Covid Hair Loss – Another Thing To Worry During The Pandemic

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It’s been two years since the first Coronavirus outbreak was a pandemic all over the world. Now, human beings have more information and deeper knowledge about this kind of disease such as the symptoms, variants, and treatments. Everyone knows that Covid can have serious damages to your health. Yet, very few people notice what Covid can do with your hair. That’s why you need to read this writing below to have answers for these queries: Does covid cause hair loss? How can Covid relate to hair loss? How to deal with Covid hair loss?. Let’s LaylaHair helps you.     

Does Covid cause your hair loss?

The answer is Yes. But it is not because of the virus attacking the hair follicles, it’s due to the physical and emotional stress caused by the disease. As you may know, hair loss can be caused by stress and after a fever or illness. Therefore, it’s normal when your hair temporarily loses after you recover from Covid-19. 

Covid Hair Loss - Another Thing To Worry During The Pandemic
covid pandemic

People always think of this as hair loss but the hair is actually shedding. It happens more frequently when more hair than usual takes part in the shedding phase of the hair growth life cycle at the same time. Hair loss normally happens two or three months after people recover from Covid-19. A lot of hair can fall out when you wash or brush your hair. 

How can Covid relate to hair loss?

Besides affecting the whole body, Covid-19 makes the hair follicles lack oxygen which can push hair follicles into the resting phase. Therefore, the full length of hair is easier to fall out and hair is drier and more breakable. You may be surprised with the results of a study that showed the link between Covid-19 and hair loss. The researcher indicated that sixty-three percent of people after recovering from Covid-19 suffered tiredness and muscle weakness, twenty-six percent of people fought with ínomnia. The number of people faced with anxiety and depression is twenty-three percent and the percent of people who experienced hair loss is twenty-two.

When you infected Covid-19, you are in an anxious mood and weakness physical so it’s more or less influence on hair shedding progress. With the patients experiencing Covid-19, they were put in a high-stress condition, their bodies is still freaked out about what happened to them. 

Another connection between hair loss and Covid is due to the side effects of medicine for Covid-19 treatment. Some ingredients in medicine may have bad influences on your hair growth as well as the scalp or these kinds of drugs can cause hormonal changes. All these reasons above can be related to hair loss. 

Covid Hair Loss - Another Thing To Worry During The Pandemic
some patients reported experiencing hair loss during and after covid

How to deal with Covid hair loss?

We know that it’s quite challenging to deal with Covid hair loss but we still do something to minimize the damage. The good news is that Covid hair loss is just temporary, however, people have a tendency to wait for the hair cycle to return to the growth phase. The normal progress will take from 6 to 9 months. It’s quite long, isn’t it?

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Control a healthy diet

For hair growth improvement, you need to take control of this process by providing a balanced diet that includes rich nutrients for hair health and growth. For example protein, vitamin D, vitamin E, iron, zinc, and other minerals. You also have to keep in mind that when washing and combing the hair, you need to be gentle as much as possible. And avoid aggressive combing or pulling because that action is not good for your hair. In addition, using suitable shampoo and conditioner plays an important role in promoting hair growth back. And don’t forget to read and research carefully about the products you will use with advice from hair experts. 

Experts also recommend you should keep your healthy style by regularly doing exercise. It helps hair regrowth faster and enhances blood circulation. 

Covid hair loss is no longer your concern by taking supplements that contain amino acids, antioxidants, and multivitamins. The most important thing is keeping yourself from stress, and maintaining a positive life attitude. Because when you’re in good emotional and physical condition, the hair loss will be reduced to a minimal level. 

Covid Hair Loss - Another Thing To Worry During The Pandemic
keep a healthy lifestyle and diet to grow your hair back

Hide your thinning hair with hairpieces 

You also can try to use a variety of hairpieces if you can’t wait for your real hair to grow back. It’s not difficult to find one in the online store with just a click. If you are in trouble with hair loss, try a hair topper or hair wig. These products will bring you a natural and confident look as much as possible. All your needs can be found at, please visit this website to shop for yourself the best product ever. We always welcome our customers.  

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If your hair is still shedding a lot after trying many suggested treatments above despite the time and efforts you invested in. You might need to see a dermatologist to diagnose, evaluate and give you appropriate treatments. 

The bottom lines

In conclusion, Covid leaves heavy consequences on your body including your hair. When people are infected with Covid, their hair after that is easier to fall out and it’s the reason causing hair loss. But do not be too worried. This problem can be solved by a healthy and balanced lifestyle as well as diet. In addition, suitable hair care routines and products are also recommended.

What do you think after reading the article, hopefully, you can have answers for yourself about the relationship between Covid and hair loss.

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