Top 6 Perfect Curly Hairstyles With Extensions To Rock Your 2020 Parties

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Needing a glamorous and attractive appearance to impress at the 2020 parties immediately? But it’s too late for a total makeover at the hair salon, and the hair becomes a real mess. So what is the best solution? Let Layla Hair give all our dear customers the key to amazingness with curly hairstyles extensions.

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They will soon become every girl’s “best friend” after this article, and their value is also expressed clearly through these every day earlier mentioned situations.

“Education” on curly hair extensions

Before going into the most charming and eye-catching curly hairstyles with extensions in the first half of 2020, let’s walk through the basic of curly hair extensions with Layla Hair.

Some extensions last for days and last for months.

Long-term extensions

  • Bonded extensions

Hairstylists fuse these extensions to natural hair with a heat-activated keratin-based polymer. Their lifetime is up to 5 months and favored by great-length hair women.

  • Sew – in extensions

These extensions are also famous under the name “weave.” A hairstylist cut a section of the hair and starts sewing the hair strands into a cornrow.

A hairstylist cut a section of the hair and starts sewing the hair strands into a cornrow.

The whole process can take up hours to finish. Unlike bonded extensions, sew-in ones only last from 6 – 8 weeks in total.

  • Tape-in extensions

A hairstylist uses wefts (small strips of hair) and tapes them to the roots of the natural hairline. Their lifetime is up to 8 weights in maximum.

A hairstylist uses wefts (small strips of hair) and tapes them to the roots of the natural hairline.

These extensions are the best choice for beautiful and blonde hair because people can hardly see the attachments. They’ll become invisible!

Short-term extensions

  • Clip-on extensions

These are hair pieces with small combs attached to the roots of the hairline. They come in small sets or a long swath going from ear to ear.

Remember to take them off before going to bed to preserve their quality.

  • Glue-in extensions

A professional hairstylist secures hairpieces to the scalp with liquid glue and removes by an oil-based solvent.

A drawback of these extensions is the short lifetime of up to several days with proper care.

Both long-term and short-term extensions mentioned above work pretty well with curly hair extensions in straight hair and short hair. Thus, girls will have a wide range of choices to refresh their appearances.

Extension Quality

All extensions are synthetic or human hair, and curly hairstyles with extensions are no exception.

Human hair

Human hair can be five to seven times more expensive, but it’s flexible for heat styling and coloring. Virgin Remy hair is the highest quality among human hair types available.

Hair makers leave the hair unprocessed and uncolored and avoid contact with chemicals. The extensions are famous for the most natural looking way of falling.

Synthetic hair

This type of hair is cheaper than the human hair, keeps the shape well and never frizzes. But synthetic hair can become unusually shiny or even melt under heat-styling process.

Top amazing curly hairstyles with extensions for 2020 parties

Attention ladies! We’re going to announce the best and most desired curly hairstyle with extensions for 2020 parties that ensure to take the onlookers’ breath away.

The best haircut to maximize the effect of our curls is a layered cut. The increasing lengths in different parts of the hair allow the hair float and bounce around in their glory, as girls always dream of it.

Besides, a layered cut for curly hairstyles provides perfect coverage for hair extensions, making them invisible and undetectable.

Layered Long Bob on Kinky Curls

Having super long hair with kinky curls can be quite a challenge when it comes to styling the hair.

Top 6 Perfect Curly Hairstyles With Extensions To Rock Your 2019 Parties

But don’t worry curl friends! With the help of hair extensions in adding more volume to the thin areas and creating a fuller look, a layer long Bob allows the hair to show off its glory and beauty.

Long Even Layers on Texturized Curls

Wanting a wild and free look? Girls, you’ve come to the right place!

The long even layers parted in the middle create a perfect appearance for a woman who falls in love with life in the fast lane.

Uneven Layers on Tightly Coiled Hair

One fantastic thing about a layer cut for curly hairstyles with extensions is that there are numerous ways for us to experiment.

Top 6 Perfect Curly Hairstyles With Extensions To Rock Your 2019 Parties

Adopting uneven layers on the tightly coiled curls and letting them grow longer bring out a wild and carefree look. Curly hair extensions used for adding more volume to the hair is also an ideal “sidekick.”

Shoulder length layers on low curls

Have any of Layla Hair customers ever experience a strange type of hair that’s straight on top and curly at the bottom? If so, they belong to a few lucky ones whom a layered cut will look fabulous on them.

Just go with some shoulder-length layers and allow the low curls to unfurl around are enough for a charming and elegant look.

“Barely there” layers on thick curls

Many curl girls are afraid of losing their hair volume when going for a layered cut. But there is no need to stress out because curly hair extensions will come to the rescue!

Moreover, a layered cut will help girls get rid of this problem as if it has never existed. It’s advisable to style the hair in subtle layers, creating the illusion that they’re barely there. Then part the hair on one side to achieve a gorgeous look.

Stepped layers on bouncy curls

If we’re not blessed with floating curls, don’t get upset because curly hair extensions are always there to help.

Top 6 Perfect Curly Hairstyles With Extensions To Rock Your 2019 Parties

A stepped layer cut separates the curls and gives them space to bounce around freely. This is one of the most appraising curly hairstyles with extensions and an excellent choice for parties.


Although our list of most amazing curly hairstyles with extensions ends here, the journey to find out the dream hairstyle and show off its bounce and beauty of Layla customers only begins. Let’s go outside and make ourselves outstanding wherever we go!

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