Should I Break My Bank Account For Expensive Curly Hair Extensions?

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When you join the groups of beauty addicts, chances are they have raved about hair extensions for countless times on that page. Well, what to complain when you can achieve gorgeous volumized locks just whenever you want.

Should I Break My Bank Account For Expensive Curly Hair Extensions?

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Then comes the next level when you get bored of low- or mid-end brands and go on the hunt for the perfect expensive curly hair extension. Skip all the fuss of online researching or reading reviews and get to know all the juice on this.

Why do you need expensive curly hair extensions?

When you have come this far to find perfect expensive curly hair extensions for yourself, you may be wondering why you will ever need a luxurious piece of accessory in your life.

If so, let us tell you why this future purchase might be one of those real-life saviors that we are all expecting.

Why curly extensions?

The primary function of an extension is to give off the illusion of fuller or longer natural hair. This look may not be achieved because either your genes do not allow or you do not have the time and effort to go all the way.

Well, this is entirely understandable as we women have thousands of things to take care of before having the time to “grow” hair.

That is precisely when these clip-ins come in and save the day. All it takes is 15 minutes of putting on and ta-dah, thick and shiny hair ready at hand.

Should I Break My Bank Account For Expensive Curly Hair Extensions?

Right, so why curly extensions?

Of course, we humans have different hair textures and colors. To create the most natural look, yours and the extension’s have to be as close as possible.

For those out there rocking an afro or bouncy curls, don’t worry because you will not be missed out on this trend. Some companies’ product range covers all hairstyle possible.

Just look around the Web carefully, and you will be able to find the ultimate match for yourself.

Then why the “expensive” part?

You will get what you pay for.

When it comes to extensions, it is right that the price justifies the quality of the product — the more expensive, the more delicate the clip-in.

So the next time you purchase these hair pieces, bear in mind that the price tag might not be exaggerated as you may have thought. They will guarantee to give a bang for your buck.



What factors contribute to the price of expensive curly hair extensions?

The origin of the hair

There are three main types of hair collected, processed and turned into hair extensions.

These are virgin human hair, Remy hair, and comb waste hair.

Virgin human hair is 100% untreated chemically, which means no dyes, no bleaches, no artificial perms, no nothing. This type of hair is collected from one single donor. This also explains the consistency and high quality of the extensions.

Should I Break My Bank Account For Expensive Curly Hair Extensions?

In the case of curly hair extension, this material is either bought or donated by women of color (Brazil, Malaysian, Jamaican and the like). And of course, because of this, this is the best and most expensive curly hair extensions.

The second one we are looking at is Remy hair. This one is pretty much like virgin human hair, meaning the direction of the strand is well aligned, and the cuticles remain intact.

However, in factories, these are still going through processes in which the hair is harsh washed, bleached or dyed. Whichever process needed will depend on the demand of the market.

This origin means Remy hair is the second most expensive type of extensions.

The last type of curly extensions is comb waste. There is no need for further explanation as the name say it all. These hairs are from brushes and the floor of barber stores.

Manufacturers still use these due to the abundance of supply. Of course, this is the cheapest kind and the lowest quality in the bunch. You may experience remarkable degradation from these after a short period of usage.

The craftsmanship of workers who created these extensions

Different brands have different approaches to this stage in creating a curly extension.

While some hire highly skilled workers to craft these pieces all by hand, others mass produce them in factories. Both of these types have a price range in their category.

Should I Break My Bank Account For Expensive Curly Hair Extensions?

What set the price apart is one, the skills of the workers and two, the technology used in the processing stage. You will figure this out by reading the tag of the product or researching the brand’s website.

The shipping process

Some vendors take this stage seriously and so they carefully wrap and pack the extensions. This will protect the hair pieces from any potential damage as they can be pretty fragile.

The shipping process can inflate the price to some extent. That’s why expensive curly hair extensions are commom.

This attitude of the retailer is also a big factor deciding whether or not this is genuinely high-quality and worth splurging. Consult other buyers’ review on this to avoid any regret on this minor phase.

Other than these three factors, size, thickness, the durability of the clips also contribute to the price of these fashion pieces.

The bottom line

Whether to move up to the next level and purchase expensive curly hair extensions or stick to cheaper ones is entirely your decision to make.

All we are trying to suggest you are please, do take these factors into serious consideration so that your investment would not turn into the biggest regret ever.

After reading this blog post, we hope that you have gained somewhat of an insight into the matter and made the most out of your money.

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