The Hidden Truth About Red Hair Color We’ve Just Learned

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Red hair color is high-impact as it will attract others’ attention immediately. Nothing can beat red. The hair hue is bold, vibrant, and full of life. Hence, if you do select red hair colors, get ready to become the center in the crowd now. Awesome! You have ever thought about dyeing the color, now is undoubtedly the time.

To support you opt for the right shade of red hue, here are essential things and hot options for going to this hair look. Finding the right shade for your skin tone and hairdo.

About Natural Red Hair

Red hair is a natural hair color, but it only appears in 1-2% of the population in the world. This least common hair hue is found in native people in Northern and Northwestern Europe. Redheads come from Scotland where makes up 13% of the population. The hair hue is flexible, ranging from light shades (such as strawberry blonde) to medium shades (copper hair) to burgundy and completely red.

The Hidden Truth About Red Hair Color We’ve Just Learned
What is red hair color?

What’s more, red hair color has a high level of pheomelanin, up to 67%, and a low level of pigment eumelanin. The level of dark and light pigment also decides your skin tone, eye color, freckles, and sun sensitivity. People with red hair color have less hair than others. According to statistics, redheads have 90,000 strands on average. Compared to others, blondes have 11,000 strands, and brunettes have 140,000 strands on the head.

There are many different stereotypes available regarding red hair hue. In the past, if you have a redhead, you would be ridiculed. But now, red hair color is admiration, and it is today’s trending hair color. Many celebs and idols rock this hair color for their filming characters and performances. Of course, they are big inspirations for their fans, including hairstyles, fashion, and more.

It’s time to refresh and switch up your red hair. Take yourself to a hair salon and get professional help to choose from natural coppers and completely red shade.

Here are some interesting red hair facts to know:

– Redheads are able to produce their own vitamin D when lacking sunlight.

– It is a rare hair hue, only make up 2% of the world population.

– Natural red hair is an increased sensitivity to pain.

– If you use red hair dye, the color will never go grey when it starts fading.


Historically, Greek writers mentioned redheads. They described people with red hair and blue eyes. Greek authors also reported that the ancient people Budini and Sarmatians were blue-eyed and red-haired. This hair color is also found in Asia in the ancient Tocharians.

It is considered that red hair colors are a polarizing hair color. Western people with redhead was believed that they had a fiery temperament, quick to get angry. However, some psychology researches show that redheads have high sanguine and sociability.

Geographic distribution

The Hidden Truth About Red Hair Color We’ve Just Learned
Red hair is mostly found in Europe.

It appears all over the world, from Northern Europe to Asia, but the number is meager. It is mostly found in the northern and western of Europe, such as Scotland, Ireland and Britain.

In Southern Europe, Italy has 0.57% of the total population get red hair. While in Eastern Europe, the Volga Region in Russia has the highest percentage of red-haired people. Some say that this reason has «the most red-haired men in the world.»

The color also distributes in Asia, North Africa, and the Mediterranean, but it is super rare. Reddish-brown hair shade appears in Iran, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan.

Different Shades of Red Hair

Copper red hair

This shade works best for warm, golden-toned, and pale skin tones or hazel eyes. For example, the light copper shade has a flattering halo effect on your milky complexions. Imagine you are red hair in the crowd, you will get noticed immediately.

If you dye your hair in dark copper shade, it would be better if you add some highlights. Doing this to make your color brighter and more attractive. For red hair with highlights, we highly recommend balayage highlights to get a modern look.

The Hidden Truth About Red Hair Color We’ve Just Learned
Copper red hair vs golden red hair

Golden copper shade

What about the golden copper hair color? This warm hair hue is the blend naturally of light red and dark golden blonde. Do you know any red hair actress? Actresses Amy Adams, Julianne Moore, and Karen Gillan had beautiful natural redheads.

Choose this golden copper shade if your skin tone is peach-toned or neutral as well as green or brown eyes.

Ginger red hair

This shade is one of the most natural-looking red colors. It looks bright and striking. In the UK, people called red hair «gingers.» They have white skin and green or brown eyes. Red hair green eyes have been worn to perfection. The hair shade is exactly what you need if you want fresh up your look. You are an army of ginger red hair fanatics, rock it in both the summertime, autumn, and winter. Dyeing the hair shade and choose the right makeup style and fashion. Beautiful girls!

Intense red hair shade

Many said that the hair shade is pure red, bright, and passionate. Search about Rihanna photos? Millions of paparazzi grabbed her intense red color in 2012, and she had sported this hair color for perfection. The bright red hair matched well with her brown eyes and golden skin tone. If you have cool complexions such as an olive skin tone, try this shade. It will make you and others surprise at your appearance.

Rose gold hair

The Hidden Truth About Red Hair Color We’ve Just Learned
Ginger red hair vs rose gold hair

This shade is among the trendiest hair colors today. It is the blend of red, blonde, and pink hues. Some people have mistaken for the pink color. It works best for those with tan or olive skin tone and all eye colors. Celebs are also attracted by this look, from Kiley Jenner to Emma Roberts. Use rose gold shade to give you a gorgeous look. Add some curls to your hairstyle, and red curly hair looks healthy and beautiful.

Burgundy hair shade

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The dark red hair is also called red wine color, which is memorable and dramatic. Your complexion is dark and cool; your eyes are brown or icy blue, this red shade is ideal. The boldest hair color livens your tresses and adds them to a mysterious undertone. You want to adjust your primary hair color; burgundy hue may help you. Add balayage highlights to vibrant and shiny burgundy hair color.

Dark red velvet

Red velvet shade is fresh and deep red. The luscious hue of red works best for girls with cool and olive-stoned complexions. The dyed red hair offers you a delectable result. You can style red ombre hair so that it shows your personality and suit your lifestyles.

The Hidden Truth About Red Hair Color We’ve Just Learned
Burgundy hair vs dark red velvet hair vs ruby red hair

Ruby red hair color

You are looking for a sexy hair shade, try this ruby red hair. You may guess that the name of the gemstone inspires the hair hue. The dramatic shade pairs well a pale complexion and blue eyes.

To Sum Up

Obviously, changing your red hair color is a simple way to stun others with your tresses. Remember, you should care for your dyed red hair to keep the bold and vibrant color and prevent hair problems. You can find images of anime girl with red hair and purple eyes, actresses or idols to get ideas about this hair hue. Don’t hesitate to fresh up yourself.

Layla hopes that you understand more about the red hair color and find out your best shade. To experience different red hair colors without dyeing your existing hair, you can buy a quality wig from Layla Hair at a friendly price.

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