Toupee Tape – The Incredible Item To Secure Your Hairpiece!

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You need a comfortable bonding, toupee tape is the best supporter to hold your hairpiece and offer the best hair look. Both women and men can use it to attach their hairpieces. It is a popular accessory in the market, so you can easily get it from hair stores near you. Plus, when you applying the tape, it can keep your hair for a day or up to weeks. Many customers choose bold hold adhesive as they want to wear human hair toupee longer without reapplying. Bear in mind that the toupee adhesive tape also has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you really want to wear it, keep reading this article. 

Should or Should Not Use Toupee Tape to Hold The Hairpiece?

Mentioning to best toupee tape, the first question that may appear in your mind is «Why you should use a toupee tape?» Or «Why not choose a toupee glue?»  Because the tape has some outstanding benefits that wig wearers need. Let’s see: 

It gives an ultra-natural look

There are many types of tape for you to choose from, they are strips, double-sided toupee tape, and more. So, the first reason makes tape adhesive become a favorite accessory of wig lover is the realistic appearance it brings. When you apply in on your scalp, it lays flat in the surface and invisible. It is strong enough to secure your toupee. For example, double-sided tapes also come in a variety of types, colors, and shapes. Hence, choosing the best item that fits your needs is not too difficult. 

Toupee Tape - The Incredible Item To Secure Your Hairpiece!
toupee tape

Toupee tape offers excellent longevity

You wear your hair toupee and go camping with your friends. However, a blast of wind blows your hairpiece out, you are very ashamed. Opt for the best adhesive, this accidental issue will never happen. Your hair becomes thicker, more voluminous, and it is extended in a day or week. Buy the item that works best on your head. If wearers use a strong hold tape and apply it properly, it helps secure your hair system for weeks. Toupee tape is ideal for active people who always join outdoor activities or like swimming. Remember, the right option will provide you a realistic look. 

It is a convenient bonding method

One more recognizable benefit of toupee adhesive is that it can be installed and taken down easily. The attachment and removing process will not take a lot of time if you follow the instructions and do the right way. You can apply your hair toupee with tape by yourself and can fix it at home. If you feel your loosened hairpiece, add more tape for extra security. Take the tape off is much easier. It would be better if you apply a formulated remover, water, or alcohol. It is safe and does not damage your hair as well as scalp. 

Toupee Tape - The Incredible Item To Secure Your Hairpiece!
wear a toupee with tape

Toupee tape is an excellent addition to hair replacement systems. You wear a toupee to cover your bald spots or boost hair volume, make sure you have the best adhesive. Also, this accessory does not harm your scalp. It is applied directly in your skin, so manufacturers design it with no or a limited number of chemicals on it. Hence, it can not irritate your skin. 

Top Toupee Tape Brands To Invest

Toupee tape Walgreens

You use this thick tape for your toupee because it is designed to stick to skin. Also, the item’s strength is so attractive. It stays fairly well as long as you apply it to clean skin. If you have lotion on, you are sweaty or otherwise not clean and dry, it can hold your hair well. You should wipe the area off with a bit of rubbing alcohol or formulated remover item on a cotton swab first to remove any excess oil from your scalp. In this way, it sticks to you better. We recommend this tape as a good option if you need a double-sided and skin safe tape. Come in a tiny package which is great for throwing into a makeup bag.


– Strong and durable

– Still stay on when wet

– Latex-free, safe for your scalp

– Keep your hair in the right place

Toupee Tape - The Incredible Item To Secure Your Hairpiece!
Toupee tape Walgreens


– It may be painful if you take it off directly.

Topstick toupee tape

This Vapon top stick tape is clear and double-sided. It is available in strips that are absolutely perfect for attaching the hairpiece. They are strong enough to hold the hair item on a bald head, so it does not fall off easily. This toupee adhesive is popular as it is waterproof, hypo-allergenic, and so on. 


– Perfect size and easy to use

– Backing tapes easy to peel and apply

– Completely skin-safe

– It does not leave sticky residues.


– It may be visible if you attach inappropriately.


Walker toupee tape

This tape works well. For instance, the Walker No Shine Hairpiece Adhesive Tape from this brand is amazing. It comes with 36 pieces, double-sided and hypo-allergenic. Whether you wear toupee daily or for a few days at a time, it probably lasts long. The key is you clean your skin of all oils. Like this much better than glue because it does not leave residue on the hairpiece. Feel free to install tape on the back, your front edge of the hair, or any sides to secure your hair perfectly. It is not too shiny, so you do not have to worry about trying to conceal the glare under the hairpiece. It can hold your toupee in place in the windiest weather. You can use skin protection before applying any toupee tape to your scalp. 

Toupee Tape - The Incredible Item To Secure Your Hairpiece!
Walker toupee tape


– Strong enough to hold your hair enhancer for 2 weeks

– Easy to install and remove

– Offer a realistic look


– Have a test before applying 

Where can I buy toupee adhesive?

At Layla, we sell some types of tape and glue that are designed for hair systems. Let’s our staff help you choose the right item and have a good experience with the toupee tape. Invest a hairpiece and good tape, you will have fuller hair and a new look instantly.    

For any requirements about our toupee tape and other accessories, don’t hesitate to reach us via WhatsApp link. We are willing to support you at any time.  

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