What Is Sombre Hair? How Is It Different From Ombre?

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The gradient hair color will never go out-of-date while trendy hairstyles frequently come and go through. You may hear many about ombre hair color but how about getting your hair a sombre? Do they have any differences? What is sombre hair and how it looks? Just keep reading to finding out the answer.

What is sombre hair?

Some people call sombre as a «sister» of ombre since it also goes from dark roots to light ends but with a gentle and subtle color transition in the middle. So, you can see, it is a softer version of ombre and recently going to trend.

As a gradient hair, this hair technique is a nice choice for those who hate to see their hairstylists ofter to touch up their hair because hair is continuously growing. Since, when your hair grows, a dark root will not be a problem.

What Is Sombre Hair? How Is It Different From Ombre?
what is sombre

So, sombre vs ombre: What is the difference?

Both ombre vs sombre are gradient hairstyles, however, while ombre hair goes from dark roots light ends with a visible transition at the middle, sombre hair color goes smoothly from dark to light without being noticed. Hence, styling hair into sombre may require more techniques to keep the middle transition look a bit lighter than the root but not too light as the ends. Whereas, the rule for styling ombre is just to try to keep the end parts lower in tone. Both can take time to style, but once you are done, it requires low-maintenance.

The ombre hair color has become a hot trend last year, and sombre are more discussed by everyone. So, how to do sombre hair? What do these hair colors recently go-to trend? The question will be revealed below.

What Is Sombre Hair? How Is It Different From Ombre?
sombre vs ombre

Note: Things must know before go sombre

You may want to do DIY sombre hair, but we have to say that it is way harder than doing omber. So, the don’t do it by yourself or have an amateur help you to sombre your hair. Find someone who has high skills with certain the sombre technique to do it for you.

The dying process can take you at least five hours for a medium hair length, so be ready for it!

The cost of going sombre is not cheap. A minimum charge you may receive is $25, be prepared for it!

To lighten your hair, damaging can not be avoided. So sombre or even ombre will do a lot of harm to your tresses. Hence, you should get special products for hair care and have certain hair treatments frequently.

Now, you may want to know what is the hot-debased color to go sombre. Here are some hair inspirations from celebrities, which you can refer to.

Sombre hair inspirations from celebrities

Olivia Palermo

Olivia sombre brown hair is an obvious example of sombre color, which goes from coffee bound to sleek blond. It is famous for its glossy and healthy look though as we said, damaging is evitable to do this fabulous hair color. So, how she could get that look? Abby Haliti, the hairdresser of Olivia revealed that she highlighted 6 lock sessions in blond to keep that healthy look while creating the gentle transition effect for a perfect sombre.

Lily James

When mentioning somber hair color, missing the name Lily James is a mistake. Her long hair offer tons of room to try this trendy color. And sombre blonde hair is the most well-know hairstyle she has, going from dark hair to honey blonde make the overall look is 100% perfect. Moreover, the loose curly locks add more stunning for her look.

What Is Sombre Hair? How Is It Different From Ombre?
Olivia Palermo, and Ashley Tisdale in sombre

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale ombre hair is styled with a medium wavy lock, which inspired a lot of girls to try this new trendy hair color. From dark brown to chocolate and espresso, this idea will be the perfect choice for your next hair color. The transition between different shades of brown color seems to be blurred, giving a fancy look for brunette girls.

Kate Mara

The blunt bob with a combination with the deep dark auburn roots transiting to bright copper hair color at the end, making Kate Mara has one of the most luxury sombre looks on our list today. If you are looking for somber short hair with shoulder hair length, you will be totally inspired by this style.

Mila Kunis

You want to do a sombre on dark hair, so here is all you need. Styling into curl hair, Mila Kunis can show off the most dimension of her locks when combining with dark sombre. It goes from deep espresso base color to some lighter touched locks so the transition between two tones of color seems to be smoother and less visible.

This sombre hair is perfect for those who has ultra-long hair, looking for a classy look.

What Is Sombre Hair? How Is It Different From Ombre?
Kate Mara, Mila Kunis, and Rihanna


Most people when searching for sombre hairdo will see some ideas for blonde or brunette color but rarely find some opts for black or dark sombre hair. So you want to find some inspirations for black or dark, dark brown hair base? Rihana sombre will be a wise choice, going from black hair base at the roots gently blending with chocolate brown, this style will offer you an elegant look. If you have tanned skin with dark eyes brown, this sombre on dark hair will brighten your face without damaging any aesthetic aspects.

To sum up

Sombre now is becoming more popular. It requires skillful techniques to give the most natural look like being faded by the sun.

Hopefully, our answers to the questions, what is sombre hair? or what are the ideas for sombre?, can satisfy your curiosity.

If you love sombre color but being afraid of damage your hair, you can opt for hair extensions or hair wigs. Using extensions will help you to achieve your desired look as well as protect your natural hair from becoming more fragile. So, if you want to know more about hair extensions or hair wig, do not hesitate to take a look at the Layla Hair website for more information. Feel free to contact us if you need any professional service and consultant.

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