The Greatest New Year’s Hair Resolutions For 2020

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The first day of the year is the best time to reflect on yourself and start new goals with determination. For many of us, New Year’s hair resolutions are something we never think of.

Don’t Let Your Hair Suffer In 2019 – Start New Year’s Hair Resolutions Now!

We may write about a healthier body, a new job, or new places to discover, but we tend to forget the most fundamental thing, which is our hair.

Don’t let your hair suffer any more! Set your goals for New Year’s hair resolutions now!

8 New Year’s hair resolutions ideas you need

Weekly treatment is a must

Sometimes using only hair conditioner isn’t enough, especially when your hair is frizzy, coarse and dry. We would suggest you start 2020 with a resolution of weekly hair treatment. Buy coconut oil or hair masks and remind yourself to let your hair rest and relax once a week.

Don’t Let Your Hair Suffer In 2019 – Start New Year’s Hair Resolutions Now!

Buy coconut oil or hair masks and remind yourself to let your hair rest and relax once a week.

We would not advise oily hair to do weekly treatment though, because it could trigger the sebum production. What you can do is to reduce the use of hair conditioner and apply hair treatment once to twice a month.

No heat challenge

Are you the hair guru who always spends a few minutes or even hours in the morning to curl your hair before going out? Alright, how about a new year no heat challenge? You must know how damaging heat processing can do to your hair, right?

So 2020, let it be a year of no heat processing. You can always spend a few extra minutes with heatless hairstyles. This way, you can still achieve your wanted hairstyle without compromising your hair.

Try organic products

A year of organic natural products?  Do you dare to try? Again, organic products are a costly investment, but we are sure that your sowing will be paying off. With natural and all organic formula, the shampoos and hair conditioners will bring life back to your hair sooner or later.

Trying organic hair products seems to be a good hair resolution for 2020.

Schedule hair care appointments

As the year goes by, you get more and busier. It is easy to let old and unhealthy habit take over your New Year’s hair resolutions. But don’t let 2020 be any of those years. In 2020, we should be a bit more attentive and committed to our hair.

Don’t Let Your Hair Suffer In 2019 – Start New Year’s Hair Resolutions Now!

Book the first appointment in January.

To do so, you should schedule hair care appointments with your favourite salon. You can just drop by to trim your hair a bit or do some intensive hair treatments. Head massage is something worth your time since it boosts the blood circulation and promotes hair growth.

We know that is always easier said than done. So lady loves, you need to push yourself first. Book the first appointment in January. Write down your next hair care in your booklet journal or Google Calander.



Wash hair in the right way

Alright loves, we know that washing hair is a must-do habit, and in fact, it is essential to keep our hair healthy. However, there are chances when overwashing does more harm than good. Crazy, isn’t it?

If you have been washing your hair over three times per week, then one of your New Year’s hair resolutions is to clean your hair less. When you wash your hair, you accidentally strip away the sebum from the scalp.

Your hair will become either drier or oilier. And we are sure that is the less ideal outcome you want to get at the end of 2020. So ladies, wash your hair less. We would suggest that you limit your habit up to twice a week.

If you ever feel your hair dirty, try dry shampoo. It will help you to restore your beauty within a blink.

Say no to cotton pillowcases

Cotton pillowcases are cheap, but the cost it brings to your hair is sometimes unbearable. If you often wake up in the morning with a pillow full of hair, it is time to write the New Year’s hair resolutions: say no to cotton pillowcases.

Don’t Let Your Hair Suffer In 2019 – Start New Year’s Hair Resolutions Now!

Say no to cotton pillowcases.

You can choose silk cases instead. They are more expensive but extremely hair-friendly. Silk pillowcases will allow your hair to move freely on the surface. Their smooth surface keeps your hair from tangling and shedding.

What’s more, silk is material that doesn’t accumulate bacteria. Sleeping in a silk case, you will never have to worry about acnes and pimples. How great is that!


Sometimes the burden of being perfect takes away our joy of being ourselves.

“Look at her hair! It looks gorgeous. Mine looks lifeless!”  You must have thought like that a thousand times last year. Let 2020 be the year when you commit to stop comparing yourself with others.

Acceptance is a skill to learn in this 2020. Setting out New Year’s hair resolutions, you need to learn how to accept your hair. Try to see the positive sides of your hair. Maybe it is too thin, but the colour is beautiful.

Maybe your hair is frizzy, but the volume is excellent. Finding out more about what you have and treasure them is the best way to live through the year with love and acceptance.

Try something new

Ladies, if you never use any hair accessories, it is time for a change. How about wearing a colourful headband to the summer festival this year? Have you ever consider hair clip for daily wear? If not, try to get out of your old habit and comfort zone.

By hair accessories, we mean more than just hairband and hair ties. Come on; you have more characters than that. Why not show them off?

Next time when someone invites you to her party, surprise yourself by wearing a human hair wig for example. Or simply add some length and density to your beautiful hair with some human hair extensions.

You will never regret the New Year’s hair resolutions you have committed.

The bottom line

We hope that you will find some inspiration through our 8 suggestions for New Year’s hair resolutions. Of course, you don’t have to follow all of our ideas. Note down some of your own and don’t forget to keep track and remind yourself.

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