How To Dye Human Hair Topper? – The Foolproof Guide From Experts

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Besides a full human hair wig, human hair toppers have become more popular nowadays for its versatility and affordability. Many of you might wonder can the human hair toppers are dye and how to dye human hair topper?

In this paper, Layla Hair will share with you guys the basic step on “ how to dye a human hair topper ”. Let’s check it out!

Pick up hair dye

The first and foremost step on “how to dye a human hair topper?” is to choose your hair dye product. There is no typical hair dye for human hair topper, so you can pick up normal hair color which is available at the drug store or hair dye suppliers. 

How To Dye Human Hair Topper? - The Foolproof Guide From Experts
choose a good hair dye

But there are some notices for you. First, you should use hair-friendly coloring products to make sure that your human hair topper will not be damaged with harsh chemicals. Moreover, if your topper is dark base, do not try to bleach it lighter because it can weaken your human hair topper. Lastly,  fabric dye should not be used to dye topper.

Combine a 20 volume hair developer

The hair developer is an important factor in coloring hair. The hydrogen peroxide in it can help open the hair cutie. Without using the hair developer, you will never get the color you wish for your hair.

In this case, if you use the developer which is lower than 20 volume, this may have no significant change in the color. Or if you use a hair developer over 20 volume, it may make your hair much darker. Therefore, a 20 volume developer is the most suitable.

How To Dye Human Hair Topper? - The Foolproof Guide From Experts
protect your hair with rubber gloves

Wear rubber gloves

Rubber Gloves will protect your hands’ skin from irritating and staining by the chemicals left after hair dye products.

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Make a mixture between the hair dye product and the developer in a bowl made of plastic

To get the perfect color, you should follow the instruction on your hair dye holders to know which is the appropriate ratio between the dye and the developer. Then, use a plastic spoon to mix well. If your hair becomes a little bit lighter than you think, stay calm because it will become darker in the future.

If your human hair topper is longer than shoulder length, you may have to use more than one box of the hair dye, depending on how long.

How To Dye Human Hair Topper? - The Foolproof Guide From Experts
mix the hair dye

Do not use a  bowl or spoon made of metal to mix your dye and the developer. The hair dye can be oxidized by metal, which will cause the color to change.

Test the dye before coloring

This step is really important on “ how to dye human hair topper ”. You will use a small section of your hair for the testing step. First,  use a small paintbrush to put on the hair dye onto a few hair strands. It is better some strands that are hard to spot. Leave it in for thirty or forty minutes. Then If the color satisfies you, apply it to the remnants of human hair topper. Otherwise, If you do not love the color it presenting, try another shade of hair color.

Immerse the human hair topper in the dye mixture

Soak the human hair topper in the plastic bowl which holds the dye you have prepared. After that, you use your hand to apply the dye gently on the topper and stretch it through every layer of it. Do not spread roughly the dye into the topper hairpiece. 

How To Dye Human Hair Topper? - The Foolproof Guide From Experts
Immerse the human hair topper in the dye mixture

Put the human hair topper onto a human hair topper stand

A wig stand will keep your human hair topper in good shape and style after you color it. Set the human hair topper into the stand to shape it before you want to wear it on your head. using T-pins to keep the human hair topper to its stand

The hair dye maybe fades out of the wig. To keep your hair topper in good color over time, you can use a towel or plastic tarp to cover around the stand.

How To Dye Human Hair Topper? - The Foolproof Guide From Experts
put the colored hair topper on a wig stand

Brush through the hair strands

In this case, a comb or a wig brush can be used to spread the dye through the human hair topper. Be sure that you have applied thoroughly the dye to the whole human hair topper. This step on how to dye a human hair pull through topper will help the dyed hair gain a natural look.


Wait for the color turn to the right color

Read the instruction about how to dye human hair topper on the package to see how long you should leave the dye in for. Normally it will take about thirty or forty minutes to hair absorb the dye. In case you cannot find this detail in the instruction, check your human hair topper every ten-minutes. As it turns into the right color, you can rinse it.

How To Dye Human Hair Topper? - The Foolproof Guide From Experts
wait for the color to turn right

You can use the bow with plastic wrap to be the stand and leave the human hair topper on it to set.

Wash the human hair topper with shampoo

Use shampoos for color-treated hair or a special human hair topper shampoo. Wet the human hair topper with lukewarm water to remove the remaining dye on hair topper, then the wig under a tap with warm water to get rid of any excess dye before soap the human hair topper with shampoo. Wash out the shampoo when you finish.

Apply conditioner to the ends of the human hair topper

This step on how to dye a human hair topper will make your topper more shiny, soft and silky. Do not apply the conditional near or at the roots of your hair topper because it will make the topper easily fall out. Wash out the hair conditional on your hair topper with cool or lukewarm water.

How To Dye Human Hair Topper? - The Foolproof Guide From Experts
let your hair topper completely dry

Dry your human hair topper with a towel

Gently rub your hair topper with the bath towel to get rid of excess water. Afterward, put it back on the stand to dry and keep in shape.

Dry your human hair topper thoroughly

There are two ways you can do, one is to let it dry naturally, another way is using a hairdryer on the lowest mode. If you choose air to your hair topper, place it on the stand and wait until it is totally dry. Another case is when you use a blow dryer to dry it, move the dryer up and down over time to make your hair dry completely. Make sure that the human hair topper does not overheat and the dryer is 30 cm away from your hair to prevent damage.

This last step will wrap up the process of this paper about how to dye human hair topper.

Hopefully, after sticking to this paper, you can know how to dye your human hair topper in the right way.  

If you have any questions or want to learn more about human hair toppers or other kinds of human hair wigs or extensions, let us know!

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