The Best Explanation Of Mono Toupee You Have Ever Heard

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Perhaps most men who are looking for or purchasing a toupee have got an idea about what it is. However, look deeper into this hairpiece, do you know that it has different forms? In other words, toupee is made from different base materials, and their names are also not the same. That’s why we compose this blog post. Down below, we focus on one of the popular types in the hair market now – mono toupee. Are you ready to start the tour to discover everything essential about the hairpiece? Let’s get started! 

What Is A Mono Hair Toupee?

Toupee for men is available in different ways to define. To be precise, this hairpiece refers to a small hairpiece that a man uses to cover a thinning hair part or a balding spot on the head. Often, men wear hairpieces when they are suffering hair loss or baldness. 

Mono or monofilament base toupee is the best hair replacement system that blends well with your existing hair. The mono base toupee is firmer and more durable than the lace one. It is so breathable. Mono toupees with human hair are 100% hand-tied, offering the naturalness and comfortability. Particularly, manufacturers can do double split knots or double reserve split knots on the hair to hold a heavy level of hair density. 

The Best Explanation Of Mono Toupee You Have Ever Heard
what is mono toupee

Notably, the base construction of mono top toupee allows the air to go through. You can style any texture that resembles your current hair texture, such as straight, wavy, etc. The hair strands are hooked into the finer fiber net by hand to create a natural hairline. It allows the hair to move flexibly that means you can part the hair easily. The hair system creates an illusion that the hair is growing from your scalp.  

What’s more, a mono mens toupee might or might not have a PU-skin layer around the perimeter. They work for the easy application and removal process. 

If you are looking for a hairpiece that can balance the naturalness and durability, the mono toupee is definitely created for you. 

Interesting things about toupee mono base

Nowadays, you easily find a hair replacement system hair salon or hair vendors near you. Why you need it? Does it work well to hide my baldness? Let’s see its outstanding benefits. 


If you choose a human hairpiece, it looks and feels realistic as your bio hair. If you don’t tell your secret, no one can detect that you are getting support from a wiglet. Perfect! The hair lies flat on your head without damaging your scalp. You even may forget that you have a toupee on the head since it is very lightweight. 

The Best Explanation Of Mono Toupee You Have Ever Heard
mono toupee is flexible and long-lasting


The hair is designed to suit all customer requirements. It is available in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures for wearers choose from. As we all know, the baldness appears in different ways, some have the balding pattern on top, while others on the sides. Hence, different sizes of toupees can solve this problem. Also, you can wear colored hairpieces to update trending hairstyles. 


The base material is comfortable, causing no discomfort or itching. It is suitable for being worn every day or weeks. Use a strong-hold glue or tape to apply the hair on your head and it can hold the hair firmly. Among all toupees in the hair market, the fine mono hairpiece is considered the most breathable item. 

However, this hairpiece has a small disadvantage. If you want to wash the hair, take it off and gently wash as you would do with your natural curls. Don’t pull it hard.

How much does a mono toupee cost?

The Best Explanation Of Mono Toupee You Have Ever Heard
monofilament toupee is comfortable to wear

Customers who opt for a mono hair toupee extension need to be aware that the making process is more complicated. Bear in mind that the mono base is woven, and the strands are hooked in the net tightly. In the market, mono toupee price ranges from $100 to $2.000.


How to make a fine mono hairpiece look natural

Normally, a mono toupee and other wiglets are attached to the head by glue or tape. They can blend with your existing hair by a few snaps to hide balding spots. When wearing a hair enhancer, you should treat it as you would do with your current strands. The hair needs to protect and maintain. Bear in mind that if you want a beautiful hair look, you should keep the extension look like your tresses. 

Besides, apply the toupee correctly for a natural look. We recommend a simple process to help users wear a mono toupee hair extension:

– Make your scalp clean and oil-free. 

– Apply a thin layer of a waterproof sealant and a scalp protector. Wait until it dries completely.

– Paint a thin line of glue and spread it out with your fingers.

The Best Explanation Of Mono Toupee You Have Ever Heard
mono hair toupee at Laylahair

– Put the mono toupee on your head. Adjust and press it gently into the scalp.

– Make sure the hair sticks firmly into your head. Then you can brush and style the hairpiece to get your desired look.

Note: Always keep your eyes in the position of the wiglet to keep it in the right position. Blend it seamlessly as much as possible. 

The Last Words

At Layla Hair, we believe we can provide you the very best in not only hairpieces but also the best support for your business. If you are planning to start up in this field, we can help you. With many years’ experience and extensive knowledge of the extension, we commit to giving you the top-notch hair products. 

Human hair mon toupee is one of our recent custom-made orders. We make the hair exactly to the requirement of the customers. As a professional hair vendor in Vietnam, Layla can make any hair product according to the wearers’ needs. 

Are you enjoyed reading our blog post about mono toupee? For further information or questions about human hair extensions or anything else, don’t hesitate to drop us via WhatsApp (+84) 989 633 424. Shop with Layla to bring home the best hairpiece.

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