I’m Losing Hair Every Day. Should I Be Worried?

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Losing hair is a natural procedure that occurs to everybody, but it can be quite horrifying as well. You’re losing hair every day. So, how much shedding daily is considered normal, and when should you begin to worry about it. Let’s find out.

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Daily hair loss

Losing hair every day is a typical thing that will occur on a regular basis, you might observe it. “Losing hair every time I brush” or “losing hair every time I wash it,” or even on your pillow when you wake up each day are the most typical scenarios. Hair shedding is a part of the natural hair growth process and is an integral part of developing new healthy hair.

The hair growth cycle

In the growth process, each hair follicle resides in a long cycle of growth, and after that is the short period of break. During the break, period the hair follicle is still stuck to your scalp, but it isn’t growing anymore. Once this breaking phase over, the hair will fall to create more space for new hair to start the regrowth cycle.

The hair growth cycle includes three stages: Growth stage, known as Anagen is the stage where the hair will develop. This stage stays typically around 3 to 5 years. Next is the Catagen or Intermediate stage lasts approximately 1 or 2 weeks.

I’m Losing Hair Every Day. Should I Be Worry?

Hair loss 

In this stage, your hair follicles will start to arrange themselves ready for the rest phase. Last is the Telogen as known as resting or shedding phase. This stage remains 3 to 4 months. At the end of the stage, old strands of hair will have shed out, and new hair will ready to grow.

The reasons

Different reasons containing genetics and age can affect a hair follicles pattern of growing and rest. For instance, as we age hair follicles can end generating hair and consume more time in the resting stage – which can cause losing more hair.

Losing hair every day is a typical part of the hair growth cycle, and the healthy person is expected to shed from 60 to 100 hairs each day. This can differ from person to person, and you might observe more hair falling on the days you wash the hair, or if you determined to brush your hair each day.

If you notice you’re shedding more hair than the average amount, this could be reasoned by a different cause of hair loss that you could need to find a suitable treatment for.

 Is it normal to lose this much hair?

The majority of people have about 100,000 strands of hair on the heads. A normal person loses from 100 to 125 hairs daily (imagine attempting to count each one). Hair loss or in the medical term is alopecia happens because scalp hair has growth cycles.

Every hair follicle experiences a growth stage that stays for 2 to 8 years, then comes to a two-month resting stage where no hair grows in that cycle. This is the reason why hair shed, and a new strand starts to develop in its place.

I’m Losing Hair Every Day. Should I Be Worry?

The majority of people have about 100,000 strands of hair on the heads.

As we have said earlier, losing hair every day is a regular part of every day’s life. Everyone will undergo it. For most cases, the amount of your hair shedding every day isn’t something to concern about. It will just be the ordinary hair growth process.

For a regular person, this implies about 80 to 90% of hair follicles are developing hair at the same time. During this period, the rest of the follicles art either falling or resting. Losing hair excessively than that average amount? Something could be incorrect.

When the hair loss surpasses 125 hair strands per day, it isn’t merely “shedding” anymore. It could be a problem named “telogen effluvium” when something forces more hairs in the resting period. There are numerous factors for it, though – and the great news is most of them can be reversible!

It is tricky to notice how much you are losing hair every day. It’s a hard task to physically reckon every strand of hair the scalp has shed to monitor if it is inside the standard range from 60 to 100 strands.

It is hard to supervise how much hair you are shedding per day; you’re not going to be able to physically count every strand of hair your scalp has discarded to find out if it is within the rage of 60-100 hairs. If you notice that your hair condition is critical, we recommend you monitor your hair loss, start to take photos of your hair that you can review over time, this way you’ll be able to see if your hair is looking thinner, or if it is receding over time.

If you go over your pictures and you can notice that your hair is remarkably different, it is better to consider paying a visit to a professional hair loss clinic as you might be encountering excessive hair loss.

Your Action Plan For Losing Hair Every Day

Immediate action

First, and this is the most critical thing. You should try to remain calm – stressing over hair thinning can possible to lead to more of it.

  • Some experts recommend doing “the hair-pull test” to find out whether it’s worth to visit the clinic.
  • Grab around 40 strands an inch from the scalp with the thumb and your forefinger, then tug the hair strong enough to lift your scalp and move your fingers all way the shaft to the end.
  • Notice how many hairs that shed, and if the number is more than 6 in your hand, something could be wrong. You can also collect the hair stands you lost in one day, but it might make you feel more insane.

It is difficult to know if hair restoration is the answer to your hair loss. Because not all kinds of hair loss are permanent. So, for some type, it can heal by its own and no need for any treatment. For instance, stress related hair loss and hair loss encountered during pregnancy will not be lasting.

I’m Losing Hair Every Day. Should I Be Worry?

Long-term action

You have noted your hair loss for some several months, and you can notice that your hair loss is visible. Then it might be better for you to think about hair restoration treatment. Things we recommend such as using medication for hair loss, advanced tricho pigmentation to hair transplants.

There are a variety of procedures that can be suitable to cure your hair loss.

The bottom line

Losing hair every day is a normal part of the hair growth process. We hope that our article gives you enough the information needed to know about this matter.


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