Top 9 Best Wigs For Hair Loss To Wear In Public

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Whether you suffer from premature baldness or excessive hair loss due to hormonal imbalance, wearing a wig is the immediate and ultimate solution.

Finding the best wigs for hair loss to wear in public could be challenging when you have no idea where to start. Let’s find out top 9 recommendations for Layla Hair.

How to choose the best wigs for hair loss


The texture is everything it takes to make a perfect wig for your daily wear in public. Since the wig will provide full coverage over your head, you need to determine which hair texture you want to own.

If you like silky hair, go for Vietnamese hair. In case coarse hair is more favorable, Cambodian hair will be the best. You should also weight the pros and cons between human hair vs. synthetic fibers to make up your mind.


One of the advantages of human hair wigs is that the hair color looks natural. If you don’t prefer natural color, color the hair accordingly.

The thing is hair wigs with trendy color aren’t very much attractive to people with hair loss. If you want to hide your hair loss problem, you would want to choose a wig that matches perfectly with your natural hair.


The hair volume is also significant. You may want to buy a voluminous product to hide your thinning hair. However, it doesn’t mean that you should purchase a full volume hair wig that doesn’t fit your face.

We would recommend the density percentage of 120% or 150%.


The frontal part of your head is the fragile area. A wig without proper lacing will reveal your fake hairline, especially when you make a ponytail.

Please keep in mind that you should choose the lace color compatible with your scalp color.


Hair length is also essential if you factor in your facial shape. Depending on your form, you should choose the height accordingly. Keep in mind that if you buy human hair wigs, the longer the hair is, the higher the price will be.

Top 9 best wigs for hair loss to wear in public

Full lace wigs

Curly Full Lace Wigs

Curly hair never fails to please women of all ages. The bouncy, tight curls offer endless glamour to the owner. If you want to have a try with this hairstyle, go ahead and change for one in a while.

Products from Layla Hair are of hi-quality human hair. We use hot steam to create different kinds of curls. What’s more, if you want to color the wig, we will make sure that only credited, safe hair coloring products.

Top 9 Best Wigs For Hair Loss To Wear In Public

This full lace wig comes with baby hair, offering a completely natural hairline. The hair texture is soft and shiny.

28 Inch Blond Full Lace Wig

There were so many stereotypes around blonde hair. There was a time this hair color was considered a sign of clumsiness. However, this is no longer the case. Blonde color nowadays ranks as the trendiest color in the market.

Top 9 Best Wigs For Hair Loss To Wear In Public

This 28-inch blonde full lace wig is suitable for fair-skin women whose existing hair is blonde. The hair length will cover your shoulders, ideal for those who have board ones.

Black and Blonde Curly Lace Front Wig

For this full lace wig, you can choose between blonde and black color. We are pleased to give you more choices of color; however, as we mention, if you don’t want anything trendy then sticks with your natural color.

Top 9 Best Wigs For Hair Loss To Wear In Public

You can also choose the level of curls as well. How tight do you want the curls to be? Whether it is body wave or deep curl, we can do it for you. The hair length is also flexible.

Lace front wigs

Human Remy Lace Front wigs

Remy hair is forever our favorite material for human hair wigs. This hair type is reliable and robust. Though it has been through color and heat processing with the previous owner, the quality and durability are still on point.

Top 9 Best Wigs For Hair Loss To Wear In Public

Human hair wet and wavy lace front wigs

Wet and wavy lace front wigs are the most versatile product we have in Layla. This is because this style allows you to switch from straight to wavy with ease. The great thing is you don’t have to use any chemicals for this process.

Top 9 Best Wigs For Hair Loss To Wear In Public

We and wavy lace front wigs provide desired hair volume. These products offer density without using too much hair. What’s more, the frontal lace will help you achieve natural hairline.

Vietnamese 30 inch Lace Front Wig

If the length of your hair is your concern, then the 30-inch lace front wig must be your ultimate choice. This product offers natural hair color with bouncy deep wavy. The wavy pattern will help to cover part of your face, suitable for square faces.

Top 9 Best Wigs For Hair Loss To Wear In Public

Where to buy the best wigs for hair loss

Choosing suitable hair vendors for your wigs is another important factor you should consider. So, where to buy the best wigs for hair loss?

First of all, you should do some research about hair wigs and which type is suitable for you. Remember the factors we mentioned above! They are accommodating. Once you have a clear picture of what you want, let’s find out more about hair vendors.

There are two types of hair vendors: online and offline.

You can easily find hair salons in your neighborhood that sells hair extensions and wigs. Take note of them and visit one by one to try out different products.

Don’t forget to ask for the price and compare it. Test the hair quality to make sure the wig is of high quality.

The bottom line

Don’t hesitate to find yourself a suitable product in the Top 9 best wigs for hair loss to wear in public. We are sure we will love it! Follow Layla Hair Blog for more information on wigs, hair loss, and our daily hair care tips!

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