Double Drawn Bouncy Hair: The Amazing Rules of Thumb For Shopaholics

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Producers offer a variety of type of double drawn bouncy hair. Needless to say how beautiful girls get on it. We have to agree that this style has not only pros but cons. This article is going to give you the fundamental things about this hairstyle.

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What is double drawn bouncy hair?

Double drawn bouncy hair is used in the hair extension industry to distinguish to the other kinds of hairstyle. But in case you are a new fellow to hair extensions, you might be a bit confused about what it means.

Double Drawn Bouncy Hair: The Amazing Rules of Thumb For Shopaholics

Bouncy Hairstyle

This kind of hair undergoes additional progress. The shorter hairs are removed by hand, not machines. The alternative is to cut the human hair, so that fullness stays the same size from top to bottom and then the hair is sewn into the weft.

Difference Between Single and Double Drawn Bouncy Hair?

To help you know the differences, here we shall show what create hair single or double drawn so that you can understand what you are seeking when picking a hair supplier for your using.

Single Drawn Bouncy Hair

Single drawn bouncy hair is a standard thickness many hair extensions are available in. This is a widespread option for hair extension putting. A familiar bundle of single drawn hair will comprise 1/2 full-length hairs and 1/2 varied length hairs.

For example, if we take a bundle of 18” hair extension, approximately 1/2 of the hairs are nearly measure 18” With the additional 1/2 involvement of an amalgamation of lengths likely to be between 14-16” in length.

It can be referred that the hair would be thick at the tip of the bundle and then slighter towards the end.

Double Drawn Bouncy Hair

When hair extensions are named as double drawn bouncy hair, this essentially absolutely means for a bundle of hair, the majority of shorter hairs as mentioned above are eliminated and replaced with longer and thicker hairs.

Double Drawn Bouncy Hair: The Amazing Rules of Thumb For Shopaholics

The difference between single drawn and double drawn hair is visually clear.

We understand that if you buy 18″ hair extensions, the hair would be thick entirely from root to top, as the majority of the bundle of the hair would be total 18 inches.

Advantages and disadvantages of Double Drawn Bouncy Hair

Benefits of Double Drawn Bouncy Hair

It is an ideal choice in case your hair is that of volume and glamour.  As the drawn bouncy hair is adequately thick, a complete bodied look will be achieved with ease.

Double Drawn Bouncy Hair: The Amazing Rules of Thumb For Shopaholics

It is an ideal choice for hair volume and physical glamour.

Because of thick extensions, no need as many as you would for a full head with single drawn bouncy hair. So, you don’t buy quite as many strands.

Drawbacks of Double Drawn Bouncy Hair

You maybe purchase fewer double drawn hair in comparison to single drawn bouncy hair. But, it can be more expensive than the single. Anyway, we think it is worth it.

As this hairstyle are thick from the root tip, this can make quite heavy in. Not all wearers can be able to put up with its weight well.



What you should consider when buying double drawn bouncy hair extension?

Price is worth buying

A double drawn bouncy extension is more costly to make, but deserving the amount, in my point of view. Every hair is at the same length so that you can get thick, full hair from roots to ends.

You get the full length you are paying money for with this kind of extension.

When purchasing, what to consider about?

Double drawn hair blends marvelously with all hair lengths, even short hair. As it is so thick all the length, females with chin-length bobs can put on double drawn extensions. They will have it look identical to their real hair.

Double Drawn Bouncy Hair: The Amazing Rules of Thumb For Shopaholics

Hair sellers will take three bundles or ponytails which are at the same length for double drawn hair. For example, to make an 18 inches bundle of double drawn hair, they might consider the hair below:

The first bundle: Be between 14 – 16 inches

The second bundle: Be between 16 – 18 inches

The third bundle: Be between 18 – 20 inches

How to make a double drawn bundle?

Step 1: Each bundle is calculated separately with a measuring tape and combed. By the way, all hairs are the same length. Then maker ties them together by a rubber band to create one bundle.

Step 2: The seller will go through an additional step of stretching the first 1st bundle and linking it to another. So, there is no variation amongst the lengths. The two packets are then tied together as one.

Step 3: The seller makes this progress again with the next to link it with the more massive bundle just created. They will merely use a single rubber band to tie them all together.

Step 4: In case solve any split ends or pieces that did not fit well with the bundle. The creator will cut blunt ends at both ends of the combined ponytail and continue to weft the double drawn package.

You can take a look at double drawn bouncy hair extensions while progressing the hair extension bundle. Some sellers will bluntly cut the ends of their weaves. Other sellers may source donors who have little to no split ends along their hair shaft.

This process is something that you want to speak to your seller about before committing to a more expensive double drawn process for all of your bundles.

The bottom line

Hope that with this mentioned information, you can have the fullest tips about the trendy hairstyle. If you like this article, please share it with your network and family to build a community of double drawn bouncy hair.

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