The 2019 Ultimate Guide On Choosing Raw Cambodian Hair

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Are you confident of being a fashion expert, who always keep an eye for new trend and news? If yes, sure you have heard about the recent popularity of raw Cambodian hair. If not, don’t worry, we are here, ready to reveal all you need to know about this rising phenomenon.

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What is Cambodian hair?

Very simple, Cambodian hair is real, organic hair, taken from Cambodian donors. The reason we choose Cambodian hair to introduce to the world is that of its unique textures. It’s the type of hair that gives you variety, whether you prefer thin, fine hair strands or thick, coarse ones. In such a way, Cambodian hair gives you incredible volume but still lightweight and comfortable to wear at the same time.

The 2019 Ultimate Guide On Choosing Raw Cambodian Hair

Cambodian hair

There are currently two types of Cambodian hair in the market: raw and virgin hair. If you are not familiar with the terms, let us help you define them a little.

Raw Cambodian hair has never been processed by any means, whether by chemicals, steam or heat. It’s the most natural and purest type of hair which has never been interfered with in any way. The source of raw Cambodian hair is rare, either, explaining why it is high in price point.

Virgin hair is the type of hair that has never gone through chemical processing. However, it may face with steam or heat before for styling. While natural hair is not as pure as raw hair, it has its advantages.

The price point is a little bit lower, and more importantly, the hair strand quality is more uniform. Manufacturers use heat to style the hair so that the hair can be straight, or curly, or wavy depending on your demand. All the hair is already designed and made uniform, so you don’t need to worry about styling yourself if you don’t want to.



How to choose suppliers for Cambodian hair?

With its increasing popularity, Cambodian hair is now catered by more and more vendors today. Everyone claims that they have the highest-quality virgin and raw Cambodian hair. So how to find a vendor that is suitable for your needs and budget? We are happy to provide some tips for you

Do your research

The Internet is flooded with information nowadays so that you can easily find reviews online for pretty much anything. All you need to do is take some time and effort to read online reviews and hear what people have to say. Just type “[Vendor’s name] + Cambodian hair review” and you are equipped with the best information ever.

The 2019 Ultimate Guide On Choosing Raw Cambodian Hair

Cambodian hair extensions form Layla Hair

Also, take a look at the vendor’s website. If the website is not well taken care of, chances are the business is not very active. You should be careful with that. Also, you can contact the hotline number of customer service on site and ask whatever you want about the hair. Just spill out all your concerns and see how they respond to that.

Hey, but look out for fake reviews as well. I know it’s hard to detect one, but it’s possible. Try to stay away from comments that are far from the truth about Cambodian hair nature. Also, reviews with videos and photos tend to be more trustworthy. And when you watch reviews on Youtube, go to the description box to check if the influencers have affiliate links. Be careful with those!

If you they have distribution stores in your city of residence, it’s the best news. Just go there, feel and test the hair by yourself. You have all the rights to do so. They must make you feel comfortable and confident that you put your money in the right place.

Try to buy from manufacturers

This is mainly for the price. It’s a simple concept to understand, as the more intermediaries when the hair comes to you, the more you have to pay for that. You have to pay an extra cost for all the delivery, the man-hours, and the distribution channels. The bottom line here is you can always have better pricing if buying at the source.

At Layla Hair, we guarantee to not charging overprice. That’s our commitment and priority, to deliver to our customers the best quality hair with wholesale price. Better yet, we are happy to offer samples in small quantity for you to test because we are confident in our hair quality.

Variety of choices

Who doesn’t love a one-stop shop, where we can get anything we need? More importantly, new Cambodian hair manufacturers just offer hair in bulk or weft, whereas those with seniority spend enough into R&D to cater more to you: from lace closure, tape-in, extensions, to weaves.

The 2019 Ultimate Guide On Choosing Raw Cambodian Hair

You can choose many hair accessories made from Cambodian hair

It’s not just the matter of versatility; it’s also the about the one who already has prestige and name in the field. You want to buy from vendors that have already established a long-term brand for themselves.

Moreover, all raw Cambodian hair at Layla Hair is Remy hair, which means that it was collected from one single donor. This ensures the hair texture to be uniform, with all cuticles standing in the same direction from the root to the end. As a result, when you wear Remy hair lace closure, it doesn’t need much styling to look effortless and gorgeous.

Delivery status

This may sound trivial, but it’s not less critical to the process. The shorter delivery time, the better. The more carefully hair is handled, the better. How and how long your goods is delivered affect the quality of the hair, especially if you don’t live near the stores and need to have it shipped from somewhere else.

In the bottom line

We hope that if you ever consider having yourself raw Cambodian hair, you can consider Layla Hair. We provide the best Vietnamese and Cambodian hair, handpicked very carefully from the donors, and processed with care in our factory. You won’t be disappointed, we promise!

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