Top 10 Most Popular Hairstyles For Round Chubby Face Girl

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Each one of us has a unique face shape that defines us and makes we stand out among others. Some are gifted with a touch of rounder shaped faces together with full cheeks that show when they smile.

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If you’re one of those lucky ones, you must know which among hairstyles for round chubby face girl suit you the best. In this way, you can bring the attractiveness out of you. If you’re still confused, we would like to help you with that by suggesting ten gorgeous hairstyles for round chubby face girl.

Top 10 most popular hairstyles for round chubby face girl

Mix Up Your Layers

We are considering this as one of the best hairstyles for round chubby face girl approaches to help your chubby face look more define, and fabulous is to frame it with several layers with different lengths. Ask your hairdresser to make numerous short layers as well as medium and long layers to create a textured result.

By doing this, the layers will steal the focus from your face and is better since it’s an effortless haircut you can opt without false whether you have straight, wavy or even curly hair.


We have to say; we adore bob haircut as it gives such a fabulous look and works well on every woman with different shapes of faces. In case of the round or chubby shaped face, we suggest a chin length bob. This hairstyles for round chubby face girl will emphasize your beautiful jawline, as well as your bone feature, stand out.

Top 10 Most Popular Hairstyles For Round Chubby Face Girl

Change Your Parting

One common mistake that people made is parting their hair incorrectly. An old-school middle parting may look beautiful, but they would bring attention to the cheek zone. With this, your cheeks appeared more fuller and rounder – and if you have a round shaped face, we want to avoid this outcome.

To make sure this will not happen, we recommend trying out different hair parings to find out what looks the best on you.

Curl Your Hair

How about trying out the curly hairstyle? This is an excellent option for those who have a round and chubby face. By giving the hair more volume, it will make your cheeks appeared slimmer. Experiment earing hair in loose curls, not only this will flatter your face shape but also create a more feminine natural look on you.

Top 10 Most Popular Hairstyles For Round Chubby Face Girl

Sweeping Bangs

In the effort of making a face appears slimmer, we don’t think to have a simple band won’t suit it. The simple bang will then be resting on the cheeks and put more than enough attention as needed to them. Consult with your hair stylist to give you side swept bangs.

This kind of fringe is a better choice as this will aid to focus attention to your eyes as well as emphasizing them. And, of course, with this, the emphasis will be tossed away from your round shaped face.



Pixie Haircut

We know, this may sound like a bold, crazy idea for hairstyles for round chubby face girl at first. However, you have to trust us with this when we suggest that pixie haircut probably is a match made in heaven for ones with round and little bit chubby faces.

Top 10 Most Popular Hairstyles For Round Chubby Face Girl

Don’t be afraid that you might have to show off your “imperfect area” but you know, this not always is a bad thing. It’s a great experiment that we cannot recommend you enough for trying at least once in a lifetime. If you have no confidence, make sure to consult thoroughly with your trusted hairdresser.

With experienced hair stylist, they would give you meaningful comments as well as know how to do it right. Out of all the kind of this bold hairstyle for round chubby face girl, we are highly recommended cropped pixie haircut to you. Sometimes show off what you perceive as your problems can honestly do you wonders.

Half Up Do

If you’re not confident enough to reveal the whole extent of the roundness of your face, then we suggest experimenting a half up-do. This hairdo can be thought as a test to observe what you look like with your full cheeks slightly reveal?

Top 10 Most Popular Hairstyles For Round Chubby Face Girl

This is a gorgeous style, and it would be more feminine if you leave some strands slack form your hairdo, so your face is still being framed.

Long Layers

This haircut is dedicated to ladies who are proud of their beautiful long hair. You don’t always have to cut the hair to look best. All you need to do is to get a classic long layer haircut. With this approach, it still can drag focus away from your round face while letting you to bring the best out of shiny locks. If you’re worried about experiment this haircut, then we think it’s better for you to begin with just a few layers trim and then slowly add them up.

Sleek Ponytails

Again, we want to repeat that it isn’t necessary for you to all the time hide your face just because of the shape of it. Why not do a reserve thing, only merely reveal it and be confident with every curve you’ve been blessed. And in this case, sleek ponytail is the hairdo allowing you to do that.

Top 10 Most Popular Hairstyles For Round Chubby Face Girl

Having all the hair pulled behind of your face let it define the true shape of yours. That is not the only good thing as it can also emphasize your neck curve, define your chin shape and let people acknowledge the real beauty of you. So, where are the loss?

High Buns

Who doesn’t love a simple, feminine bun updo? It instantly creates an elegant look yet make your face more defined. The extra height given by the bun will slim down as well as longer your face shape. With only a few minutes to create this hairstyle, your form will be changed entirely, and you get to show off this widespread and full of attractiveness hairdo too.

Top 10 Most Popular Hairstyles For Round Chubby Face Girl

The bottom line

With our ultimate list of 10 stunning hairstyles for round chubby face, girls will give you have useful inspiration that you can apply shortly. The most important is having confidence with your gorgeous face feature.


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