These Awesome Hairstyles For Round Faces Girl Guaranteed To Be Hot In 2020

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Round faces at the time are not the important signal for standard beauty but V-line. Girls with round faces get problems with finding a hairstyle that makes them glow. If you put your trust in the wrong position, it can create rounder look and even worse. Here you are, today we will share some tips to choose the right hairstyles for round faces girl. All promises you a sexier and prettier look.

But there is something to discuss in advance.

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How to tell your face is round?

First, to say, can you tell you are round faces or not? You must check out some features.

Firstly, the angles are soft. Based on the standard features of a circle, the round face must contain soft lines. For example, round cheek or we barely see the cheek. It’s not about round faces, but the bone is round. That’s the reason why the key in choosing suitable hairstyles for round faces girl based on how the cheek is covered up.

The 2 Most Prominent Hairstyles For Round Faces Girl In 2019

That’s the reason why the key in choosing suitable hairstyles for round faces girl based on how the cheek is covered up.

Next, we pay attention to the width of the cheek compared to the chin. Usually, if your chin in full and almost equal to cheeks, your face is kind of square.

However, if the chin appears round and mild, within equal width to cheeks, your face seems round.

Some other features such as big or chubby faces are not counted in a round face. Even people who have small faces end up rounded look. Being fat can soften the angles on your face so that it creates a look alike, but it’s not permanent.

It’s believed that round faces could not bring sexy and mature looks. They look more alike to children. Women benefit from this look somehow because round faces make them look younger.

If choosing a suitable hairstyle, those people will look prettier with youthful, mature appearance.

What are suitable hairstyles for round faces?

So how to choose hairstyles for round faces girl?


Firstly, the hairstyles will not praise the cheek. Broad cheek and chin are factors which make round faces less sexy. Therefore, the hairstyles for round faces girl must help them to narrow it down. Usually, people come to bangs or big volume hair. The addition of volume can make the faces look smaller.

Secondly, people think of lengthening the distance between the forehead and the chin. Making an increase in a dimension will decrease the other’s size. Therefore, instead of using bangs to narrow the faces, they sweep it back if they have a broad forehead.

Long hairstyles for round faces girl

Long hair is the most popular hairstyles for round faces. Why’s it?

Because the long hair falling from the top to shoulder can help with the cover up the cheek. Do not tuck your hair behind the ear on both sides; it would reveal your real face shape.

The 2 Most Prominent Hairstyles For Round Faces Girl In 2019

With this hair, you might need no bangs or curly at all.

One of the tricks they are doing with long hair is making straight or light waves. The long hair is let naturally on the cheek can hide the big round angle.

Is it clever?

With this hair, you might need no bangs or curly at all. However, to increase the effect, you can think of making big curls from starting from eyes level to under shoulder. Or side-swept bang can work for the same results.

Do not tie your long hair to a high ponytail. If you want to do a ponytail, do it low. Leave some hair on the cheek to hide a part of the face.

Short hairstyles for round faces girl

Short medium bobs improve the effectiveness on round faces. They add volume very well.

Short bobs come first. The short bob usually ends up at chin level or mid-neck. You might need some help from curlers because the curls look like you have thicker hair than usual. More hair from two sides of the face can narrow the face. Adding wavy bang on the team can elevate to look for parties or profession meeting.

Short bobs recently become the fashion trends. It’s never dull to see a short haircut on red carpets.

Medium bobs are at shoulder length. It’s quite popular, though. This hair presents feminism and stylish at the same time. It’s the best solution to have both looks in a hairstyle.

The 2 Most Prominent Hairstyles For Round Faces Girl In 2019

This hair presents feminism and stylish at the same time.

Same rules, you leave the hair fall naturally on the face to disappear the round cheeks. If you want a stronger look, having the front hair swept back is a good idea. However, pick just enough hair to pull over. You can try a side wept back. Showing of half the face is risky, but you can save it by contouring.

Best wig for fat round face

Selecting the best wig for chubby face is quite challenging. Finding the beautiful hairpiece is difficult, choosing the right one to suit the facial shape is more difficult. Nobody wants to wear a hair wig that looks cheap and does not suit them. You have to consider the style of the wig before purchasing a wig. Because the style of the hairpiece can help you hide the defects on your face.

Shaggy bob black wigs for round faces girl

Many people want to find a hair wig that helps conceal their chubby cheeks. The hair with shaggy bob can work excellently for you. Especially, this hairstyle combines well with natural hair color or texture, offering a natural and classy hair look for girls with a round face.

This style requires short or mid-length hair, the maximum may reach your shoulder. If you wear your wig daily, short wigs for oval faces or round faces are the best decision. 

These Awesome Hairstyles For Round Faces Girl Guaranteed To Be Hot In 2020
Shaggy bob black wigs vs Middle parted wigs for fat round faces

Middle parted human hairpiece

How to choose a wig for your face shape? Choose any human hair wig and create it in a middle-parted haircut. Whether your wig is straight or curly, you can reach this look. All you need to do is to part the hair from the middle. This helps your face look oval rather than chubby. It is effortless to style this hair. The hair is parted on the sides to give the user’s face a slim look. 

Long straight hair wig

This hairstyle for women is the most common and forever. Are you ready to straighten your human hairpiece and narrow your chubby cheeks look? Straight and long hair give wearers a vertically longer look to your face. What’s more, the hair suits most outfits. 

Curly hair

Go for this best wig for fat round face, you will never get the user’s hair out of trend. You dream about a thick and full hair, this hair wig is what you are after. However, curly hair is quite difficult to manage, you must spend time and money to keep it in the best condition. With proper styling tools and useful tips, you can easily achieve this hair look. If your old wig is straight, curling it. If you buy the new one, ask your hair sellers to customize the hair. It’s time to change your hair and appearance, be confident to go for this hair. 

Long hair wig with layers

These Awesome Hairstyles For Round Faces Girl Guaranteed To Be Hot In 2020
Long straight hair wig vs Curly hair vs Long hair wig with layers for fat round faces

We’re sure that you are familiar with this hairstyle. Style your hair wig by trimming or cutting it into layers. But you should buy human hairpiece so that you can cut it easily. Long hair wig with layers will make you feel like a celeb walking in the red carpet. Plus, this style adds a bit volume and length in your tresses that helps your face look more elongated. 

Working as a hair vendor for many years, Layla has received tons of questions related to best wig styles. And many women around the world satisfy our hair quality and consultants. A customer says that I put a wig on my face, and your wig works amazingly. We customize the hair so that it suits your facial shape.

What should round faces stay away?

In opposite to the fundamental rules in choosing hairstyles for round faces girl, can you guess what they should stay away?

We have to pay attention to the shape all the time. Do not widen the cheek, show off the cheek or make your face shorter.

One of the common mistakes round faces girl does is a high clean ponytail. This hairstyle is fashionable, metallic and robust. However, it exposures every chubby line on the circle. Clean and sharp hair even make a face chubbier.

Another mistake is a straight cross bang. This bang helps nothing but shortens your face. It swallows a part off for head and leaves you with the short chin.

If you love straight cross bang too bad, you can try the delicate hits recently in Korea. You show of the blow but too little so it cannot eat up the length of your face.

Since the birth of it in 2010, this bangs has become the most wanted haircut in salons of Asian. It’s not a bad idea to choose for an elegant meeting.

Bottom line

Do not ever think that you cannot be sexy in round faces. Now, we are at the time for fashion and styles. Many hairstyles are released every season, and all people can wear them in styles. The most important is still about how you deal with your shape.

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