What Causes Hair Breakage? These 7 Reasons Are The Root Causes

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My hair prone to dry and broken, why does it happen? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in women today. People can suffer from hair breakage that affects all hair type, from straight to kinky curly hair. It makes your curls look frizzy, coarse, and split ends. What are the causes of hair breakage? There are many different reasons causing hair breakage, including diet, hair care habits, and specific products. In this article, let’s learn more about what causes hair breakage so that you can avoid them. 

Lack of moisture

What causes severe hair breakage? It is necessary to keep your hair stay healthy. To do this you have to provide enough protein and moisture to your natural locks, avoiding dry and broken hair. If you don’t add enough moisture and optimal hydration, strands tend to breakage. According to many hairstylists, you have to apply conditioner or hair mask after shampooing. Use products that supply ample moisture to your locks. It would better if you use hair care products containing avocado and olive oil because these ingredients help hydrate and add a lot of shine to your tresses. 

Another thing you should take into account is hard water. As we all know, hard water contains heavy metals and chlorine that strip your natural oils, leading to dry hair. Over time, it weakens hair porosity and causes hair breakage. 

What Causes Hair Breakage? These 7 Reasons Are The Root Causes
lack of moisture

Vitamin deficiency

Like other parts of the body, hair needs protein, vitamins, and other nutrients to grow and stay strong. In other words, nutrition is essential to help promote healthy hair. If you follow an unbalanced diet, you may experience vitamin deficiency and your hair is weakened. It starts getting dull, dry, and brittle. What vitamin deficiency causes hair loss and breakage? You have to add food containing vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin D, E for hair growth as they can fix weak spots in the hair shaft, avoiding hair breakage. Bear in mind that it is essential to get a healthy diet, so that you can resolve any nutritional deficiencies. But too many vitamins and protein make the hair brittle and frizzy. Hence, you have to find the right balance for your mane. 

Improper hair products

The product you apply on your head directly affect on natural hair strands. You use hair dye or bleach to get light hair hue, chemicals in these products will remove the pigment and weaken your locks. This makes it more likely to dry and break. 

What causes hair breakage and split ends? Even some shampoos can make your hair condition worse as they are alkaline, creating more friction between strand-to-strand. This leads to hair breakage. 

Bonus: Wash your hair with cold water to smoothen the hair cuticles and repair split ends. Opt for a shampoo with a neutral pH to improve the hair state. 

What Causes Hair Breakage? These 7 Reasons Are The Root Causes
overuse of heating tools

Over-brushing and heat damage

Brushing hair too much causes hair breakage and loss. Brushing hair is good for blood circulation but don’t overload it. Hair experts advise that you need to brush your mane when you style it. People always choose plastic bristles to comb their hair but it is not good as we think. It is quite hard and may hurt the scalp. Use a wide-tooth comb made of boar hair or natural bristles to avoid hair breakage. Also, a boar hair brush helps distribute sebum along your hair length from root to tip, providing shiny and healthy hair. 

Frequently using heat tool is a reason for what causes breakage in natural hair. It damages your hair shaft and strips natural oils from your strands. Your locks are weaker and more prone to breakage over time. It will become worse if you use heat styling tools without applying heat protectant. As you might imagine, your hair gets dry and brittle if you heat style daily. Some thermal tools you need to limit using: 


– Hairdryers

– Straighteners

– Curling irons

Also, hot weather and high humid climate are your hair’s enemies. They dry your hair out quickly and increase the risk of hair breakage. 

Tight hairstyles

What Causes Hair Breakage? These 7 Reasons Are The Root Causes
tight hairstyles might lead to hair breakage

You are an active gal, you always wear your hair in a high ponytail and other tight hairstyles. But do you know that these styles causes split ends and hair breakage? You use elastic bands to tie your hair up frequently, this will lead to broken hair. Tight hairstyles like a high ponytail, plaits, bun, dreadlocks, etc. tend to stretch hair strands away from the root. Over time, you may face to traction alopecia – a type of hair loss. Hair breakage is temporary, so you should change your hair styling habit to keep it strong. Instead of tying hair, you can leave it free or create a loose bun. Try to avoid pulling tightly on your hair and decrease the risk of breakage. 

Lack of hair trims

We are sure that you never think about this reason. In fact, it is a common reason for what causes hair breakage around the edges. And it usually happens in women. Make sure that you visit your hair salon to get regular haircuts for healthier hair and no split ends. Just think about trim your hair like you would exfoliation for the skin. If you don’t remove split ends, they will travel along your length of the hair, leading to hair breakage. 

What Causes Hair Breakage? These 7 Reasons Are The Root Causes
you should trim your hair in a regular basis

Sleep on cotton pillowcases

What causes hair breakage at the crown and in the back of the head? People always sleep on cotton pillowcases but don’t know they are the main factor contributing to tangle and hair breakage. Believe it or not, cotton pillowcases have a coarser texture, creating friction between the fabric and your hair while you sleep. Purchase a satin or silk pillowcase instead to reduce split ends and hair damage. 

If you still wonder what causes hair breakage, we can tell you that all our sharings above are the truth. Hopefully, after scanning through our words today, you can know how to protect your hair. Stop the bad habits to get your desired hair look. 

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