Go For A Silk Top Hairpiece For An Ultra-Realistic Hair Look!

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You are a newbie in the hair extension and wig world. You may hear about the term “wig” but there are many different types of this hair. It comes in full lace wigs, lace front wigs, and more. Many kinds of hair make you feel a little bit overwhelmed and don’t know what is the best hair system. In this following post, Laylahair suggests a natural wig – silk top hairpiece.

What is the silk top hair for women? Does it have any benefits? Can I wear this hairpiece at home? Dig into the post to find out about the hair. 

What Is A Silk Top Women’s Hairpiece?

Silk top hairpiece is also called silk top wig or silk base hairpiece. Hair experts say that this hair is the newest innovation to lace hair systems. In other words, the base is generated from a lace layer and silk fabric on the top front. Remember, the silk material does not cover all the hair system. There is a big silk closure used on the top and the size is up to 4×4”. The silk fabric used is top material. Another fact of these silk top wigs is that they usually start around half a centimeter or one away from the edge of the wig. It means that there is a small space of the lace before the silk closure appears.

Go For A Silk Top Hairpiece For An Ultra-Realistic Hair Look!
silk top hairpiece for women

What’s more, silk top women’s hairpiece is the most natural wigs out there as the knots are hidden under the silk concealed between the layers. All strands are injected through the silk base; hence, knots appear invisible. Therefore, you don’t need to bleach the knots to make them less visible. The technique provides the illusion that the hair is growing directly from your scalp. Like the lace material, the silk base has colors that are close to your skin. 

The price of silk top wig is higher than the normal lace. Though it is not the only lace hairpiece, it is the best item for first-time wig wearers. 

Why Should You Choose Silk Top Women Hairpiece

Offer natural appearance

The effective ventilation technique gives the wig an excellent look. most luxury high-end wigs use silk top base as the knots are hidden under the layers. Take a close look at the center of the crown of the wig, it appears like your real scalp. All knots are invisible. With this hairpiece, you can get natural-looking partings and realistic scalp look. 

Easy to apply

As we said earlier, this wig is good for the first-time wig user. You should opt for this item as it is quite durable and easy to use. Follow the how-to guide on the Internet, you can get new hair. 

Go For A Silk Top Hairpiece For An Ultra-Realistic Hair Look!
silk top offers the invisible scalp-like base

Less shedding

This is one of the outstanding upsides of the best silk top hairpiece. The hair appearance is highly likely to keep the same, even after months of use. 

Everything has its own drawbacks, and this hairpiece is no exception. Because it is thicker than other normal lace wigs, you might feel heavy to wear. In addition, it is pricey. Understandably, the hair quality decides its price. In general, the benefits of this hair outnumber the drawbacks. 


How To Apply Silk Top Hairpiece

Before laying a silk top women hairpiece, you should choose the hair color and texture that are the same as your real locks. The hair is full from roots to tips. Let’s get started:

– For a natural look, one of the struggles is making sure that your hair is not looking bulky underneath your wig. You should do your twist style, then pull the twist and pin them down. Your real hair is nice and flat. 

– Take a wig cap and wear it. You can get the cap from any beauty supply store. Don’t wear a too tight or loose cap 

Go For A Silk Top Hairpiece For An Ultra-Realistic Hair Look!
how to wear a silk top wig

–  Next, you take your silk base hairpiece and cut the lace off your silk wig. Cut really close to the hairline and get rid of any excess lace in the side. 

– Put the wig on your head and adjust the cap. You basically tighten the hair so that it is nice and snug on your head. Pull the hair forward and secure the small clips on either side of the wig. Adjust the hair so that it looks as natural as possible. 

– Style the hair. You can take some concealer and run through parts on the hair that the color is off. This is an important step as it helps the wig blend with your real scalp. Also, put a little bit of lash glue right on the front part of the hair to make sure that it does not flap up in the front. After applying glue, you hold it down for seconds. Done!

Where to Buy Silk Top Wig

It can not deny that the most common way to purchase silk top women’s hairpiece and other hair systems is online shopping. This is the fastest and most convenient method to get a wig. Whether you are living in a big city or in the countryside, you can shop for hair. Find online hair vendors and choose the best place. However, you only place orders when you know sellers clearly, including the product and services they provide. 

Go For A Silk Top Hairpiece For An Ultra-Realistic Hair Look!
silk closure wig and topper at Laylahair

Premium hair vendors, such as Layla Hair company, commit to selling high-end hair quality and offering excellent customer services. We also have a clear return information policy as well. Notably, the silk base hairpiece and other hair systems in Layla are 100% real human hair and have friendly prices.

Layla invites you to browse our website to learn more about our products and services. If you are interested in discussing silk top hairpiece or there is anything we can do to support your business, please feel free to reach us. At Layla human hair vendor, all queries are welcome! We believe to give you the best in not only hair systems but also the support thanks to our many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the wig industry.

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