Dying Virgin Remy Hair: Our Top Secrets To Nail The Process

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Dying virgin Remy hair must be the ordinary job to many women because it’s most likely dying natural hair.

However, to do it properly with the least damage to hair extensions, a safe procedure is needed.

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People can do it in several ways but following specific rules. Or the result cannot be perfect. Unless you are a professional hairdresser, dying virgin Remy hair takes more concern than you think.

So, what exactly we have to do?

We will show you step by step.

Virgin Remy hair definition

First of all, we would like to share some information about virgin Remy hair definition.

To wig lovers, no need to say what it is.

However, for some people who are investing concerns on the first time, they must know about this.

What is virgin Remy hair?

There are two types of hair extensions on the market which seem the most popular: synthetic and human hair.

Regarding synthetic, users are expected to pay much less. It’s fake hair with available style and color. Synthetic hair wins the choice only by the cheap price tag.  On the other hand, this type of hair gets tangled easily. Bonus, its lifespan is short.

Dying Virgin Remy Hair: Our Top Secrets To Nail The Process

Besides synthetic hair, we have got human hair. The hair was taken from human hair so that the texture, thickness, and color are all natural. Among many types of human hair, virgin Remy hair is the premium.

Why is that?

Virgin Remy hair is unprocessed human hair, and all of hairs strands in the bundle come from only one donor.

By its origin, there are some features to tell. Virgin Remy hair is healthy hair with uniform in color, thickness, texture, and length. It’s intact and completely natural. Some people will find the hair even more beautiful than their real hair.

How is it?

Virgin Remy hair is the only material which can be styled and colored. You cannot do the same thing with synthetic hair.

This kind is safe to use curlers, flat irons or chemical which are usually applied to real human hair.

Styling my hair is as natural as common. However, let’s take a closer look at our recommendations below.

Common dying virgin Remy hair

With common procedures in dying virgin Remy hair, we follow crucial stages.

The common procedures

Firstly, you must have your hair washed and dried in advanced. It’s what you are supposed to do with real hair.

Next, we suggest you comb the hair. Combing aims at detangling the hair. When all of the strands become separated and smooth, the following steps will occur more simply.

Then, mix the color. Mix the color and developer as instructed. If you are not experienced, let’s consider watching some tutorial videos about the color combination. The mixer must be smooth and perfectly diluted.

Dying Virgin Remy Hair: Our Top Secrets To Nail The Process

The mixer must be smooth and perfectly diluted

After that, you can start to coat the color on the hair. You should do it little by little. Now, when all hair come to the same direction smoothly, dividing them into small blocks seems so easy.  Try to coat every single hair. This step usually takes a long time.

Leave the hair to sit in a while until you can see the color appears. About 25 minutes after resting, you can rewash the hair with water and hair conditioner.

You must wash carefully and clean up all of the extra colors. Leave the hair dry and enjoy the result.

The tips

When combing the hair, use the comb with wide teeth.  Using wide tooth one can cause hair hall to the least.

When you leave the hir sit after coating, folding by tin foil can foster the color up faster.

Use hair conditioner as the last base after rising. A layer of conditioner can protect the new color and also bring on the hair a desirably shiny appearance.



Ombre virgin Remy hair

With to make ombre virgin Remy hair, it’s almost identical to what we did below. However, making perfect ombre needs more attention during the procedures.

Let’s image it’s just like dying virgin Remy hair but not the whole bundle. You just color half of the length.

The mixer must be smooth and perfectly diluted

The question is how to make the line sharp?

Ombre is the gentle and gradual transition of color. If you only dye half of the hair, a little hand skill can work.

What if you want to do ombre with two new colors? Or even more?

White hair

To make two layers of color on the underlying natural hair, you need the bleach.

Naturally, human hair extensions originate from black, a stable structure. Most of the light color like pink, silver, light grey, green cannot sit on black.

Therefore, to make these colors shine on your hair, you must bleach your hair first.

Depend on the shade of top colors; you will bleach until blonde or white.

We suggest on careful choice on bleach because this chemical is actively harmful to the hair. Remember to wear the gloves when you were coating it.

Color ombre

After the hair gets bleached successful, you must wash the hair with conditioner again. The conditioner will protect the hair from damage.

The mixer must be smooth and perfectly diluted

The, it’s time to put the color on. About the mixer, we instruct to do precisely as the first time. Washing and caring are the same.

Bottom line

In general, dying virgin Remy hair is not a hard job even though it’s your first time.

The basic knowledge is like working on with natural human hair. Not many cautions get mentioned.

Hair extensions are the best solution for an instant change of hair dimension. It’s brilliant, and you won’t expect to ruin it on the first day of application.

Instead of dying hair at home, you can find colored hair. In Layla Hair, we have got Remy hair get dyed from 100% virgin human hair.  The product is the same, but the quality is perfect.


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