Top 3 stunning Emma Watson hairstyles

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Emma Watson, known for her famous character in Harry Potter, has won people’s love not only because of her talents but also of hair glamor. Looking at Emma Watson hairstyles, we can see Emma Watson knows how to draw people attention to her appearance.

This young actress and ambitious activist for women seems to grasp the importance of simplicity and sophistication. Emma is not a big fan of neither trendy hair colors nor fashionable haircuts.

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Her style is consistent yet never dull.

Take a look at Emma Watson hairstyles below to see how this young actress turns minimalism into superiority.

#1 – Emma Watson hairstyles: long

Emma knows that long hair adds a feminine touch to her glamor look. Her long hair does make her look fancy but no less friendly.

There are two things Emma loves: braids and bun.


In 2014, Emma appeared mostly with a small bun behind her head. Her dark brown hair looks all smooth and refined, tightened up and wrapped into a lovely bun. The great thing about this hairstyle is that it reveals her face.

Top 3 stunning Emma Watson hairstyles


Hair is pushed back behind, leaving not a single strands over her face. That way, her natural beauty has a chance to shine.

Braided Updo

Other than that, Emma Watson hairstyles are all about braids. In the same year, Emma appeared with a braided updo. This updo seems to suit her delicate look and shiny eyes. Lots of her fans complimented on this style and praised that she looks exactly like a princess.

Top 3 stunning Emma Watson hairstyles

As for us, we think the braided updo is such a romantic style. It is also easy to copy. For ladies with thinning hair, you may need one or two lace frontals to enhance the hair thickness before braiding it.

#2 – Emma Watson hairstyles: Short

Emma must be one of the very rare actresses that look gorgeous with short hair. Not many people dare to trim their hair too short that they have to wait in months for it to grow.

Pixie bangs

Emma, on the other hand, accepted the challenge. She made her first appearance with a playful, extremely short hair in one summer. Emma Watson hairstyles quickly went viral.

Top 3 stunning Emma Watson hairstyles

That time, this young actress used pixie bangs. The style brings an excellent effect to her face by lengthening it. The drawback of pixie bangs is quite apparent. It is only suitable for fine hair.

If you don’t feel like revealing most of your face to the public, this hairstyle isn’t your best option.

Blonde wispy bangs

With this short hairstyle, Emma experimented with different color. After pixie, she dyed her hair into blonde. The bangs quickly turned into wispy ones. This style emphasizes on Emma’s beautiful face.

Top 3 stunning Emma Watson hairstyles

Sleek brown bangs

Emma must be really proud of her hair because these elegant brown bags are the most demanding hairstyle ever. Nobody thought the short hair could also achieve a stunning sleek mane.

Top 3 stunning Emma Watson hairstyles

Emma did. And she nailed it with her beautiful natural brown hair. It looks wholly healthy and smooth.

Subtle waves

After a while, Emma decided that brown was no longer her favorite color. So she changed the tone once again into bright blonde. But that wasn’t all.

Top 3 stunning Emma Watson hairstyles

Emma certainly knows how to stir up old trends and make them appealing. With bright blonde hair, she styled her short hair with subtle waves. Yes, as you can see, short hair with subtle waves. Yet she still looks stunning.

The waves do a great job at creating multiple layers of hair, thus enhancing the density.

#3- Emma Watson hairstyles: Medium

Retro Bob

Retro bob is a stunning hairstyle, but not so many people are fond of it. It is hard to wear a retro bob without compromising your age. Emma Watson, again, know how to nail this hair.

Top 3 stunning Emma Watson hairstyles

Her secret is to include side swept bangs. The bags stay neatly behind her ears. She also added a little vintage touch with curly ends.

Layered haircut

Emma Watson hairstyles are changeable. From curly retro bob, she straightened her hair, turned it into a layered haircut. Now, if you want to resemble this style, never try on your natural hair.

Top 3 stunning Emma Watson hairstyles

Hairstyling with heat does more harm than good. Get yourself a frontal lace wig or a full lace wig with approximately 130% density and style it instead.

Simple straight hair

Yes, sometimes, we all fed up with fancy hairstyles. At a point, all we want to do is to go back to the most uncomplicated straight hair. So does a busy actress like Emma.

Top 3 stunning Emma Watson hairstyles

She goes for an auburn color straight hair. The highlight is the right-side parting that brightens up her face.

Wavy hair with swept bangs

So what is Emma’s real secret? As she has a small narrow face, she knows that she needs to add some tones to her hair. That’s why she uses a lot of swept bangs.

Top 3 stunning Emma Watson hairstyles

With Emma’s hairstyles this time, she opted for wavy hair with bangs. The curl volume is quite significant. The bags again rest behind her ears. This is a great hairstyle for any women with medium length hair.

The bottom line

Emma Watson hairstyles have inspired thousands of women in the world. With the knowledge of herself with all of the confidence, Emma is able to present the public with her authenticity, simplicity, and charm.

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