Thinning Crown Is No Longer A Worry With These Solutions

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Hair has an important role in deciding one’s appearance. According to a study about Social Communication, it is said that hair is one of the first things people will notice when they communicate with a person at their first meeting. That’s why having amazing hair can help you create a good first impression. Suddenly, on one beautiful day, balding comes and visits your life. We know that any kind of baldness is upsetting, you can be totally destroyed inside when suffering thinning hair or baldness on the crown which makes you feel anxious and embarrassed. Luckily, there are several ways to help you get out of thinning hair crown condition. Hairstyles, hair care products, and styling techniques are what you can try for your hair improvement.

As an expert in this field for many years, Layla will recommend some doable and effective solutions you can try for your thinning crown. Are you ready? Let’s get started!  

How to tell if have a thinning hair crown

Because it is a part of hair loss, people may recognize their hair becoming thinner at the crown. When you comb or wash your hair, there are more shedding hairs than normal in this part of your head. However, this situation is less popular with hair on the front and top of your head. And thinning hair can happen with anyone at any age. 

Thinning Crown Is No Longer A Worry With These Solutions
thinning crown

Thinning crown – Why?

As you know, the crown is located at the top of the skull, it helps to protect and support the tissues of the head. It is also a place with a lot of sensitive hair follicles. When it has some changes in hormonal, diet or simply aging, the crown will be the most affected area. Therefore, these can shrink, weaken, and stop producing new hair altogether. When you notice the hair in the crown area reduces its density, it is a signal for thinning hair which may spread from the crown to the hairline. The hair strands become more brittle and wiry across the affected area.

Solutions for thinning crown

Hairstyles for thinning hair on crown

It is quite challenging for people to find the best hairstyles for thinning crown hair. However, your hair volume can look thicker and fuller thanks to proper hairstyles. To make sure it works, your haircut needs to be done by a professional. Those are some hairstyles for thinning crown Layla recommends you should try for a different look.

– Layered Bob or Lob

– Layered Pixie

– Side -Swept Bob

– Playful Pixie Cut

– Face Framing Shag

– Other kinds of short cuts: short hair is prefered for your thinning crown because your scalp tends to weigh down when the hair is long. Moreover, long hair can make the thinning crown more prominent.  

Thinning Crown Is No Longer A Worry With These Solutions
hairstyles for thinning crown

Change the way hair parted

Your thinning hair crown can be less noticeable when you change the way hair parted. You should try parting your hair to the left or right side instead of part it down the center. The crown area covered by the hair will be increased.

Use hair products for more volume

On the market now, there are plenty of shampoos and hair care products that can promote hair growth and recover the thickness of your hair. For your thinning hair crown, we recommend you should utilize volumizing powder and volumizing conditioner to create more definition. After washing your hair and letting it dry, you should apply the powder by spraying it on your hair, focusing on places you would like to add more texture. Let the powder sit for 15 to 30 minutes, then wash it with warm and clean water. Next step is to apply the volumizing conditioner. The next steps are repeated. For effectiveness, your hair should be treated like that 2 to 3 times a week.

However, if you do not have enough information about which products to use, you should ask the professionals for advice and check it online for specific reviews.   

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Before deciding to have a hair transplant, you need to talk with a medical professional about your hair condition. This kind of method is becoming more popular nowadays, which adds hair strands to the thinning or bald area in the crown. And it permits the scalp to develop new skin cells with new and denser hair follicles where the hair comes out.

However, hair transplant does not work for everyone. For the effectiveness, you need to satisfy two conditions: you have to have enough healthy hair on your scalp to transplant to the area that needs hair. And the thinning area of your scalp must have the ability to regrow hair back. 

use hair topper and extensions to add volume to hair LAYLA

Use hair pieces for thinning crown

Yes, despite the fact that it is a temporary treatment, hair pieces are the fastest one to hide your thinning hair crown. Hair toppers for women and hair toupees for men are designed for the purpose of hiding baldness or thinning hair on the human head. It helps to add more volume and cover the affected areas to give you the most natural look. If you are searching for a hair topper, please take some moments, come and visit the website: You will be overwhelmed by a wide range of colour, length,shape and style of our hair toppers which are from 100% human hair. 

The bottom line

In conclusion, hair plays an important part of your look and it is so annoying when you are suffering hair loss or hair thinning crown. There are many options you can choose to fix this hair problem. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that before applying any hair treatment, you need to identify your hair situation as well as talk to a professional for further advice.

Hopefully, you are interested in the information in this article. If you care about hair products and hair systems, please meet us via for more interesting shares. We are online 24/7 for your needs.

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