What Is Wig Glue? – The Little Known Ways To Get There!

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Wigs are a magical item to change anyone’s look and hairstyle temporarily. It is also called lace wig adhesive. How can you wear a hair system? You use clips, tape, and glue adhesive to hold the hair in place. Still, if you don’t apply the wig properly, you risk spending your day worrying about the lust of wind and sweat. So we went to the hairstylists and experts to find out what is wig glue and what is the best wig glue for lace fronts. We will get started now!

What Is Wig Glue?

When it comes to human hair wigs or any hairpieces, you will think about adhesives or clips to apply them. The installation needs your skill. There are different alternatives and techniques to attach a hairpiece, one of them is using glue.  

What is the best lace wig glue for your hair replacement system? When you wear a lace frontal wig or closures, you always want to get a natural look. And wig glue can help you as it appears transparently and does not expose the edges of the wig. Also, it can keep the hair stay in the right place for a long time. Is glue bad? Honestly, everything has two sides, so the glue can cause problems. But the disadvantages occupies a small portion. 

With proper application and the best wig adhesive, you can reach fuller hair. You should confident to wear a wig by using a glue adhesive as it is safe and natural. You will not be afraid that the gust of wind blows your wig off. It will not happen if you use wig glue. You can even control the fate of the edges of your hair. Opt for this method and it brings you a stunning look for days or up to weeks with your favorite hair system.  


How to select the right wig glue for hairpiece?

Experts recommend us to read the label of the product before purchasing it. Hence, it is very important to consider whether your skin is irritated. Check the item’s ingredients, it is made of natural plants or not. Does it contain harsh chemicals or not? A lot of, wig glues have harmful chemicals that can make your hair baldness become more severe. 

Next, the length of the attachment is necessary. In the market, some products can secure your wig for days, while others for weeks. Depending on your needs, you can choose the right wig glue. Also, the comfort and natural appearance of the hairline are also vital.

Purchase a waterproof wig glue is not a bad option. It allows wearers to go swimming or take part in all daily activities. If you are sweaty, you should choose this glue. 


Pros And Cons of Using Glue To Attach Wig 

The pros

Natural look

Wig glue is transparent, so it is undetectable. It provides the edge of the lace wig a more realistic look. Also, it holds the hair system flat to the scalp and keeps the hair in place for a long time. If you choose super wig adhesive stronghold, you can wear the wig up to weeks without reapplying. 

Easy application and removal

Make your scalp clean and oil-free, then apply an appropriate amount of adhesive liquid on your head where you are going to put the hairpiece. It is easy, right? The removal process is also effortless. Use a lace front glue remover or alcohol, water to take the hairpiece off. Hence, using a wig glue is a safe method to get nice hair. 



“What is the best glue for lace wig” is another frequently asked question. It brings users a comfortable feeling to wear and makes an adjustment at home. You can find it difficult to refresh your new look with sewing or tape. Additionally, there are some waterproof wig glues that you can use to go swimming. 

No edges

Wig glue does not require a thicker edge to apply. It is an adhesive, wearers use it to install the wig and achieve a natural appearance. 


The cons

The process of gluing the lace wig requires time to perform. Often, people apply several glue layers to make sure the hairpiece stays in the right place. Apply the first layer, wait until it dries then apply the next one. You can use a hairdryer to make the gluing layer dries quickly, become clear and sticky. Remember, you need patience when applying wig glue

How To Wear A Wig With Glue

After the lace wig’s preparation, consisting of bleaching, plucking, you need to use glue to apply the hair system. Braid or tie your bio hair neatly before wearing a wig.

– Start off by placing the hair on your head and cut the extra lace. Adjust the hair so that it fits perfectly, no tight, no loose.

– Take the hair system out of your head. Then apply a wig cap that is flesh or nude colored. You can use a freezing spray around the edge of the cap to fix it. 


– In the next step, you apply wig glue. You can use wig glue CVS, Got2b, Walker Ultrahold or anything you can get from hair stores. Add this adhesive along with the wig cap, in the front and the back (nape). It would better if you apply a few thin layers of glue. Use your fingers to spread it across the edge of the wig cap and your scalp. 

– Apply several thin layers of glue for more stability. Then, install the hairpiece on your head and use the tail of a rattail comb or your fingers to press the lace against the glue. Finally, smooth the lace so that it flat on the surface. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you can answer the question “what is wig glue” after reading this blog. If you are wondering to choose a wig glue or tape to wear a hairpiece, now you have your own decision. You will know exactly what works better for you and your scalp. Each type of adhesive has its own strengths, so consider before placing an order.   

Have any specialized questions for glue adhesive or any human hair systems, kindly reach us via hotline. Our staff is always willing to support you. 

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