Remy Hair Double Drawn: The Amazing Fundamentals You Must Know

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What do you know about Remy hair double drawn? Allow Layla Hair shed a light on the amazing fundamentals about this hair type.

Remy Hair Double Drawn: The Amazing Fundamentals You Must Know

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What is Remy hair double drawn?

Remy human hair is hair taken from a single donor. There is not a mix of different hair texture but only a unified hair type. More than that, Remy human hair is cut to get the same length. Its look appears generally hi-quality and even.

Remy Hair Double Drawn: The Amazing Fundamentals You Must Know

Layla Hair – Remy Hair Double Drawn 

Remy hair double drawn is also a type of Remy hair. However, people will remove short hair in Remy ponytail. The final result is the perfect hair strands.

Therefore, Remy Hair Double Drawn usually look thicker and fuller thanks to even cuticles.

What are the differences between double drawn and single drawn?

Single drawn

Single drawn hair present for the most popular standard of thickness. Shorter hairs in the bundle are kept in the packets, so the whole group of hair is supposed to not at the same length.

Typically, the rate of shorter hair is 50%.

For example, If the seller gives you a 20’’ hair extensions and tells you it’s single drawn hair. You should expect 50% of hair at 20’’ length. The rest is about 17 or 18’’ or even shorter.

Of course, you cannot measure one by one to conclude my illustration. Let’s feel it.
Single drawn hair feel thicker at the tip.


Human hair usually not even. So this single drawn hair wig is more natural to apply.Single drawn gets higher volume than Double drawn hair. For customers looking for extensions, Single drawn hair is the best choice with extended thickness.

Single drawn hair is much cheaper than Double drawn. For all of those, this type of hair become the most wanted wig at the moment.


There is only one to complain about Single drawn hair. It’s the thickness. For people who are looking for an entirely long and thick hair with even volume from tip to the end, single dawn cannot fulfill.

However, because single dawn is much cheaper, you can trim on them to get the perfect volume. However, it will shorten the wig. My solution is purchasing longer hair then your intended need.

Double Drawn

Double drawn hair appear thick from tip to the end of the bundle. People have taken out of most of shorter hairs.


This type of wig looks glamorous. It’s the best choice for anyone who desires for long and thick hair.

Remy Hair Double Drawn: The Amazing Fundamentals You Must Know

Layla Hair – Straight Remy Hair Double Drawn


However, double drawn hair is not budget-friendly. This hair must be under excellent care. So, it ends up with a fantastic look and healthy appearance like this. Besides, the even-length hair can weigh up more. If wig users have thick hair for themselves, wearing another thick hair maybe not so comfortable.

Remy Hair Double Drawn vs. single drawn: which one is for me?

To decide which hair to go for, you should determine the following factors

The look

Single drawn hair brings in more natural look. Meanwhile, double drawn hair keeps the gorgeous, healthy look.

The budget

The single drawn hair is much cheaper. It’s also easy to find in many wigs shop. On the other hand, double drawn hair cost a fortune.

How to determine Remy hair and non-Remy hair?

Remy  hair

Virgin Remy human hair comes from donors. Each bundle of Remy hair is from a single donor. That’s why it looks nice and in shape.To collect Remy hair, people have to come to temples or places where they volunteered to donate the hair. There are not many people giving hair every day, so this product is not always on sale.


Non-Remy hair is hair collected from everywhere. They are not from the same person. People usually make non-Remy bundles from falling hairs or in the rubbish can. Therefore, they are different in shape and length. This type of hair is lower quality hair, and it’s easy to collect

How to determine

The price

Based on how they receive the hair, Remy hair is much more expensive than non-Remy. If a bundle of Remy hair is on sale with low cost, they are lying to you. However, suppliers can cheat on customers by raising the price.

The look

It’s most obvious. Remy hair has an even and natural look, no tangles and strange hair in a bundle. The hair strands come from a single person, so hair quality and length is supposed to be identical to some extent.

Non-Remy hair cannot get this perfect natural look. It contains hair from multiple people so it can get tangled easily due to the high fraction. They look uneven at the cuticles.

It’s exceptional if they have process this hair type carefully. However, it’s worth more money if suppliers can do classification and styling.

How to care for human Remy hair double drawn

To take care of virgin Remy human hair, people have to pay a lot of attention to haircare products, daily habits, and surrounding factors. Remy hair is delicate. It looks good but hard to retain that smooth and in-shape bundle of hair.

Here go some tips.

By those, you can keep the excellent look of Remy hair extensions. More than that, the lifespan of Remy hair can last longer.

Hair care products

Shampoo or hair lotion is the must to keep the hair in good condition and shiny look. However, do not overuse washing. Firstly, you should stop daily care. Too much washing or combing can cause hair fall.
Secondly, shampoo should not contain too much chemical. Chemical shampoo causes massive damage while Remy hair cannot be healed as natural human hair.

Daily habit

Many girls choose cotton for bedclothes. It’s comfortable, but that’s the cause for tangled hair. Cloth can cause high fraction, and therefore, it messes your hair up. You can fix it with a silk cap. Silk causes less fraction to other surfaces than other fabrics. Covering hair extensions with silk cap can eliminate hair contact to the bed or pillow.


Remy Hair Double Drawn: The Amazing Fundamentals You Must Know

For Remy hair, we recommend less heat treatment. For dying, Remy hair does better with a dark color. You have to ease the hair to dye light color. That’s nothing different from killing the hair.

The bottom line

Ladies, we hope that this article has provided you with the fundamentals of Remy hair double drawn. Everything you should know before making the final decision for your hairpiece is here. If you find this article useful, don’t hesitate to share it.

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