Top 2 Charming And Trendy Hair Extensions For Bangs For Daily Wear

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Recent years, hair extensions for bangs become popular because new fashionable hairstyles change so fast.

Celebrities take a turn to promote the variety of hairstyles with and without bangs. Thus, some people get confused with getting a haircut or not. Some people want to try the trendy bangs, but they also hesitate about non-bang gout.

Top 2 Charming And Trendy Hair Extensions For Bangs For Daily Wear

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At this time, a free choice like hair extensions for bangs sound reasonable.

We offer some styles and also tips to do it properly.

Top 2 charming clip-in hair extensions for bangs

In the market, we can only find clip-in bangs hair extensions. Why not tape or weaved-in bangs?

The front hair is thin and delicate. Therefore, the joint of adhesive or microbead would be too exposed.

Clip-in is made sophisticated so that the joint- clips stay hidden under the base. It’s a necessary feature because you don’t want anyone to recognize it.

All of the bangs are made from human hair. In Layla Hair, all of them are 100% human virgin Remy hair for the best quality.

Why not synthetic or non-Remy?

It’s possible to find hair extensions for bangs in cheap materials. But, a bang hair extension will show up in front with the face. It’s the most noticeable part of the hair. Thus, we need it to look as much natural as possible.

By the way, we should have virgin Remy hair extensions for bangs in case we want wavy or ombre colors.

So how many types do we have?

Straight cross

Straight cross bangs remind us of Chinese or Japanese tradition. We will find the hair extensions in straight and flat bundles with equal length.

The color varies from custom black to innovative white or red. Usually, it has two sides with longer hair. The parties are to fit with natural hair along the ear.

Usually, the application is easy. However, it’s common that the bang is longer than your expectation. Hence, a little haircut after the fitting is essential.

Top 2 Charming And Trendy Hair Extensions For Bangs For Daily Wear

It’s common that the bang is longer than your expectation.

Since the Hallyu wave, Korean celebrities have brought super short straight cross or extraordinary thin bang to the world.

From a standard bang hair extension, we can create different styles to fit in the current fashion.

How to apply correctly

To apply the straight cross, we need to part the hair first, take out some hair in front and clip in. Make sure that long hair strands are all set aside. If you want to tie the hair up, find a headband or wear a bere hat because the hair falls to different directions.

Or, you should leave the hair fall naturally in two sides of the face. Remember to find a color close to your hair. If possible, be picky in texture and length.

  • Don’ts

Straight cross bang won’t fit round faces. It will make a face look even more prominent. However, there’s still the exception. Nothing is impossible if you find out a proper way.


Side swept bangs are more western. We can see this popular bang appear in office ladies or teenager girls.

In general, this style makes people look more mature while maintaining friendliness and youth. It suits most of forms and faces.

Top 2 Charming And Trendy Hair Extensions For Bangs For Daily Wear

We can find long swept bang, wavy or equal parted swept bangs, in colors and shades.

Side swept comes in many trends, too. We can find long swept bang, wavy or equal parted swept bangs, in colors and shades.

How to apply

It’s even easier to clip side swept hair extensions for bangs. Part the hair as you usually do and clip the hair extensions on a side near to the hairline.

Usually, the beginning of bang will be right on the hairline. It makes a look like you just part it from your real hair.

It’s crucial to find a bang in your color because it will stay natural.

After application, styling is all allowed. With coloring, you can finish before wearing.



How to make bangs from hair extensions?

If you are wearing hair extensions and want no wigs on, it’s possible to create a bang from available hair.

Top 2 Charming And Trendy Hair Extensions For Bangs For Daily Wear

It’s possible to create a bang from your natural hair.

How to do it? We’ll tell you now!

  • Firstly, comb your hair to the top. It’s easier if you flip all the hair down and start grooming.
  • Tie the hair on the top. It’s still okay if you tie half of the hair, flexible!
  • Now, you are going to make a bun. Usually, people will twist all the tip around the bun and hold by elastic bands. However, this time, let show off the tip of the hair in the forehead. Try to take control of the length, so it looks not so short or too long.
  • Now you have a hair curtain in front of your forehead, and it looks quite messy.
  • With scissors, you can get a light haircut to make side swept bang or straight cross.
  • To cover up the hair above, use a headband. By doing this, you are setting a new hairstyle with two different new points. When releasing the hair, there’s no signal of a haircut.

How to take care of hair extensions for bangs

Because most of bangs hair extensions are made of virgin hair, we have some standard tips to take care of

  • First, do not wear it to bed. People like snapping on cotton beds because it’s comfortable. However, this material causes hair tangled and falling. Silk is the best but too luxurious for a bed.
  • Hang the hair to conserve, not place it in a bag or with other cloth. For the same reason, you do not want to see it go crazily tangled.
  • The hair needs lotions or washing to keep the shiny look. With a bit of moisturizer or shampoo, the hair will stay clean and soft.
  • Do not wash daily. Daily wash is only good for natural hair, but not wigs. Regular washing may make faster hair fall.

Bottom line

There are many hair extensions in the shape of a bang. It’s an instant solution for the trendy look without scarifying a bit of hair. Why don’t you start shopping for it now?

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