Hair Extensions Grades: Should I Trust This System?

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The advent of hair extensions has made lives of million women easier. Together with different hairstyles and types, hair vendors have invented what’s called hair extensions grades.

This system initially intended to lay a fundamental standard for hair extensions, has encountered several objections. Some people cast down on the credibility of this system.

Should I trust the hair extensions grading system? The answer is right below.

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What are hair extensions grades?

The history of hair extensions grades rooted in China – the biggest hairpieces market in the world. Chinese hair vendors have been famous for the mass production capability.

These manufacturers wanted to go further by ensuring their existing and potential customers. That’s why they invented hair extensions grading system.

Hair Extensions Grades: Should I Trust This System?

How much should this hairpiece be graded?

The system divides hair extensions into different categories and labels them with numbers. Back in 2012 and 2013, when hair extensions were a relatively new concept, 5A was the highest mark.

As the demand for quality rises, the grade is inflated as well. At the moment, 10A, 11A, 12A are the highest marks.

In summary, the grading system like 5A or 10A was originally from China. Most hairpieces from this county adopt this system to show their customers the quality and features of their products.

Hair extensions quality grades

Hair extensions grades explained isn’t complicated to understand. The grades of human hair extensions are determined as follows:

1A: 100% human hair with straight cuticles single drawn

2A: 100% human hair with straight cuticles and 50% drawn

3A: 100 percent human Remy hair with 60% drawn

4A: 100 percent human Remy hair with 75% drawn

5A: Hair with similar feature and 90% drawn.

You can also find hair extensions graded SuperA, AD, 11A or the like. They all refer to the same natural feature of hair and also how drawn the hair is.

How does the system function?

The primary principle of this system was to clarify hair quality. Nowadays, the grading system isn’t exclusive about quality anymore.

It is more about the proportions of hair strands in one piece. In other words, it refers to the dawn that measures the length of hair bundles.

Let’s take a look at a straightforward example. In a 14” hair extensions, the majority of hair strands is 14”. The rest is shorter. Why is it? The different hair length in one bundle will significantly affect the hair thickness.

Hair Extensions Grades: Should I Trust This System?

These hair extensions are round 7A to 9A.

As a result, as more strands are equally long in one bundle, the thicker the hairpiece is. The quality of hair, thus, enhances.

So hairpieces with grade 1A or 2A are single drawn with various hair length. Whereas, higher grades such as 7A or 11A are double drawn with thicker and more healthy hair strands.

Is this hair extensions grades trustworthy?

A few years ago, when information wasn’t accessible for users to determine the quality. Therefore, customers had to depend entirely on the hair extension grades to buy.

However, the grades are no longer a reliable system for customers to use. Even hair vendors, with their limited knowledge, misuse the system.

For a long time, many people consider that double drawn is “better” than single drawn. This idea is a big misunderstanding. To be clear, within the context of the grading system, double drawn is graded higher than single drawn.

That means, Chinese vendors value the thickness and the length of hair strands. However, these two factors alone aren’t enough to determine the overall quality.

The grading system may be a good reference source, but you should not depend on it solely.

Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair grades at Layla Hair

Layla Hair doesn’t adopt the grading system on our products. We believe that our customers, with their senses and preferences, can judge the quality.

We believe that the overall quality of our products go beyond just double drawn and single drawn. The determining factors are hair sources, manufacturing process, materials, and services.

Hair sources

At Layla Hair, we work with different hair traders to ensure that our hair source is 100% from human donors. We also check the references carefully to make sure that the hair is treated ethically.

Both Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair are collected from healthy women who use no or less hair processing. That is why our hairpieces are well-known for being reliable and robust.

We say no to comb waste and non-Remy hair. Synthetic fibers are off the list too.

Manufacturing process

After getting the hair, we carefully select hair bundles. At Layla Hair, we have professionals who have years of experience. They know how to handle the hair with care.

Hair Extensions Grades: Should I Trust This System?

Hairpieces from Layla Hair

During the process, we use minimum treatments, so that the natural state of hair remains. Even with orders to bleach, or dyed hair, we safely choose less damaging methods.


Layla Hair believes that the services are added benefits for customers. Layla tries to be there not as a company or a vendor but as a friend, and a guide.

We don’t just sell hair; our company helps the customers to choose the most appropriate hairpieces. We also update the newest knowledge and information for our beloved customers.

Layla Hair strongly thinks that with sufficient knowledge and information, customers can make their best decisions themselves.

Our promise

Layla Hair guarantees

  • 100 percent real Remy & virgin Vietnamese/Cambodian human hair
  • 100% Remy & virgin Vietnamese and Cambodian hair (single donor)
  • Our hair is 100 percent natural hair (full cuticle, no processed)
  • Thick, durable, silky, smooth

The bottom line

The hair extensions grades offer several benefits and drawbacks. On the one hand, they give customers a sense of what a hairpiece should be. On the other hand, this grading system creates many misunderstanding.

We recommend you not to depend entirely upon this system. Trust your sense and experience instead.



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