What Is Vietnam Virgin Hair? An Honest Answer

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Vietnam virgin hair is the new rising star in the world of hair extensions and wigs. While many people are still skeptical about this new hair source, others have already tried and gave kind remarks.

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For those who are unfamiliar with Vietnamese virgin hair, this article is for you.

What is virgin hair

Before we dig deep into the character of Vietnam virgin hair, let’s take a minute or two to answer “what is virgin hair?”

We heard many funny sharings from our customers about this term. Some said they thought virgin hair means that hair comes from young, unmarried women. The word “virgin” has made people confused.

What Is Vietnam Virgin Hair? An Honest Answer

The word “virgin” has made people confused.

We can assure you this is not the case. Virgin hair means hair in its natural state. This type of hair never experiences heat and chemical processing. All the cuticles are aligned and preserved.

What’s more, virgin hair is often from a single donor. It is hard to call hair from different donors virgin hair. This is because each person has different hair conditions and takes care of their hair not the same.

In summary, virgin hair has two prominent factors. It must come from only one donor. More importantly, hair must stay in its natural state without any harmful treatments.

Vietnam virgin hair vs. raw hair

The term raw hair and virgin hair are often used interchangeably. That certainly causes some misunderstanding within customers. That makes people think virgin hair and raw hair refer to the same thing.

Again, this is considerable confusion here. Raw hair and virgin hair may be the cousin, but they are not twins.

Raw hair also means that hair in its natural state. The type of hair never undergoes any heat and chemical treatments. All cuticles stay protected — the hair strands and strong and healthy.

What Is Vietnam Virgin Hair? An Honest Answer

All cuticles stay protected — the hair strands and strong and healthy.

The only and most significant difference between raw hair and virgin hair is donors. While virgin hair comes from a single donor, raw hair can be collected from many donors.

As we mentioned before, each donor has a different hair texture. The environment, personal hair care, and even gene affect the quality of hair. Vendors who collect virgin hair want to preserve the most natural and ordinary state of their material.

Once hair from different donors comes together, it is harder to determine the overall quality. Of course, raw hair 100% unprocessed must offer higher quality than Remy hair.

However, raw hair can never win the quality competition with virgin hair. So girls, if you are after excellence, Vietnamese virgin hair should be your top choice.



The characters of Vietnam virgin hair

Okay, we’re finally here.

What is all the fuss about Vietnam virgin hair?

Virgin hair

We want to mention some characteristics of virgin hair first. Vietnam virgin hair here means hair comes from only one donor. Unlike countries like India, where vendors buy hair from local temples after festivals, Vietnamese hair is mostly from the countryside.

That is a big advantage of Vietnamese hair. In the countryside, Vietnamese women still utilize natural methods to clean and take care of their hair. They use home remedies such as lemongrass, or holy basil to wash the hair.

That is why the quality of Vietnamese hair is top-notch. When it comes to hair, Vietnamese hair shares some similar features


Vietnamese hair is famous for their vigorous touch. The hair strands are strong, thanks to the use of natural remedies over chemical shampoos. At the same time, Vietnam hair is soft and silky.

The most apparent character is the straight texture. Unlike Brazillian or Cambodian hair, Vietnamese hair isn’t coarse or frizzy. Quite the contrary, it is soft and easy to comb.

What Is Vietnam Virgin Hair? An Honest Answer

Vietnamese hair isn’t coarse or frizzy.

Vietnamese women use white toothed combs from natural material. As a result, they don’t pull the hair too much causing hair breakage. This hair type isn’t easy to twist, causing knots.


The existing color of Vietnamese is black. Modern women want to try different colors from brown to red; however, that is not the natural color.

Black hair is suitable for different skin tones. Regardless you are fair skin or chocolate shade; black hair is compatible. Black hair is ideal for ladies with rectangular and square shape.

How to take care of Vietnam virgin hair?

When you purchase hair extensions or wigs from Vietnamese donors, please bear in mind that you should take good care of them.

If you want to maintain the smoothness and straight texture, please following our advice:

Choose natural or organic hair care products

Since virgin hair preserves the most natural characters, any chemical shampoos and conditioners can ruin them. We would suggest you not use any products from conventional drug stores.

Hair cut off from human head no longer receives sebum to nurture it. As a result, hair from full lace wigs, frontal lace wigs or human hair extensions is prone to frizz and damage.

To prevent this, you should look for products with natural ingredients such as green tea, lemon grass, lemon and the like. What’s more, you should also consider oil-based formula.

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Look for hair products with argan oil, coconut oil or olive oil.

Use a wide-toothed comb

Narrow toothed comb while detangling hair knots, cause hair damage and break hair as well. We urge you to switch your traditional brush to a wide-toothed one. This way, the hair from wigs and extensions is under less tension and stress.

What Is Vietnam Virgin Hair? An Honest Answer

Your purchased products are more durable and less prone to shedding.

Wash it carefully

You should wash Vietnamese hair one in a while, not every day. When cleaning the hair, avoid to rub it. Gently massage the hair with shampoo and then rinse it thoroughly with water.

The bottom line

Vietnamese virgin hair is undoubtedly an excellent source for different hair accessories. The texture and quality are surprisingly unique. We hope that you have found interesting information about this hair type in this article.

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