The Magic Of 4×4 Lace Closures: Everything You Need To Discover

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When you decide to try out a wig or a weave, there are so many options out there for you to choose: from extensions, lace frontal to lace closure. It depends on your demand and preferences to pick the right style for you.

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If you are interested in protecting the natural state of your hair but still look effortless, 4×4 lace closures might be for you

What is 4×4 lace closure?

Lace closure refers to a specific type and installation method of wigs, whereas 4×4 is its standard size. To help you fully understand the concept, let’s break them down into two components.

Firstly, lace closure is the hairpiece where the hair strands are sewn in a lace patch. The patch is used to attach into the “crown” part of your forehead and make the hair look like it grows straight out of your head.

The Magic Of 4x4 Lace Closures: Everything You Need To Discover

Secondly, what differentiates lace closure from lace frontal or 360 lace wigs is the lace closure size. The standard size of lace closure is 4×4, much smaller than that of lace frontal, which is 13×4. The reason for such a small size is to make it lay flatter and wear more comfortable than other types of hairpieces.

Even if the 4×4 lace closures don’t work for you because it’s too small or too big, don’t worry because you can have it custom-made for your liking. At Layla Hair, we are willing to adjust the lace closure size upon customers’ orders.

Pros and cons of 4×4 lace closure


It’s easy to install

When you use lace frontal, you need to find a way to stick the hair patch seamlessly from ear to ear. It’s easy to overuse products and gets messy. If you can’t get your hair done by professionals or can’t do it carefully, people will instantly know that you are wearing a wig.

The Magic Of 4x4 Lace Closures: Everything You Need To Discover

The situation will change if you use a lace closure. Because its size is so small, installation with glue is more time and product saving. Concealing the lace is much faster, also. You are less likely to mess up, even if you are an amateur. A few tutorials and practice will do you good.

It offers protection

For 4×4 lace closures, our best advice is to sew it in instead of gluing it down. With the sew-in method, all the tracks behind your head are secured, giving you the cleanest and most natural look compared to other hairstyles.

The sew-in method for lace closure also closes the installation. Your entire natural hair body sits under the wig, covered by a hair net. In such a way, your hair is protected against environmental factors, such as sunlight, smoke, etc.

Lace closure is friendly to your scalp

Lace is a very scalp-friendly material. There are tiny little holes on the lace so the moisture can go in and out of your scalp as usual. Therefore, compared to silk or silicone, lace closure allows your scalp to breathe and release sweat, keeping it out of scalp diseases.


It cannot cover the edges

If you have hair falling out of the two sides, lace closure might not be a suitable style for you. For those with thinning hair along the edges, we recommend lace frontal instead. The hairpiece runs from ear to ear so that it can fill in the scalp. Therefore, if you wear lace frontal, your bald edges will look fuller with the illusion of hair growing out from the scalp

It cannot tolerate certain hairstyles

Though lace closures can go with most hairstyles, there are less compatible ones you should consider. For example, do not put your hair into a high ponytail if you wear lace closure because the tracks behind your head can be revealed. You do not want that, do you?

The Magic Of 4x4 Lace Closures: Everything You Need To Discover

We suggest you have different styles of wigs and weaves on hand so that you can change up your hairstyles with suitable assistance.



How to install 4×4 lace closures?

If you are brand new to the world of lace closure and have an event to go to right away, you should get your hair done by a professional. But if you have some time to practice, then don’t worry because you can do it by yourself


Step 1: wash and condition your hair properly. Then blow dry it. Your hair will be trapped under the hair cap for an extended period, so make sure it is clean and dry, or else bacteria can grow in your hair.

Step 2: conceal the lace closure. Even though the closure has holes in it to mimic your pores, the holes are still too big and need to be covered to look more real. You should flip the inside part of the closure and paint it with your favorite concealer. Repeat the process 2 to 3 times until you get the result you want. Between each layer, put down the bond protective shield to set the concealer.

Step 3: Braid your hair into cornrows. For the braids in the back, crisscross them and sew them down across the back part of your head. Make sure the needle goes through all the braids you want to sew together. For the two-side braids, stitch them to the back


Step 1: sew the net into your braids. Make sure you put your weaving net against those braids that are parts of your braided patterns. Go through the very beginning of your braid with a needle to secure the net onto the braids. Sew the net around the edges of your head.

The Magic Of 4x4 Lace Closures: Everything You Need To Discover

Step 2: Start to sew the wig in. Make sure the needle goes through the weft and the net. Lay the weft flat against your scalp.

Step 3: After finish sewing all the way around, part a thin amount of hair over your head, and sew knots there so that your lace closure looks flat and undetectable.

Step 4: touch up by using concealer to dab onto your lace. Style the wig whatever form you want.

In the bottom line

The 4×4 lace closures can do magic. It suits a lot of different styles and is one of the most natural types of weaves and wigs out there. So make sure to check it out!

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