Hair Loss Treatment For Men: Which One Is For Me?

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Every one man out of 4 will develop male pattern baldness or any types of hair loss before entering their 30s. This is a genuine fact, so brother if you find yourself in the same situation, you are not alone.

Hair Loss Treatment For Men: Which One Is For Me?

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Each will experience hair loss differently. While male pattern baldness comes naturally and is unavoidable, you can seek hair loss treatment for men if you encounter it and other types of hair problems.

Why hair loss treatment for men is essential?

The thing is many people don’t bother looking for treatments when they notice their hair is shedding. Some convince themselves before taking a look at the check-up result about the baldness. Sometimes, your hair loss only shed temporarily due to physical changes or other medical conditions.

It is essential to find out the real cause of your hair loss condition and seek the proper cure. If you are in the club of men with a defined jawline and excellent head shape, you are lucky. Hair loss will have little to no effect on your appearance.

Hair Loss Treatment For Men: Which One Is For Me?

It is essential to find out the real cause of your hair loss condition and seek the proper cure.

However, if this is not the case, finding out the way to get your hair back is inevitable.

Hair loss treatment for men: modern vs natural remedies

We can imagine that you will turn on your computer and have a look at what Google has to say instead of going to the credited medical source to find out the answer. It is more convenient, we know. However, most of the results will confuse you more than help you.

You will find people argue over whether it is more effective, sustainable and affordable to treat your hair loss with natural remedies or modern medicine. And even if you have your answer, finding out the suitable product for your condition without being misled is tough.

Herbalism or naturopathy is getting more and more popular nowadays. It is considered an old-age alternative, body-friendly treatment for our body’s imbalance condition. However, this is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Natural remedies help to soothe your body and bring it back to the equilibrium. However, it only works with temporary hair loss.

For severe hair loss, we would recommend you to seek medical treatments.



Hair loss treatment in men: How many types are available?


To be honest, you will never find any shampoo that restores your hair loss. The truth is you will continue losing your hair while washing it. So why consider shampoo is a hair loss treatment for men?

There is a brand named Nioxin dedicates their products to fight back thinning hair. Of course, this is also no miracle. Nioxin doesn’t help you to stop losing hair. However, it does strengthen the existing hair.

Hair Loss Treatment For Men: Which One Is For Me?

The formula helps to stimulate blood circulation and boost the scalp and follicles. As a result, your hair will look more vigorous. In long-term, once your hair follicles are healthy, hair will start to grow back.

Nioxin doesn’t include sulfates or parabens in your formula, so it is safe to use.

Laser Light Therapy

It may sound complicated; however, you can use a handheld device with lasing light therapy at home. This therapy will stimulate blood circulation in one particular area. Again, this device will not help you to get rid of the problem with hair loss any time soon.

The light laser is also a solution to fight baldness. It will only help your hair in the long run. You need to use this device daily for at least 15 minutes. After three weeks or so, you will see the result.


Another hair loss treatment for men is minoxidil – a topical method to grow new hairs. This medicine is perfect for those who suffer from baldness. It will slow down the shedding process and help to regrow hair in some area.

Once you use minoxidil, it is a lifetime commitment. Once you stop, your hair will fall like before. Also, some men report they experience chest pain. This is because this pill is used to reduce the blood pressure.


Propecia is generally known under the name as finasteride. This is the only medicine approved by the FDA to treat hair loss. The medication will reduce and even block the production of androgen dihydrotestosterone. This male hormone is the leading cause of male pattern baldness.

Hair Loss Treatment For Men: Which One Is For Me?

The only problem is you have to take Propecia continuously without a break. Taking the drug irregularly or stop it completely will bring baldness back to you. The side effect Propecia is reduced sex drive or impotence.

Hair replacement surgery

Hair replacement surgery is the most popular solution for baldness. Basically, your doctor will eliminate a strip of hair, examine hair grafts, and then plants them onto your scalp. Nowadays, one can even choose scarless transplant, so it looks real.

If you are completely bald, doctors will harvest your donor hair somewhere else, such as your chest or stomach.  You need to wait for several days to heal your scalp. It will take from 5 to 10 days at least.


Your follicles and hair roots receive nutrients from blood vessels to stay healthy and grow new hair. If you fail to supply your body with protein and vitamins, no wonder your hair sheds. We know it is so convenient to just buy doughnuts and fried chicken.

However, it will go nowhere if you want to have healthy hair. Of course, a healthy diet will be no mean bring your hair within a short period. What it does is to make your existing hair stronger and be less prone to shedding.

Try to top up yourself with foods with lots of protein. Vitamin B-complex also contributes to the formation of new cells and hair growth. Our recommendation is chicken, fish, and leafy greens.

The bottom line

There are many methods of hair loss treatment for men. You need to figure out the cause of your problem, only after that, you will know that you can do with it. We hope that this article is useful and informative for you.

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