The Magic Of Cambodian Coarse Hair Awaiting For You To Discover

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The demand for wigs weaves and hair extensions are thriving and becoming a multi-million dollars market. Little do we know that it has long been dominated by the Indian and Chinese markets. Only until recently that people divert their attention to Cambodian coarse hair. So what is the mystery behind all that?

The Magic Of Cambodian Coarse Hair Awaiting For You To Discover

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Does Cambodian hair deserve the recognition? Let’s find out!

What is Cambodian hair like?

Cambodian hair is all collected from Cambodian donors. It owns some distinct characteristics that you cannot find from the hair of other origins. These unique features help it stand firm in the fiercely competitive hair market. If you are new to Cambodian hair, let us walk you through some of its most highly-praised features.

It’s thick and coarse

You can do a lot of things with a thick and coarse body of hair, which not many of us have, unfortunately. Even if you are naturally born with this type of hair, the quality can deteriorate over time as you have to deal with pollution, vitamin deficiency, or stress. You may risk losing your hair or having its quality reduced.

The Magic Of Cambodian Coarse Hair Awaiting For You To Discover

Cambodian coarse hair is your life saviour.

To cope with that, many have chosen to use wigs, weaves or extensions to achieve the healthy, full look. Cambodian hair is the best candidate for that purpose. It’s thick and coarse in texture, which allows you to deal with multiple styling options.

For girls with thinning hair especially, Cambodian coarse hair is your life saviour. The thickness and high density will make no one notice your flaws. The fake hair covers your scalp area, from the hairline towards the very back of the head.

It’s lightweight

Despite all the fantastic thickness, Cambodian coarse hair is very light and comfortable to wear on your head. What more can you ask for? No more headache with a bunch of weight up there.

This is the feature that makes Cambodian hair stand out in the competitive hair extensions market. A part of the reason for people’s scepticism in wigs is the weight. It feels like you have a second body of hair if you wear a wig.

All your real hair needs to be tied and locked in a tiny hair cap. Then you have to put on heavy hair bundles with thick weft. Imagine that kind of weight. So the lighter, the better. The fine hair strands keep Cambodian hair light and comfortable to wear.

It’s affordable

Everyone throws around the myth that wig made of real hair is very expensive. While it’s true that Remy hair is more pricey than synthetic hair, the price is not as high as you think. It costs around $25 to $30 for a 10-inch bundle.

It’s a fair price for good quality hair that you can use for life. We believe everyone should invest in a necessary, top-notched wig or extension. If you treat it well, it will stay with you forever.

Do a bit of math: if you divide the initial investment cost to the lifetime period (per day or month) to see how much money a month you spend using it? It’s not even as high as the price of your daily coffee.



Frequently asked questions on Cambodian coarse hair

Q: How many hair bundles per purchase should I buy?

A: It depends on the thickness of your natural hair. If your hair already has some volume to it and you just want to boost it a little, one to two bundles is beautiful. However, if you have fragile hair, try three or four.

In case you are not sure and this is your first purchase, don’t worry, you can always start small first. We suggest you start with two bundles, go home and try to wear it. If that’s not enough for you, you can always come back and have some more.

Q: Does Cambodian hair blend well with my natural hair? I don’t want anybody to find out that I’m wearing fake hair

A: Yes. Because Cambodian coarse hair is all real human hair, it looks and feels just like your hair. It blends exceptionally well with African-American women’s hair because of the rough texture. In case your hair and Cambodian hair are not compatible, don’t worry.

The Magic Of Cambodian Coarse Hair Awaiting For You To Discover

Cambodian hair is all real human hair.

What you need is a good hairstylist, or some products if you are good at doing hair by yourself. Use any kind of styling tool you want to tame the hair texture, then use hairspray or texturizing spray to keep all the hair in place. Voila, no one will ever detect your little secret!

Q: Is Cambodian hair hard to take care of? I don’t have time

A: Not at all. Because this is real hair, treat it with care, just like you do with your hair. Be careful when you wash it, because too hot water, too harsh product, or too frequently of a wash can downgrade the hair quality. Be gentle with it.

Take it as the rule of thumb with combing and drying too. Let it air dry if possible. When you have to blow dry, use the least heat and comb through gently to prevent the hair from falling out of the weft. If you sleep with your wig, try changing the pillowcase into silk instead of the traditional cotton texture.

The final tip is to moisturize. Try to do some research and use high-quality conditioners in the market. You can use it both with your wig and your real hair so that the product won’t go to waste. After washing, you can also add moisture by using hair oil or hair serum and spread it evenly throughout the hair. Avoid the root as the products may make your scalp oily.

The bottom line

Cambodian coarse hair surely deserves its reputation for all the fantastic qualities it possesses. If you still haven’t found something that suits your taste yet, why don’t you give Cambodian hair a chance?

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