Best Cambodian hair styles for African American women

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Cambodian hair styles are the popular textures in the hair world market. With its own great features, Cambodian hair is really easy to be applied, make style and dye following your inquiries. Layla hair thoroughly understands customer’s needs so well and creates a wide range of different wigs and hair extension from Cambodian hair, which is suitable for any girls. However, surprisingly you will observe in today’s post is the fact that Cambodian hair styles are really perfect for African American women

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It is undoubtedly true that Cambodian hair styles are popular in hair business in recent years. Every year, hair market welcomes a great number of customers from many countries all around the world, but most of them are African American. They are ladies who like staying up-to-date on their hairstyle with fashionable hair extensions or wigs. Nevertheless, despite selecting the great source of hair like Cambodian hair, some of them do not know how to choose a proper one. If you are one of them, this post gives you the most useful tips how to choose perfect Cambodian hair styles for your face shapes.

What is Cambodian hair and why should you choose it?

Cambodian hair is the hair collected from Cambodian donors. After collecting, we carry out classifying them into different color, texture, thickness, length in order to be suitable for each customer. The final products, which are served customer, is 100% remy Cambodian hair. I’m sure that you should definitely believe remy Cambodian hair extensions still bring natural beauty of Cambodian hair. Cambodian hair is appreciated for smoothness, thickness and glossiness. Moreover, they make ladies become more elegant, charming and gorgeous anytime and everywhere. However, each face shape is suitable for each texture and style, so let’s find out next part where we share with you the tips how to choose perfect Cambodian hair texture for your face shape.

Finding out your hair type

This is the first basic step you must do to choose a proper Cambodian hair extension. Also, it is a tip helping you purchase effectively. Hair type we mention here includes texture and amount of hair.

Texture: describes each strand of hair

  • Fine: soft and thin, often fly-away but hard to curl. It can be chemical processed, but if abused too much, it will lead to be damaged.
  • Medium: normal and popular texture, easy to perm, curl or iron and dye.
  • Coarse: coarse, thick and wiry. Due to strong texture, this hair type can bear heat well and chemical processes.

Amount of hair:

To determine amount of hair, take a regular sized elastic band and sweep your hair up into a pony tail, then count the number of times the band wraps around the hair.

  • 3+ times = Fine hair
  • 2-3 times = Medium hair
  • 1 time = Thick hair

The above information is really helpful for you if you need to buy Cambodian hair styles extension and have the most exact consultant from our staff! After finding out the hair texture you need, the next step is determining your face shape and an appropriate hairstyle to you.

Finding out your face shape and proper hairstyle

First of all, let me assert that the feature of Cambodian hair styles is really fit for African American women who have tanned skin or dark skin which make them active and strong. Now, let’s find out the perfect Cambodian hair for each face shape!

Oval face (forehead may be slightly wider than the chin):

Congratulations, any hairstyles can fit your face shape. Long or short hair combines with a side swept bang brings you a sexy look. Try creating your own look with our lustrous Cambodian straight hair. Also, a bob hairstyle with curly Cambodian hair extension flatters your face tremendously. Some other proper hairstyles for oval faces are side swept bangs, slicked back styles, and blunt bobs.

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Round face (rounded cheeks with equal width and length of the face):

It is fairly symmetric face, so hairstyle combining with is to help elongate the face like short pixie cuts, deep side parts and high ponytails. In addition, Curly Cambodian hair or kinky Cambodian hair makes your face become cuter and sweeter than anyone that are also popular with African American women.

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Square face (square chin, with forehead and jaw line roughly the same width):

Try out a short bob and blunt bangs if you want to emphasize your angular features. On the other hand, to soften them, you should try a long, layered look with loose waves. This face shape is really suitable for silky straight Cambodian hair or wavy Cambodian hair in special occasion as a party or a celebration. It attracts everyone’s attention because of its elegance.

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Oblong (longer than they are wide and forehead, cheek bones, and jaw line are about the same width) and Diamond(narrow forehead with wide jaw line and cheekbones):

There is no proper hairstyle than a Cambodian curly hair for both of these face shape, because it can cover the defects of your face excellently such as your angular face. Try it with side swept bangs to highlight narrow forehead of diamond face. Moreover, layered bobs can help you shorten the oblong face a bit.

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Heart face (wide cheek bones and forehead, and a narrow chin):

Cambodian wavy hair brings a natural look and confidence to the girls having heart face shape. This hair style also makes you more graceful and attractive. You can accentuate your wider forehead with a high top knot with Cambodian deep body wave extensions. With long, loose curls and a deep side part, you can soften your heart face shape a bit!

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With the above tips I summarized from hair experts as well as credible article, I hope you can choose a perfect Cambodian hair styles for your own face shape. Layla Hair always support you 24/7 to help you have best choice because we are proud for being the leading Cambodian hair styles supplier in Vietnam.




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