The Curly Girl’s Guide To Curly Hair Extensions For Black Hair

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Curly hair extensions for black hair add length and a fuller and thicker look to the natural hair. Besides, curly hair extensions styles can also cover defects of short and thinning hair.

The advantage of hair extensions is that there is a complete change in the length of the hair. Thus, it provides a new impression and surprise for the girls having short hair. Moreover, hair extensions remain smooth, soft and glossy like the real hair.

The Curly Girl's Guide To Curly Hair Extensions For Black Hair

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It only takes a little time and a small investment to own fashionable curly hair extensions styles. With so many attractive benefits, are the ladies wondering about “What are hair extensions?” Let’s discover the world of hair extensions through the detailed guide below.

An overview of hair extensions

Hair extensions, also known as hair weave, are made from human hair or artificial hair and integrated into the real hair. All of this can be done without any potential risks to the actual hair like hair colouring or hair chemicals.

The origin of hair extensions

Most of the hair extensions come from Asia regions. That’s because the hair of Asian people is more natural to blend with the hair of other countries. Especially in South East Asia, most hair extensions have its origin from Cambodian or Vietnam. However, hair extensions also originate from other parts in the world, especially Europe.

If girls are looking for the best human hair extension for themselves, they should consider some important factors. Firstly, do the producers use high-quality hair? Secondly, which types of hair are they using – human hair or artificial hair?

The Curly Girl's Guide To Curly Hair Extensions For Black Hair


Most of the hair extensions come from Asia.

When comparing different types of hair extensions, wearers need to know about their pros and cons. Although no heat and glue are applied to the hair, the sew-in hair extensions may damage the real hair. Besides, tight braids that keep hair extensions together may lead to hair loss.

Wearers also need to wash the hair often to avoid the formation of bacteria. Some say those hair extensions may cause uneasiness during the first few days.

Moreover, the hair durability to maintain hairstyling depends on the hair type used. Similar to the natural hair, the more we apply heat and colour to the hair, the more damaged it is. Thus, buying an unprocessed hair extension may be very important.

Cambodian hair

One of the most common types of hair for making curly hair extensions for black hair is Cambodian hair. That is because many Cambodian women sell their hair.

Cambodian hair is the same as Indian hair because it relates to the structure and thickness of hair strands. Cambodian hair is easy to style and combine with other types of hair. Besides, this kind of hair gives the wearers a smooth, floating and light feeling.

In some cases, people can buy Cambodian Remy hair at a fair cost. But some of the best Cambodian hair extension brands may be expensive. It’s understandable because celebrities are ready to pay a fortune to receive the best products.

Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair is another popular material for curly hair extensions styles. This type of hair has a thicker follicle than a European one. The natural colour of Vietnamese hair is black. For other colours, the hair must be bleached and dyed.

The Curly Girl's Guide To Curly Hair Extensions For Black Hair

Hair extensions from Vietnamese hair

European hair

In Europe, there are a small number of women selling their hair. Thus, this situation creates a scarcity of hair and a higher cost than other types of hair.

European hair has a light brown or yellow colour. These bright colours mean the hair does not need to process much, leading to healthier and stronger hair extensions.



Beautiful curly hair extensions for black hair

Natural-looking sew-in

If girls are looking for a natural look and a fuller hair appearance, the sew-in hair extensions are an ideal choice. When styling the hair, wearers should pay attention to the natural hair around the hairline.

Bright highlights

Sew-in hair extensions are an excellent choice to experience outstanding hair colours. This will make women stand out in a crowd wherever they go. One beautiful thing about these hair extensions is that we can try many different patterns and styles.

Long curly hair

Long curly hair extensions are sewed in the middle, creating a soft and feminine look. The idea is to keep the waves and curls imperfect. To be more fashionable, we can use a curling iron to cure the hair. Then we separate the already-ironed curls, brush and tease the hair randomly.

The Curly Girl's Guide To Curly Hair Extensions For Black Hair

One thing to remember is women will need hair extensions that support heat if they want to use the curling iron on their hair extensions.

Curly and voluminous sew-in hair

These hair extensions feature sexy and full curly hair extensions for black hair. Stood out with numerous black curls, this sew-in curly hair extensions style is going to make people turn their heads to look at us.

Curly hair

Who is not going to be amazed by these impressive yet elegant curls? This hairstyle gives women a fullness look and amazing curls.

The Curly Girl's Guide To Curly Hair Extensions For Black Hair

The bottom line

Nowadays, the market for curly hair extensions styles has become more popular to ladies yearning for natural-looking hair. The hair extensions, which imitate the texture and structure of the real hair, are more natural to find than that a few years ago.

Finding suitable curly hair extensions for black hair that suit the natural hair is unmanageable. Especially for those having curly hair, it will be a small challenge. But it is going to change with our above-detailed guide.

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