Thin Hair Problems: 10 Dreadful Mistakes You Make Daily

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Thin hair problems occur due to many factors such as diseases, hormones, and genes. However, surprisingly, experts attribute that daily hair care is the real culprit for our thinning hair.

Thin Hair Problems: 10 Dreadful Mistakes You Make Daily

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Caring for your hair on a daily basis could bring more harm than good if you are not attentive. Let’s find out 10 terrible mistakes that we do every day to our hair.

Thin hair problems: 10 dreadful mistakes you make

Pulling your hair when it is still wet

Pulling back your hair right after washing is the biggest mistake some make. We know ponytail is all tempting, especially when you are in a hurry. But ladies, this habit is not hair friendly.

You can severely damage your hair. For those whose hair is already thin, this practice can cause unwanted hair loss. Wet hair is generally fragile and vulnerable to extreme stress.

When you pull your hair up when it is wet, you add more stress to the roots. As a result, you will damage weak and thin hair strands.

Our tip: The ideal situation is to blow dry your hair first and release the stress of hair strands. After that, you can use a gentle scrunchie to tight your hair. Please don’t pull it too hard.

Using too much hair oil

Hair oil is essential for ladies with dry and damaged hair. For oily hair, our scalp is overproducing sebum to nurture hair strands. The practice of using hair oil is essential since it provides hair with nutrients.

However, people with thin hair problems will soon find out that excessive use of hair oil will lead to massive and flat hair strands. Your hair will stay stuck to the scalp.

Our tip: Instead of using hair oil, why don’t you consider a deep conditioning treatment instead? You don’t have to do it daily. If your hair is oily, once a month is enough. For dry and coarse hair, you should use hair masks weekly.

Styling too much

Overstyling paves the shortest way to many thin hair problems and hair loss in women. Heat and chemicals used in different hair styling processes will damage your hair, leaving it lifeless after a while.Thin Hair Problems: 10 Dreadful Mistakes You Make Daily

This practice is dangerous if you don’t care for your hair in the right manner.

For some women, daily styling has become a morning ritual. Adding a bit of curl or straitening the hair is a must before going out of the house. However, this practice is dangerous if you don’t care for your hair in the right manner.

Especially when in a hurry, many forget to use heat protectants. This is a disaster for your hair. You will soon notice damaged hair strands, split ends, and many other thin hair problems.

Other than that, bleaching and hair coloring are equally dangerous to thin hair when doing too frequently.

Our tip: Consider lessening the amount of hairstyling each day. Consider using heatless treatment to create curly hair. As for hair coloring, you should buy an organic or trusted product to dye your hair. Remember not to color it too often and apply hair oil and hair masks to make sure your hair get nutrients.

Poor diet

If you are planning to lose some weights, chances are your hair is suffering as well. The most common reason for thin hair problems is a poor diet. Vegetarian, low-carb, or ultra low-fat diets can equally affect your hair health.

The science behind these diets is to cut the calories intake within a short period. Of course, you can achieve your ideal body image after a while, but your hair will ultimately suffer.

Thin Hair Problems: 10 Dreadful Mistakes You Make Daily

Don’t forget to top up your body with healthy protein.

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Our suggestion: Don’t forget to top up your body with healthy protein. If you are following a vegetarian diet, you should look for veggie protein in beans. We think weight loss diets will only be a short-term solution for a long-term problem. You need a better and healthier way to treat your body and your hair.




Stress also contributes to your thin hair problems. Stress accelerates hair growth cycle, pushing growing hair into the resting phase. As a result, your hair is prone to shedding. The hair strands are weak and thin.

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Our tip: Stress is unavoidable in our hectic day-to-day life. Fortunately, there are several ways to combat stress such as regular yoga and meditation practice.

Not using a conditioner

This is the deadly mistake some women make, especially those who have oily hair. Hair conditioner is the finishing step to keep your hair sleek and vibrant. Not using a conditioner after washing does not lead you to thin hair problems.

However, if you already encounter with different hair problems, conditioners will be helpful.

Our advice: Choose a suitable hair conditioner. If you have oily hair, use a small amount and don’t apply it onto your scalp.

Overcleaning your hair

We know people who wash their hair daily. They claim that their hair is always oily and needed to be washed. While cleaning your hair will give you a good feeling, it is very harmful to the health of your hair.

Thin Hair Problems: 10 Dreadful Mistakes You Make Daily

Overcleaning hair adds pressure to your hair and scalp.

Overcleaning hair adds pressure to your hair and scalp. Chemicals and cleaning agents in shampoo could irritate the scalp and your hair follicles. As a result, you feel oilier. Your hair strands are weakened and prone to breakage.

Our tip: Wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week. If you are afraid of oily hair, choose an exclusive shampoo for this problem.

Excessive use of cover-up powder

Cover-up powder helps to conceal thinning or balding hair spots. Rubbing the powder over the balding patch, it will mimic the color of hair, thus creating a natural look.

Some women depend entirely on cover-up powder. Using it from month to month could be harmful to your follicles. The powder clogs scalp’s pores. As a result, your scalp and hair roots will be suffocated.

This is why after a while, many people experience thin hair problems with this powder.

Our tip: You should use this powder twice a week no more!

Improper use of hair extensions

Human hair extensions are the ultimate solution for increasing hair length and hair density. Some kinds of extensions are easy to apply, others need professional help.

The problem is if you abuse hair extensions, they will do more harm than good.

Thin Hair Problems: 10 Dreadful Mistakes You Make Daily

Consider clip-in hair extensions instead of keratin pre-bonded or tape-in if your hair is weak.

Our tip: Taking your time off hair extensions sometimes to let your hair strands and roots rest. Also, consider clip-in hair extensions instead of keratin pre-bonded or tape-in if your hair is weak.

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If your hair is thin, you need to cut your hair from time to time. Avoiding haircuts will lead to several thin hair problems. What’s more, a regular haircut will restore the natural and full look of your hair.

Our tip: Find out a trusted hair salon and visit it a few times through the year.

The bottom line

Thin hair problems can come from unexpected causes of our daily hair care. If 10 dreadful mistakes above sound similar to you, it is time to start a change.

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