic red. Compared to the above tones, this tone is richer. 

– Deep red: Human hair extensions with this tone are darker than the classic one. Especially, it has none of the brown tones. It is great for those with medium to darker tans. 

– Dark burgundy: The darker shade of the red family is trendy and has violet elements in it. If you have a golden skin tone, we recommend choosing a dark red clip-in

How To Rock Red Hair Extensions Real Hair The Right Way?
different shades of red

However, red hair extensions are not for everyone. It is easy to blend your natural locks if your hair base is a vibrant and red color. It is not for black hair. 

How long do red hair extensions last?

The lifetime of redhead hair systems will depend on the type of hair you choose. Dark red hair extensions clip in are designed to be applied in the morning and removed at the end of the day. While tape-ins are glued into your natural locks and last up to 4 weeks. To sum up, the length of time that human hair extensions last will depend on how often you wear and maintain it. 


Important tips to bear in mind 

– If you wear your hair system daily, it’s necessary to keep it clean. You should wash red human hair extensions every 3-4 weeks. Besides, remember to remove the extensions before shampooing. 

– Because the extension is made of human hair, it requires more maintenance than its counterpart synthetic hair. For instance, you can add some waves or curls to your red hair extensions clip in, but don’t forget to care for it. 

– Avoid wearing your hair systems while swimming. Because salt water and chlorine will dry and damage the hair. It may shorten the hair’s lifetime.

– When you purchase hair extensions online, ask for the sellers’ help. They can help you choose the right shade of red color. Or you’re unsure, just buy a small sample first to test it. 

How To Rock Red Hair Extensions Real Hair The Right Way?
take good care of your red hair

Where to buy red hair extensions?

Lost in the world of hair extensions, you don’t know where to start. Where to buy a good red hair extension? Which shade of red hair suits you best? Tons of questions come to your mind. 

If you have no address to buy, feel free to come to Layla Hair. We supply an array of hair extensions, including red extensions clip in, weaves, wigs, hair bundles, etc. 

Unsure which hair shade for redheads is right for your hair? Don’t worry. Our skilled staff can help you get the perfect match. Send some photos of your natural locks and we will choose the right one for you. Or you can buy a standard color ring and consider the right hair tone for you. Keep in mind that getting the right shade of red extensions is vital; otherwise, it is a disaster. 

What is the most common type of red hair extensions at Layla?

As we stated, we supply all types of hair extensions. They are flexible and available in different lengths and styles. Each of them has its own strength and suitable for different purposes. 

How To Rock Red Hair Extensions Real Hair The Right Way?
red extensions real hair at Laylahair

If you want to get a long-lasting redhead, opt for a hair weave or tape-ins. Red hair replacement systems that glue attached are ideal for a few weeks of wearing. It can be worn at home or done at a good hair salon. 

In some cases, you want to install the hair at home and take it out each night. Red extension clip-ins are your best selection. It also works to add more hair volume, offering a fuller hair look. 

Would like to wear full redhead for length, opt for a human hair wig. It is effortless for wig wearers to install at home. Wear and style it in a ponytail or your favorite hairstyle to brace your new look.

Our conclusion

Are you ready to rock red hair extensions like a natural redhead? It is suitable for whether you go to special events or costume parties. Make a small and subtle change to refreshen your hair and yourself. 

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