The Credibility Of Lace Front Wigs Cheap Human Hair: Where Is The Truth?

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The credibility of lace front wigs cheap human hair has been put under consideration for a long time. Whether or not we should invest our money in hair products with questionable quality remains divisive.

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In this post, we will untangle the knots from these products.

Read on to find the truth!

Lace front wigs definition

Though lace front wigs have been dominating the market for years, their explanation is still somewhat hidden from the public. Not long ago, these products were only used in Hollywood movies.

The Credibility Of Lace Front Wigs Cheap Human Hair: Where Is The Truth?

The frontal part of the lace

Actors and actresses who find it hard to grow their hair after night have to wear lace front wigs. These items are highly flexible and versatile since they allow actresses to create their characters.

So what exactly are lace front wigs?

We have Beyoncé, and the Kardashian’s, and Jennifer Lopez to thank. They are the one who introduces the frequent adoption of frontal lace wigs to the mass public.

Lace front wigs are characterized by the mesh appearance. Unlike full lace wigs, covered entirely by lace, lace front wigs only use a fraction of lace-up front. The rest of the base is made from weft.

The Credibility Of Lace Front Wigs Cheap Human Hair: Where Is The Truth?

Beautiful products from Layla Hair

The pros

These products are often handmade to secure the natural look. Thanks to the construction, lace front wigs offer a completely unnoticeable hairline. This feature is helpful.

Once you wear the wig, its invisible hairline will generate a natural look, making it seem like hair comes out of your scalp. No one can ever notice that you are wearing a fake hair product.

Lace front wigs are generally lightweight. Wearing these items doesn’t make you feel pressure upon your head. What’s more, your scalp doesn’t feel itchy and unbreathable.

The hair clips attached at the back of the weft will make sure the wig stay tightly on your head.  A lot of women who suffer from hair thinning or hair loss choose lace front wigs as their assistants.

Undoubtedly, these products help to cover patches of hair loss and bring back confidence and attractiveness for users.

The cons

Some women think that wearing lace front wigs are less comfortable than full lace. The latter offers a whole lace layer, making sure that your scalp has scape to breathe.

However, this isn’t a popular opinion. It depends on each user’s experience.

How to determine the quality of lace front wigs human hair

The variety of lace front wigs human hair depends on different factors. Customers from Layla Hair often order a small sample of hair to test before they place big orders.

According to them, there are several things you have to keep in mind when determining the quality of lace front wigs human hair.

The manufacturing

Lace front wigs come from both machine made or human-made. Machine-made lace fronts are naturally cheaper than human-made one. However, if you value quality, you should choose the later.

Machine-made items look the same. Human-made products are dedicatedly created, but they often have some faults.

Why do we say that the later has higher quality than the former?

This is because hand-made products come from skilful workers. Lace front wigs from dedicate hands will have souls and unique features. Each item is produced differently.

Hair sources

The quality of hair should also put in the top list as well. Why is that?

The primary material of lace front wigs is hair. The overall quality of these products depends entirely on how good the hair is.

As you may know, hair for wigs can be either human hair or synthetic fibres. Synthetic fibres duplicate the appearance of human hair. However, when you come close and touch them, they fail to look natural.

Synthetic fibres are rough and unnatural. You can’t style of colour it because it can’t endure heat or chemicals.  What’s more, this material can’t store for long. The fibres will start to shed, tangle and make knots after one or two times of use.

The Credibility Of Lace Front Wigs Cheap Human Hair: Where Is The Truth?

You will never encounter any problems with human hair.

On the other hands, you will never encounter such problems with human hair. Human hair is identical to your hair. What you can do to your existing hair, you can apply on frontal lace wigs human hair as well.

Impressive, isn’t it?

Human hair can stay for years with proper care. That means you only need to invest one time to guarantee a lifetime use.

The construction

Wig construction is essential as well. The lace, weft and clips should be qualified. Typically, in Layla Hair, we decide to use French and Swiss laces because of their unique features.



The secret of lace front wigs cheap human hair

Lace front wigs cheap human hair is another choice for ladies who are on a tight budget.

The only difference between lace front wigs and lace front wigs cheap human hair is the choice of hair. As you may know, the human hair is divided into three categories: virgin hair, Remy hair and non-Remy hair.

Virgin hair is the most expensive material, which comes from only one donor. The second position in the ladder of price is Remy hair. This hair type has undergone heat processing and chemical treatments.

As a result, you can find split ends. Remy hair requires more attention than virgin hair to keep it in good shape.

The least expensive is non-Remy hair. Non-Remy hair is chemically treated so that all the cuticles are damaged. That also explains why the price of this hair type is so low.

The Credibility Of Lace Front Wigs Cheap Human Hair: Where Is The Truth?

The difference between virgin and non-Remy hair is hard to notice with bare eyes.

In summary, lace front wigs cheap human hair uses non-Remy hair. There is nothing wrong with cheap lace front wigs. However, if you buy lace frontal wigs cheap human hair, be prepared that these products will not stay with you for long.

Non –Remy hair is more likely to damage, shed, and tangle than other hair types. Consequently, everytime you wash or brush your wig, you will find a large amount of hair coming down the comb.

Quality comes with prices! That’s what we always believe. Human hair products from Layla Hair are 100% made from virgin and Remy-hair. We don’t want to sell shabby and worn out items for our precious customers.

The bottom line

Ladies, if you want to buy lace front wigs cheap human hair to wear for several times, we won’t stop you. However, in case you want something last longer, with higher quality, we advise you to consider lace front wigs human hair.

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