Should I Trust Online Double Drawn Hair Extensions Wholesale?

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The online market has been expanding in recent years, making online shopping the most convenient way to get things purchased. Nevertheless, some people still concern about the trustworthiness of online vendors.

If you are having a particular online double drawn hair extensions wholesale you want to work with, let this article help you to determine whether or not you should trust it.

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What is double drawn hair extensions

Newbies who first experience hair extensions often find these items confusing. There are so many types as well as “terminology” to refer to extensions.

Things such as Remy hair, 100% human hair, 130% density and so one get on some people’s nerves. When it comes to the types, there are clip-in, tape-in, weft, and many more.

And now, here comes a new one: double drawn. So what precisely double drawn hair extensions are?

Hair extensions

Hair extensions, as you may know, are additional hairpieces that we use to change our hairstyles, length, and density within a period. Some kinds of hair extensions, such as microbeads, can stay very long.

Should I Trust Online Double Drawn Hair Extensions Wholesale?

Double Drawn Type 2

Most hair extensions are made of human hair. Why most? Because some extensions come from synthetic fibers. Hair strands can be tightened into a bulk, or sewn into a weft.

Double Drawn

So now, what does “double drawn” mean? Double drawn refers to the difference between hair strands in one bulk. Let’s look at one example.

If you purchase a 14-inch Vietnamese human hair bulk, the manufacturer will ask whether you want it to be double drawn or single one.

After a while thinking, you decide double drawn would be better. When the order is made, your hair bulk will then contain from 60% to 70% of hair stands with the same length. The rest will be shorter.

Should I Trust Online Double Drawn Hair Extensions Wholesale?

Double Drawn Type 2

We call double drawn hair extensions with 60% same hair length double drawn type 2. The 70% same hair length is double drawn type 1.

In summary, double drawn hair extensions refer to any kinds of extensions that offer 60% -70% of hair with similar length. As a result, the extensions will look thicker than normal.

Should I trust online double drawn hair extensions wholesale?

When it comes to online double drawn hair extensions wholesale, the question of reliability pops up. No one wants to throw their money away in a place that sells fake hair or fragile products.

The online market has witnessed many cases when sellers disappoint buyers by sending different items and refusing to exchange. If you have fallen victim to Internet scams, your truth will never be the same anymore.

It is understandable to be in doubt, especially when online double drawn hair extensions wholesale can offer its products at a high price. Should I trust it? You may ask yourself this question over and over again!

We would assure you that there are many reliable and trustworthy vendors who offer double drawn virgin hair wholesale and have their own double drawn hair factory.

Layla Hair is one of the many examples. We build our factory. We find our sources of human hair, ensuring that our hair is healthy and ethically collected.

Our professionals with years of experience know how to handle hairpieces. They work attentively with delicacy and knowledge, making our products not only durable and hi-quality.

How to determine the trustworthiness of online double drawn hair extensions wholesale?

We would make sure that you will get invaluable information for your shopping. If you are planning for your first buy of online double drawn hair extensions wholesale, stand back.

Here are a few things you need to write down on your shopping list:


Alright, the biggest drawback of online shopping is you don’t get to see the real product until you have received it (and paid!). It could be too late if the product doesn’t match with your desire.

So what to do?

Before you place an order, you need to talk to a sale person first. This is the most critical step. Talking or chatting with sale people can give you much essential information to determine whether you should trust this company or not.

Should I Trust Online Double Drawn Hair Extensions Wholesale?

The picture should be clear and clean.

We suggest you take a closer look at the pictures. Ask your sale assistant to send as many pictures as possible. Look carefully at the images you receive.

Are they blur? Do they look like they are from Google? How is the background? Are the pictures photoshopped? Pictures are one of the most reliable factors to determine a company’s reliability.

The company

This is a crucial note for ladies who shop for hair extensions the first time. After hours of researching, you may finally come down to a seemingly trusty vendor. But don’t hesitate.

There are a few things you need to go through.

For example, how many years has the company been in business? If this is a new company, you need to be careful. We don’t want to say that you shouldn’t buy from start-ups at all. We just want you to be cautious and research thoroughly before placing your order.

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What’s more, you should check the company’s social platforms, whether it is Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or Tumblr. Don’t miss anything because it is crucial. Many ex-buyers love to leave comments, feedback on social media.

Should I Trust Online Double Drawn Hair Extensions Wholesale?

Layla Hair Double Drawn Hair Extensions – Best Choice For Women

Reading these remarks, regardless of it is negative or positive, you will have an overview of the company’s prestige.

The next step is then to find out their after-sale services. Do you guarantee money-back for any unwanted, pre-damaged products? Do you offer help or assistant during and after a sale?

If you get all these things checked, you indeed find a haven where you can buy hair extensions.

The bottom line

We hope that after reading this post, you now gain insight into how to evaluate online double drawn hair extensions wholesale. We are happy that you not only entrust our products but also receive many updated information and tips for shopping from us.

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